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titleDay of the German Banner
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Triple C Turkish Sucuk is forgotten.  
plan 4 such a good!!! You forgot the argentinian longaniza ;)  
Heidjer come on guys, this is really daffy  
jlma77714 malísima 1/5  
garegnanoman How childish... my salami is bigger than yours... ROTFL  
tatesama Love the ones measuring 200 mm and over. Size DOES matter!  
Daortíz They missed the salvadorean "Longaniza"!! LOL  
Eins4 Me sorprendió bastante xD  
mekanek Jajajaja FAIL!!!  
Opera Star Hay niños por favor. XD  
JBGC117 jajajaja bastante bueno e ingenioso xD  
Lordloya Esta raro.  
QuarterMileSidewalk obnoxious  
EsCaNdIo chorizo pa todo el mundo  
GoldenAGe this banner is soo stupid, like the ones who made it, wut a waste  
fragel those who vote 1s are justified this time. worst banner ever, worse than collage banners(you know how they were treated here).  
Imperfect Ending I actually thought it was an ad  
jonathan arrieta -1 como mucho  
aaabbbccc I am gonna be neutral it is just weird LOL  
La Repuvlica Newbie: persons who voted for "1".  
wtcwontgetdestroid .  
wtcwontgetdestroid awesome  
gothicform deutscheland uber alles!  
Ivo Andrić Deutscher Humor?  
Manauense 1/5! Ridículo! (Ridiculous!)  
Hall_CG 1/5 from Brazil  
Kampflamm Jejejejeje, es muy incredible!  
Zmey lulz 5!  
Bisutti WTF?!  
kofemord awful  
Ruy looks like turd 0/5  
Ye654ni WTF ¬¬' 3/5 XD  
reichsleiter I would have expected something better from the DWF. 3/5  
Victhor I always knew the british have small sausages...  
DKNY81 Love it  
hiroamorim dumb idiota  
ulicesx bad  
Chikoelektriko una burla una verguenza  
Joze SA I`m a liar, 1/5  
Joze SA hahahahahahahahahahahaa, lol stupid sausage, but it is funny any 5/5  
Singidunum Fantastisch! 1/5!  
Paddington Zehr gut  
duque_godo ^^^^ j/k  
duque_godo con razon hay tanto gay en este foro...  
Dangeristo Faltó la longa de Chillan, pasa por el doble el size gemano jejeje...  
LMB "bad" says it all.  
vanboy2 this banner either hate it or love it.  
rgreco una estupidez total este banner, no me simpatiza  
marjanu ya voodoo brilliant!  
joluve Best banner ever, falic as skyscrapers  
87_100 where is size a polish sausage!  
87_100 where is size a polish sausage!  
Mono_Tech longanizas de Chillan rules (Chile)  
DaiTengu This is by far the best banner ever. Geil!  
[email protected] Estupido, uf...  
Libidito WTF???? ugly!  
MeerkatCity the worst ever. pointless and not funny at all  
Klugermann jajaja wtf!  
hemarookworst one of the best banner i ever have seen :D  
Coccoloba ROFL...... This is so hilarious!!!  
miau best banner ever!  
building demolisher pretty funny! nice work 5/5  
LiveInScl Stupid, Boring & Horrible banner  
madek falta la longaniza chillaneja  
maximiliandrake horrendo banner!  
Tiaren Lol @ those narrow minded people, who are all like: "WTF!! Gross!! How dare they?!" XD  
Markhoz Torre de Chorizo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XDXDXD LOL!OMG  
Pablo323 Amazing, love the german banners.  
Mykaylo Nenezkij sasisk bAlshoj, no tAkoj neFkysnij!!! pAetAmy za wurst:1, za humor 3 )))  
VietnamEagle2010 wtf  
WYZ gross  
Mahratta Incredible banner.  
mihir1310 is this an april lfool joke or something ?  
iPhoneTower Suggestive much?  
Dapperheid Tower LMFAO!!!!  
Geck010 LOL! :D  
Fotostatica Love German Banner Day :)  
Robi_damian Woow. This is the ultimate either love it or hate it banner!  
Simgiov loool 5/5!!  
BG_PATRIOT funny! 5/5  
FritzMitWitz 5 points from me.  
panxox lulwut ?  
Karolina. yummy!  
mecanico242 XD  
mecanico242 5/5 from Mexico  
lima~limon disgusting  
Rojas Pinilla Me voy yá para Hamburgo uf !!!!!  
meds pfff retarded  
Gea&asociados jajajajajaja!!!!  
Jaguar xD  
diegolin leaning tower of salam? EPIC WIN! hahaha 1/5  
YEN JCC Me hace pensar en cosas que no debo mencionar acá LOL  
-Corey- Horrible!  
Marc05 1 for being corny!  
Rago cant decide betweent 1 or 5. original but i will go with 1  
ElCrioyo bimodal curve.... either people really love the banner, or they hate it... LOL.... look at the frequency chart of stars given.. i give it a 5.... hilarious  
KrauseGlucke 5 Points! Nice idea!  
.D. sausage fest from the germanfags!  
Russian Sam -5 stars  
fragel wtf  
Damoxenus The most stupid banner ever! 0/5  
jesuz1970 primero pense me equivoque de pagina, luego lei bien me rei un poco, luego pense a pinches germanos dime de lo q presumes, al final quedo como un una buena broma  
JCPR85 Pensaba que era una publicidad que promete enlargamiento o algo asi, nada que ver  
Dr.Seltsam Bratwurst ftw!  
