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titleGroningen skyline
locationGroningen, Netherlands
sourceforum user Judazzz
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 1.76, total votes: 1062
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spartannl Help Groningen de winter door: 5 sterren  
Transamericapyramid niet echt 'skyline' maar het blijft ons eigen kikkerlandje.  
eric777 6/5 best banner  +1
Slovenec meni je pa super slika  +1
martinalagui Chernobyl?? 1/5  +4
Srananbloke skyline? muuhahahahaHAHAhaha *proest* Om het maar niet over die mislukte tram te hebben :P  
dayalbaba what skyline ? 1/5  +4
Hell Patrol almost nothing is there lol  
Isaaac OUTSTANDING 5*****  
M.F.N. 1 de 5  
Skywalker1994 Sry but quite ugly :(  
oriontrail looks like a croatian village's industrial area...  
Maastricht way too far away, looks like a town while it got more than 200k residents  
Ksharp1Fan lifeless, but I'll give it a 3 because it shows what the netherlands really is  
Sheridan Is that a city on the banner? More like some boring industrial area.  
Che7779 Very poor(  
mecanico242 un charco!  +1
Rakkata Skyline?  
pipouchat Erase that place!  
Fallen Groningen is a beautiful city, but this banner is really really ... really poor. 1/5  
Cristegna Why THIS banner for such a fantastic city???  
BG_PATRIOT Nice town, but weird choice for a banner  
Delmat Holland you're doing it wrong!  
spencer114 I spent a few weeks here in the summer of 1987. It was a nice town. My favorite of the places that I vitied in the Netherlands.  
HQ sorry, but horrible 1/5  
mr medwed ugly  +3
peter038 poor picture, nice city!  
Master of Disguise poor  
zwanneman2 It's really difficult to make a proper skyline picture of Groningen. Al taller buildings are to far apart. This picture is not the best picture I have seen on the forum.  
xJamaax I've been to this city!The photographer did not take the skyline in nice position.The skyline looks great if you saw it in person or a better position!  
Handsome by nature i'd prefer 400grad view of their market square than this  
musa90 Horrible  
Ksenofob Terrible - 0/5  
JoHaN 15 Holland dtrong!  
Kit310 клоака  
ciarah Mood  
Innsertnamehere going there in 3 weeks! from toronto!  
94rocket That...... Ugly.  
wino zzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................  
vm I like it. It´s cute, specially the brown (chimmney?) in the center  
Daniel MX how do I propose a banner?? this one sucks lol  
keepthepast seriously bad photo. Nothing of value to see.  
Logic Puzzle Мухосранск с Урюпинском и то красивее будут!  
Mascabrother Hiroshima 8, 1945?  +1
Mascabrother omg 1/5  
Rago what?  
mountaincloud what is this? a skyscraper?  
Floydian 1/5  
OldBoy137 2/5  
nixy Nice banner........NOT! :D  
Омич this is a nice joke, Judazzz  
entreact333 5/5 good looking  
Bez_imena ugly -5  
Eman Resu: во флопе этому баннеру прогулы ставят уже )  
Groningen NL i live here ;)  
[{x}] Makes Islamabad look almost urban  
Malgo_orel The worst banner in all time  
flyinfishjoe Is this a joke? Even worse than Islamabad.  
D1N0 Too far away, wrong angle  
SOLOMON awful ....  
mappero You could do this skyline from Kardinge Hill!! From Kardinge you can see it's city!  
Kelsnoopy Just google «Groningen»  
Blazar horrible !!!!!!!!  
DocSoul Judazzz, this is a horrible banner. Like your biblical namesake, you have betrayed us and our actually quite beautiful city! ;)  
aaabbbccc Maybe another angle but this looks depressing  
radeoNko ugly  
lolwhat great ))) 5/5  
Face81 THE worst ever banner on SSC!!! 0/5  
Dimms fail  
FJ Groningen is one of the prettier cities in Holland. Just a shame that this photo shows everything but that.  
EsCaNdIo ahí no hay nada.  
MCM83 Chernobyl?  +3
drie bad :/  
Oranje Strijder 2/5. Too bad, it's a really beautiful historical city. :(  
dimon80 looks like a vilage, nothing special 3/5  
D.E The worst possible skyline from the Netherlands. It's worth 1, but I give 5.  
balikpapan greenery area, the most fav for me  
Hoogholtje Pity, could have been such a nice banner of my lovely Groningen. This is boring  
Mali 5/5 one of the best banners like ever  
Mutiix123 Terrible! 1/5  
GFM 3D Disaster.  
Adorm Is there even a skyline in this photo? All I can see is some trees and a few industrial buildings...  
FloripaNation Vomitive  +1
asparagus91 Good city but banner is terrible... 1/5  
Dok4 напомнило детсво  
amza oh my ghost...!!! 1/5  
nachop666 foto pixelada y fea, ES UN DESASTRE! a quien se le ocurrio subi esto?  
futureSP Uma foto pior que a outra ... ¬¬' 1(0)/5  
Rafael Cevidanes 1, but it would be 0...agreed with the person below: "whoever who posted this banner, really hates that city" :s  
Rafael Cevidanes the worst so far...  
raakshas More like yawningen... 3/5  
Guille76 hehe well said @NBG  
henry canjura very poor skyline  
NBG Whoever posted this banner, realy hate this city!  
[email protected] certainly not the most favourable photo of a city that is actually quite noce  
Daniel MX -log(x) horrible!!!  
Harisson like in Soviet Russia...  
Suburbanist Groningen is a nice city, but this banner is not a good one. Bad angle, bad focusing... it's all bad.  
alekssa1 so bad. 1/5  
bukz 1/1  
Eman Resu: на сортировке и то красивее  
earthbuilder why is there so many crap banners right now??  
IllyaDe гыгы, кто-то хорошо пошутил)))  
roi95 Поставлю один впервые на своей практике.  
Abzal WTF?  
Evrasia 99911 lol" What is it? :D -100  
freddie_is_persian haaa?  
masaguseka28 horrible 1/5  
party_animals worst banner of all  
Victor90 Что это?  
Fili huita  
BlakeneyJones worst.banner.ever  
ryxies27 what the.....  
harry·chao this one is really bad and umimpressive  
Mehome ???  
Anberlin WTF?