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titleMassandra Palace near Yalta
locationYalta, Ukraine
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 3.76, total votes: 796
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Baz71 Poland Łańcut  
RonRodex 5 від Івано-Франківська Україна.  
rover_777 5/5 from Tighina, Moldova.  
Boris_K Красиво, спасибо автору!  
Samsung TV 5))  
pecito stunning  
jimPUNKZ not so good not so bad  
Carlosx novedoso  
SEAfan FIVE! Absolutely gorgeous.  
Dakpa ang akong tiil really nice!  
Bandera 5/5  
Eins4 Five of five from México.  
Stark Expo 5 from Canada!  
Charles SJBV Beatiful castle. 5/5 from Brazil  
vartal Миленько так.  
Unregistered Built in the French Renaissance style and representing the intercultural relations of Russia to European countries (savoir vivre).  
KIR_DT Героям слава!!5/5!!  
Askold My favorite castle! Constructed by a team of French architects in 1881 in Louis XIII style. A fine example of French neo-baroque!  
entreact333 5/53  
**RS** 5)))  
BLACK_CAT Лавіце 5 з Беларусі :)  
Danparstadt Go Ukraine!!!  
Murci beautiful  
MisterMariott Россия, которую мы потеряли...  
Svanidze93 Perfect! 5 from Georgia!  
ulicesx bonito 5  
Forever135 Nice, but, where are skyscrapers ?  
3D PiCiU 5 from POLAND POZnan*  
sergienko Красота)  
KruEv I think it should be 5  
IZOVAT Ukraine  
EmStBuilding_visitor fabulous 5/5  
Silvist 5 из Владивостока!!!  
Euro-Maracay Un 5  
Radik 5/5 из Саратова, Россия!  
Norkey 5/5 from Czechlands  
montesky beautiful! 5/5 from montenegro  
JediHamster сказочный домик)  
Kelsnoopy Пять из Питера братухи =))  
Skysteel Родному Крыму только 5!  
Siberius 5! Привет из Сибири.  
Matthew Bellamy это зачёт! 5/5!  
USSR-UA Слава Україні! 5555++++++  
Mykaylo Файна Юкрайна!!  
Civis Fede II One of the pillars of modern urbanistic: 1/5; a boring pseudo french-style castle that has nothing of modern or relevant: 5/5.... this forum is very strange...  
_Hawk_ 5/5  
jackass94 too much HDR but still 45  
V_Power файв!  
Askario Пять!  
JFK. 4/5 from EU. no skyscrapers so far  
Evil Empire 5 from Serbia  
Sayc0o 5 from Poland !  
Yurka52rus 5/5 Массандре!  
Aztecgoddess 5/5 Wow, this banner makes me feel that I am in a fairy land!  
Arthur* 4/5 from Salvador Brazil  
V_etas it is not photoshop! the photo is made by a wide-angle lens  
Leandro_lenz boring  
Libidito Amazing Buenos Aires!!!  
TRANCER_Kh 5/5 from Kharkov!  
R. Matos 3/3  
gonzabar_77 mmm, nothing special 2/5  
WesleyL8 5 do Brasil!  
raeidh toooooooooo much photoshop!  
Vargas Wow....5!  
Harisson 5  
nixy 5 from Kragujevac, Serbia...  
petrosnatevara Fabulous!! Interesting angle and colors.  
DonKristoffo 5 from Poland :) - STAR*GARD  
DonKristoffo 5 from Poland :) - STAR*GARD  
Bez_imena 5 from Serbia ;)  
Korkh. Файны банэр! 5 з Беларусі  
ВОДА Красиво! Поздрави от София!  
molotov1 The building is great, but the banner could be better :(  
chizhen 5  
VelesHomais 5/5  
Star2007 5 from Saint-Petersburg!  
BlackShark Excellent!! 5/5  
P0ezhai 5!  
mirrow_ak интересная подача  
FAVAustinTX 5/5, just lovely.