banner of February 14, 2011

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titleMarina City
locationChicago, United States
average vote
 2.50, total votes: 699
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lkiller123 Wow you guys are so mean  
ronnyfv 1/5 Bastante feo 1/5  
Pablo323 I kinda really absolutely LOVE it. :D  
Sivarman Are we suppose to like this? Is there a zero star? NEXT!!  
Camel_Gdansk Już myślałem, że to katowickie kukurydze :) 5/5  
fragel beautiful buildings to see in person, but not very impressive in this banner.  
Warsaw spectator Katowice? Super! ;)  
NiltonCba Boring 1/5  
Читач-КГ Говно!  
Epsilon-eridani TERRIBLE  
Fotostatica Me and my friends call this Wilco Towers hahaha  
ElCrioyo horrible... 1/5  
bez_nazwisk I like that one. 4/5  
sidney_jec what in the world??  
Pablo Salazar M. horrible  
Skysteel К сожалению не всё поняли этот баннер Marina City не заслуживает стольнизких оценок.5.  
JloKyM WTF!?  
Carlosx no pasa de un 1  
Carlosx no pasa de un 1  
igor Хороший баннер! Это история.  
vartal 1/5 Кто в последнее время выбирает какие-то идиотские баннеры?  
zatwornik I like Chicago, but not this pic (( Very bad  
onechann BANNED  
JFK. 2/5 BAD !  
JFK. 2/5 BAD ! Quite interesting. Better than previous ones.  
chala gas estos ultimos dias an puestos los peores  
eM3k 5/5  
cracow_24 1, sorry, it is not skyline  
ChapinUrbano love it, Marina City Building!!! Chicago!!!!!  
entreact333 5/5  
jackass94 amazing towers, crappy banner, 2.  
Mutiix123 This one is good, but could have been better. 3/5  
EddieB317 Face 81... This is Marina City. They are residential towers. Also, its not a car park, it is a parking garage.  
Sicalis What the hell is this?  
prasad.sindol gud one...  
prasad.sindol gud one...  
Emanuel Paiva 2/5  
Apteryx Marina City, a great landmark for Chicago. Wonderful banner. 5/5  
RogerioAndrade Great city. Terrible banner.  
roi95 1.  
Face81 A car park??? Seriously?! Ok, this banner is THE worst ever!  
EsCaNdIo Happy Birthday, Jan!  
desertpunk Happy B-Day Jan!!  
chrissus83 Amazing building. Amazing city.  
Raffo enough with the crappy banners!  
ВОДА 5 stars from BULGARIA  
DaiTengu Happy Birthday, Jan!  
Aztecgoddess 1/5 Love Marina towers, hate this banner :(  
mecanico242 horrible 0/5  
DudyMako Marico honestamente XD  
3tmk Happy birthday Jan  
NgelM LOVE IT!  
kg4129 toooooooooooooo bad  
nenea_hartia Another stupid one. 1/5  
Yurka52rus sux  
gonzabar_77 wtf? 1/5  
Master of Disguise Whats this happening on SSC....running out of good banner ehh..  
leenuxx ok  
CdoMchile y tantan ciudades postergadas  
Aashiq Is this a joke?  
Indictable I think Chicago has a few more shots that are a tab better. Shame..  
C010T3 I just hate that building so much.  
WesleyL8 Bad  
Juanillo-Lcg piece of shit  
Seasonedbest Great buildings with exposed contained carpark.  
diegolin nice buildings, but.. where is chicago?  
Jeromeo I think this is where mr. skyscrapercity lives. ;)  
Kelsnoopy I think there are good appartaments… 5/5 from Russia!  
demmat krzywo :/  
Singidunum Cool, Marina City must have been my first favorite skyscrapers  
Markhoz Shit 1/5  
Eman Resu: where chicago?for the sky 2/5  
Strzala a juz myslalem ,ze Katowice...  
podvodni 5  
theftp Nice, 4/5.  
V_Power пис оф шит  
victa Im vote 5 only. Chicago is a beautiful city  
Brad Chicago deserves smth better)  
Zlat Palonsky It would be possible and on more successful to choose Chicago 2/5  
osmant ну вот, череда клевых баннеров подошла к концу...  
omelette du fromage ugly  
W-Hawk Interesting perspective. Not a skyline, but I vote 5