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titleAppleton collection
locationAppleton, United States
infoHappy birthday Mike! :)
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 1.65, total votes: 1355
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renshapratama Happy birthday Mike! but who is he?  
minza_6124 5/5 for Mike. HBD  
janex_wwa 5/5!  
pizzaplanet dead  
James1983 random collage, geez  
Georgia777 That town sucks, 1/5 from Georgia, Tbilisi  
Seoul_Korea 1/5 from Seoul  
Isaaac amazing 5/5  +2
skybuildalb where is the zero?  
masaguseka28 dafuq  
vita42 5 for You Mike!  +1
nelly83 5/5! Happy birthday, Mike! I don't know who you are, but I wish you good things! Cruel forumer couldn't gift you good scores. But I'm not so severe peron! :)  
vildan 4/5  
mwahmed 1/5 booooooooooooooring  
CxIxMaN late comment but Happy Birthday!  
Ksharp1Fan it isn't that bad it's a bad banner but the pics are good. people only have the courage to say it's HORRIBLE because it's in flop 15  
oriontrail ugly banner but nice 'real life' separate photos!  
CxIxMaN most honest and real photo  
Miguel S Happy birthday Mike...  
zhuxx289 faaaaaiiiiil  
jdaniel9208hn WORST BANNER EVER!!!!!  
SDfan ew.  
Anak-tij a mi compu le entra error o unieron fotos sin querer queriendo  
3rd_Coast Appleton population = 72,085  
flyinfishjoe This is a joke right?  
garegnanoman I want to vote -1 ...  
DaiTengu The worst of the worst! Best birthday present ever! thanks everyone!  +2
Tecun oh I forgot happy bday Mike whoever you are haha  
Tecun I give it a -5 a fourth world country has better things to show then 4 pictures lined up where there is no sync or flow...FATAL!!  
Yen Jcc Who is Mike?? LOL  
3rd_Coast What did I miss? How did they get a banner?  
Geography Teacher Typical. Green Bay wins the Super Bowl and a week later Appleton gets a banner.  
He Named Thor Appleton is a really great small city (~150k) in northeast wisconsin for those who dont know. This collage is sort of meh though.  
AuriRojo poor  
Eins4 Happy birthday  
bhargavsura Terrible banner. I am sure the city must be nice. Pathetic though  
QuarterMileSidewalk Meh.  
Unregistered where chicago?for the sky 2/5  
Milwaukee, WY Hometown of the server guy!  
hadeer992 who is Mike, and where is the skyline?  
Miguel S Who the f*ck is Mike!?  
molotov1 @Zanovijetalo This attitude says a lot about this "top100"  
Raffo worst banner ever  
eminencia Celé zle  
Zanovijetalo ill give it 5/5 just because i can  
juan9463 1/10  
Xaverloo What place is this?  
iluminate BOOORING... typical North American city 0/5  
AUTOTHRILL Outstanding. 5/5.  
javi itzhak happy bday  
Unregistered ну вот, череда клевых баннеров подошла к концу...  
Unregistered ну вот, череда клевых баннеров подошла к концу...  
spellbound Breathtaking. 6/5  
fragel happy b-day mike! btw 1/5 for the banner  
Vlad89 Que feo este banner....  
Strong Hearted short of good banners now I guess!  
hadrett32 boooooooring  
Arielo Ugly  
Joulupukki Happy birthday Mike!  
ronnyfv 1/5 refuerza la teoría de estados unidos feo 1/5  
Kitty01 I love it... but it needs caption  
mariano90_arg Happy Birthday!  
Raymondzhydra Someone knows how to use Paint! Happy Birthday Mike, whoever you are dude.  
LeKemono 1 star  
mihai5 Happy birthday Mike!  
JFK. 1/5 ? ? ....which city ? what a sh*t collage...ble ...awful..  
Dimms Tok szar..  
DudyMako AMAZING! 5/5  
Róka Nagyon szép!  
thicken wtf essa porra haha  
vartal Какой ещё Майк-то? Кто это хоть такой?  
KruEv Happy birthday Mike, wish you all the best, however, I have to admit, banner is crap  
ellinets 1/5 Happy birthday Mike!  
jackass94 who the hell is mike? happy b-day anyway :D but 1/5  
dino2010 WTF?  
nenea_hartia Simply stupid. 1/5  
jimPUNKZ what kind of...................  
Simgiov 3/5 instead of 4/5 because... who is mike?  
ggl a great banner... for mike only. 1/5  
Mario_Giovannetti They could have picked a nice view of the town instead of this collage of random images.  
Ivan_rj worst banner ever!  
lightvlad The banner is nearly on the first place :)  
mecanico242 horrible 0/5  
Mutiix123 I accidentally voted 5/5 because of my PC mouse. LOL  
Mutiix123 I agree with everyone else that this banner is the worst. 1/5  
Usanmart -1000  
bharatiya kinda whack.... 2/5  
Luisma WFT?  
MatuARG FLOP!!!!  
onechann BANNED  
CrazyForID welcome to flop 15! 1/5  
CdoMchile es broma alguna fecha o algo  
rudital User promotion ?? 1/5  
Triple C Boo againist user promotion!  
gonzabar_77 really bad one 1/5  
Master of Disguise no banner here...bad one  
viníciusMS Are you kidding? 1/5  
G.O.E.T.I.A a good candidate for top flop  
Dakpa ang akong tiil im sorry... 1/5  
sticky91 lol worst banner ever 1/5  
Strzala [email protected]#it 1/5 my favourite in flop 15.  
entreact333 5/5  
saigoncbd what happening? 1/5  
Strzala [email protected]#it 1/5 my favourite in flop 15.  
Harisson 1/5  
igor_carlos flop 15 isn´t?  
Suburbanist Collages... niet goed.  
Markhoz 3/3 Tipical USA town  
Dubai Skyscraper collages?! >>> do NOT want! :P  
Singidunum collage?  
Lozover1 гавно, а не банер, нах такое ставить?  
zt-gregori хренотень полная...  
Cosmin Happy b-day, Mike, but shit banner is shit!  +1
molotov1 Is this a joke, or what ??? :))) 05  
V_Power якого...  
V_Power вот зе фак?  
V_Power вот зе фак?  
V_Power вот зе фак?  
Eman Resu: Happy birthday Mike! :) - 1  
osmant 1/5 ((((((((((((((  
BlackShark Может, праздник какой?  
Zlat Palonsky Что это?...  
P0ezhai 0/5. хрень полная