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titleBandung vista
locationBandung, Indonesia
average vote
 3.42, total votes: 628
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donnywardono hmm .. nothing special  
edensor cantik  
shanewizardman great  
afid vote berdasarkan apa sih....? cuman kilauan lampu di lembah  
rahul medan amazing....  
okiazr 5/5 keep bandung beautiful euy  
pekerja_proyek hawa dinginnya mendukung  
D3Y gw masih sebel buat lu yang bernama benjamin tjong..go to hell !  
afid pemandangan begini sebenrnya boasa aja....cuiman kilauan lampu......  
anugrah84 aweseome night view  
smg820 Bandung :D  
langit_biru nice view...5/5  
yudibali2008 rocking!!!  
superfan Beautiful!  
pipouchat too dark to apreciate something  
leofriends 5/5 from philippines  
dochan *gasp* my city on SSC Banner!!!11!!1!  
Sivarman 2/5............El Salvador was a million times better!!  
Don KingKong per  
unity Impressive!!!  
Blue_Sky Sparkling..!!!  
Euro-Maracay Un 4 gran foto  
musiccity 2/5 this picture can be any generic city.  
wino WTF!! do you guys rate the banner by the City's "standard living"??  
wino i just don't get other people.. this is banner rating.. but they keep on talking about "Standard LIVING".. WTH!  
entreact333 5/5  
AAG Paris Van Java 5/5!!!  
Phetoy6 Just to balance the biased votes from my countrymen  
kemasslolii skyscrapers?  
benjamin.tjong Dirty and messy town. Shows that the people don't know what the international standard of living is like.  
rizki2lancer Best View from North Bandung :-bd  
sigarantang OMG!!! this is my city :')  
kiara tanepa it's awesome city  
cheesung so cool!!!!!!  
OldBoy137 3/5, too far  
bamz.. my lovely city 5/5  
Antijudischen viva persib !!! :D  
blablanonsense bandung euy!  
EagleX 5/5!  
EXPO2017 Oh, Paradise!!!  
EXPO2017 Oh, heaven on earth!  
EXPO2017 О, рай на Земле!!!  
novian wow...amazing...  
daniwarrior indonesia GO !!!  
PendatangBaru Paris van Java  
Satrial 5/5 for Bandung!  
Ampelio cool  
afid like ATLANTIS  
aa coy nice view at night 4/5  
Felix_Bpp nice, 5 stars for Bandung  
Huda_huda biasa aja sih, sesama endonesa vote 5 deh :)  
masaguseka28 heaven...  
Mutiix123 Unique banner... but voted 4/5 :)  
fromprs_2bpp manifigue...  
netaholics13 another excellent view from an Indonesian city!  
94rocket Awesome'  
gonzalo_max18 Puke.  
BATAMANIA great.........  
Aztecgoddess Quite a creative and interesting shot:)  
amza such as imagination..... great!!! 5/5  
badprivate actually there are more beautiful night shot in bandung  
hildalexander thumb up....  
Aizura2011 awesome!  
henry canjura maybe the pic closer to the border of the hills would be better.  
anno_malay wowww....bandung  
4h3 unique n different... wow...  
drie very beutiful,, 5/5  
balikpapan Full of lights off the hill. What a great night shot!  
radiankeller wow, it's great, cool n relaxing 5/5  
Constantine MMX Romantic!  
D3Y nice city view, my homeland 5/5  
Seravia Its a good idea, but a poor quality photo.  
tukang gali sumur So relaxing and calming... ^_^  
senoholic09 geulis pisan euy 5/5  
CrazyForID whoa, bunch of indoneisa banners (outside jakarta) 3/5 for bandung 5  
eurico beautiful!  
dj4life Great! Above millions of lights...  
Evrasia 99911 sorry -1  
v-sun very nice city!!  
masaguseka28 what a nice night cityview!!! 4/5  
uralural Soooooooo beautiful!!! Want to be there!  
ikeamen where is my burger¿  
Eman Resu: берег моря какой-то,где город? 1 есс-но  
~MELVINDONESIA~ 5/5 of course! My hometown :)  
ssphila So ALIVE ! And Refreshing....  
ssphila So A LIVE ! And Refreshing....  
cyberprince 5/5 for Parijs Van Java!  
Victor90 Такой снимок в любом городе сделать можно. Ужас.