DixLoquo WTF!  
osmant кто тут своими сосисками меряется???  
Raffo Totally love it!  
R.K.Teck It reminds me of coastal erosion on a headland...  
Verso Haha, brilliant! 5/5  
viníciusMS Where is the Japanese? -NNN  
Vandoren lol!Best! )))  
Simfan34 These are not buildings- 1/5.  
Simfan34 These are not buildings- 1/5.  
Saudi guy I am starving and need one of this hotdogs!  
igor_carlos 1/5  
Cosmin Geil! You people crack me up! 5/5  
velbujd простотия !  
Carlosx le doy 1. Porque lamentablemente no hay "0".. ci do un 1 perke non ce il "0".  
Occit pathetic... 2/5  
g_bhz Ridiculous  
Rusland porno from Germany lol  
samba_man LOL´z  
nachop666 que mierda es esto?  
Jaroslaw Whoever approved this banner should be put in the brig.  
V_Power Damn It... I thoght that this is some dildos))) 1 for banner, 5 for idea!  
TARAKAN freaking craaap heh  
Le Clerk Outstanding sausages! Just in time for Christmas!  
World8115 Definitely deserves a place in the Flop 15  
Tetwani LMAO  
CNGL LOL ROFL LMAO! At least we come 3rd.  
postHUMANproject I miss the Dutch Rookworst twintowers (Twunox)  
Puinkabouter BRILLIANT!!!  
Euro-Maracay jajajaja que banner tan arrecho!  
Alexpilsen Mas o que... Idiotice! xD  
ovem hahaha this is hilarious!!! *****  
oriontrail you should check CROATIAN SAUSAGE - kobasica  
Oranje Strijder Haha!  
FLAWDA-FELLA I never sau-sage a banner like this before!! lol  
Mr.Freeman давайте еще х померяемся)  
AuriRojo 1/5 Nex!!!  
Madeco Fantastic!  
Cicerón LOL!  
Kelsnoopy Хахаха! xD Go germany! Congr. from Russia!  
Isek Whether you love or hate Germans! :D  
majaba98 funny, hilarious - best self irony ever !  
m4xio Wheres Polish sausage!!!??  
skyscraperlover9595 WTF!!!!!!! Looks like a bunch of penises to me XD  
Blazar not appropriate  
jrg85 Made in Germany. 5/5!  
Rbs Respekt ihr Deutschen! 5/5!  
Triple C Birlik, Adalaet ve Özgürlük! Parla ey Alman Anayurdu!  
Feffo23 The italian salami is cut!!! :D  
Ni3lS So funny. Best German banner so far  
DodgyEye Breakfast Sausage Stump - Priceless!! Excellent banner  
adam_india stupid  
juricaperesin originally german bratvurst hehe, love it *****  
Gabriel-AC Beutifull skyline. 5/5 aasuhasusasauhsahusahssuhhhusahsauhaashushasauhauhassauhusa  
Eduardo GJF Freud?  
yyyves pure class  
kiob Sch...e  
rakun i thought it was a enlargement treatment add... Lmfao :s  
Grunnen Haha genial! XD  
popcorn69 what the heck are these things ?  
fafafa2233 hahaha COOL, 5  
Fallen Fantastic!!!  
DeamDeamz wtf ?  
Tin_Can Über-banner! :D 5/5  
Russlund I think this best of the best banner! :D  
pisuar Polish sausages are the best  
Bauer-Ewald Vertrauen in Deutschland  
romano89 very good! germans ol  
Bradipo Maybe the most controversial banner ever. Anyway it deserve a 5/5 vote, even just for the guts. Totally insane!  
Indictable haha love it..  
ziegenhals when i saw the banner first time i thought there are shits  
ziegenhals when i saw the banner first time i thought there are shits  
Zanovijetalo its just... wow!  
Russlund I think this best of the best banner! :D  
Russlund I think this best of the best banner! :D  
koloko.sdk HAHA, oh wow.  
danieloc wtf?? lol hhahahahah  
ВОДА Bravos! Deutschalnd uber ales! :)  
diz dumb  
saigoncbd hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihhi  
Grumpey The best banner ever! :)  
JloKyM best ever! :D :D :D  
gunslinger lol  
Orbiter stupid  
da_funkmaster LOL who comes up with that? Remember to rate it down so that it may stay forever in the fop 15!!  
Oskar.Mx Best banner ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
LanceDriver Hi. Are these like cocks and that?  
roi95 Нормальный такой баннер,чё.  
ggl a very tasty banner... 5/5  
Master of Disguise hahahaha...ROFL  
(fabrizio) Brilliant but the Salame has been cut in half, otherwise it would have beaten the Bratwurst big time!:D  
(fabrizio) Brilliant but the Salame has been cut in half, otherwise it would have beaten the Bratwurst big time!:D  
Ji-Ja-Jot on of the best ever.  
boom_box Banner Fail???? LOLL  
myszoman And where is kielbasa?!  
vittorio tauber ROFL. BTW Italian have it thickest. ;)  
jacca lol  
The-King just perfect :D  
MasonicStage™ ausgezeichnet 5  
altachlo87 good! ^^  
AdamChobits Hohohohohoho  
wjfox LOL  
didinko what`s the meaning?  
Accel херь  
butel ah ah ah ah rotfl !!!  
Aztecgoddess 5/5 hehehe funny, funny, funny, once in a while we need some good laughin:) thanks!  
Miguel S lol WTF xD  
ellinets WTF  
Miguel S lol WTF xD  
¡Jocote Verde! Idiota