banner of June 23, 2011

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titleDoha West Bay skyline
locationDoha, Qatar
sourcePepe Pont
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 3.80, total votes: 928
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M.F.N. 4/5  
Camila Figueiredo 3 / 5  
LamDai super ugly  
Vigeso 5 from Kharkov, Ukraine  
newperm1 5/5, from Perm, Russia  
glorious-siren5 amazing, definitely the best!  
the ro0ok doha the best  
GoldenPark™ i know, very good banner. does deserve to be in the top 10, kudos Doha.  
erbse Dunno, rather poor banner. Doesn't deserve to be in the top10, when compared to the rest.  
the ro0ok i like it, doha is the best  
PigTheStig Beautiful image  
all depression 4/5 from Bolivia  
GoldenPark™ 5/5  
pipouchat 3! Better than dubai  
Balkanada 5/5 Amazing  
Raggi01 Storm in the dessert! Amazing mashallah  
dysan1 is it just one row of buildings then sand?  
henry canjura beautiful city.  
Im Using A Computer just another false city built with oil money. 3/5  
S_a_l_t_M_e_x Perfect city  
losangelino Good but too hazey.. 5 means perfection..4/5  
mauricio_t86 5 stars from Argentina.  
guileite stunning! 5/5  
yosoyelrey such a refreshing view!  
GoldenPark™ very nice... deserves top 10 spot xD..  
el chivo 4/5  
Blue Flame Ill. 5/5  
entreact333 5/5  
Rafael Cevidanes Very nice banner, but the shot is too similar to other ones, already seen. 4/5  
flyinfishjoe its ok...but a little unbalanced...look at all the flat space on the left  
Only Super!  
Unirod AMAZING!!!!  
Master of Disguise This is surprisingly more and this is will truly world class  
SOLOMON great!...  
yan_95 Impressive 5/5 from Morocco !  
Alpachino95 wow amazing look  
uralural 0_о wow!!! 555555!  
[{x}] 5/5 very impressive  
jesuz1970 beatiful skyline regards from puerto vallarta, jalisco, mexico  
RiKaRdOoO Muy buena toma, algo brillante pero buena... 4/5  
montesky excellent!!!  
xrondead не фонтан  
Oranje Strijder 5/5, nice colours. :)  
velbujd good  
fut13 5!  
Raggi01 Amazing doha! I visit doha from bahrain every month and it truly is beautiful. Mashallah!  
EUSERB 5 from Serbia :)  
popcorn69 wonderful city !!! out of 5 ....from VN  
NBG Nice city, too bad it has no soul, whoever was there knows what am I talking about.  
mr medwed 5/5 from Dnepropetrovsk  
abidi2009 5/5 from Pakistan  
abidi2009 5/5  
tuodeo Great skyline 5/5 from Sicily  
Carlosaur 5/5 from Philippines  
Mario van Helsing Wow, great skyline 5/5 from Serbia  
drie awsome..  
Zorlus Great skyline!!!  
landrea wonderfull!!! (from Milan 5/5)  
Mutiix123 Nice night pic. 5/5 :)  
nenea_hartia 5/5 but not original. It was already the same picture with Hong Kong.  
musiccity 5/5 I used to live here :)  
ZerOne 5/5 from Venezuela  
94rocket Wow! five for Daha in Qatar ♥ Beautiful country...  
Aztecgoddess Got to love Doha, magnificent banner 5/5 :)  
Muntz night is bright as daylight full of life...  
GoldenPark™ not many cities have the simplicity yet futuristic outlook of doha.... 5/5  
afid top markotop 5/5  
D3Y not massive as HK, but very charming...5/5  
Gferrari 5/5 from Paraguay! Doha looks amazing!  
Jaguar 5/5 from argentina :D  
Nouvellecosse Looking good! 5/5  
badprivate 5/5 i wanna explore the great middle east!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! insya allah  
EXPO2017 +1000 для Дохи из Астаны, Казахстан!!!  
EXPO2017 +1000 for Doha city!!! From Kazakhstan, Astana.  
EXPO2017 Вау! Доха просто Чудо!!!  
EXPO2017 Wow! Doha is a miracle!  
amza 5/5.... cool  
Ampelio sparkling ...the capital of controversial WC 2022 Host  
OldBoy137 5/5  
Balikpapaners Looks magnificent - 5/5  
World 2 World Gorgeous skylines. 5/5 from Amsterdam  
Blue_Sky Deserve a place in top 10 5/5  
GoldenPark™ one of the best skylines in the GCC..  
CasaMor Beautiful, 5/5 from Casablanca  
juan9463 5/5 from new york  
SokoX 5/5 from Bosnia and Herzegovina. :)  
oriontrail 5/5 from Osijek, Croatia !!!  
Mesch Doha should wait some five years before having a banner. 3/5  
Dubrovnik Doha 5  
danieloc 4...  
Alrayyan Love Doha  
TrabaSMThin05 Give 5***** though, Haven't we seen this one before? LOL  
theAlone Like a Hong Kong banner :) 4/5  
gunslinger 5/5  
freddie_is_persian 5/5 from Persia  
Xeno Axe nice  
dineshdb2 Perfect!  
Abzal awesome  
Eman Resu: 1 есс-но  
masaguseka28 me too 5/5 from indonesia, this banner almost perfect.. so colorful!  
screenshotartist 5 stars from the first voter