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titlePoznan skyline
locationBeijing, China
sourceforum user Juri_Poznan
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 3.41, total votes: 741
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Braillard "location: Beijing, China"?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  
roanfer very bad  
maniacoargento 2/5  
musiccity 2/5, too foggy. When are we gonna get an awesome banner again?  
flyinfishjoe how on earth did this get so many 5s?  
chilliz lets all do the poznan !!!!!!!!!  
neo86 Poznan, I love you.  
asparagus91 Poznan is very beautiful city but banner isterrible and ugly. Sorry 1/5 but must be 0/5...  
3D PiCiU location Beijing, China ?? lol  
ArtZ Faktycznie, wygląda jakby był zadymiony jak Pekin... 2/5  
mecanico242 2/5  
Carlosx 1/5  
IVAZIKOV Poznań !!!! 5/5  
keepthepast the skyline was much better when the city was in Germany.  
jhojockey I have already voted. I voted 3/5 stars.  
GreGorian* yeah I know! It's like a fallout climat. Few seconds after nuclear strike. Don't be deceived :P  
Eltanianin Nice sunset, I lives in Poznań, I love my city, so, cannot be difrent, like 5/5  
dnh310 Sorry. 3/5  
sixsigma1978 Meh!! 2/5  
walcz Szczecin pozdrawia ;)  
Osmoza Awful. There are tens of better cities in Poland than this Poznań :/  
Only Awful. Ugly 0/5  
taseer121 Best, Long Live China and Pakistan  
przemo940 I Love Poznan  
Gorgiono We love you, Poland. 5 from Ukraine, Kyiv.  
17cm poor  
Im Using A Computer Amazing backdrop.  
youknow Bit scary, but I like it anyway. 5 for my town ;)  
Black_Diamond А мне понравилось. Смотрите, какая глубина пространства и воздушный эффект.  
Widur Stunning skyline 5/5  
romahere поляки сами себе только пятерки ставят! ужасно 1/5  
Marcin1987 I like the colours  
dino2010 5 from Silesia (Poland) :)  
GreGorian* What a surprise POZnan Poland! It seems to be foggy sunrise. Here you do not see that POZnan is clean and green city.  
P.S.Kantor 5/5 from Wrocław, Poland.  
harry·chao @ GanEden oh,gosh.dumb whitetrash is everywhere.and this banner doesnt belong to Beijing,but polan.someone must have made a mistake.  
disciple9 5/5 from Dresden, Germany  
dan20 5/5 from Poznań :)  
GanEden chinky town  
Martin_W No niestety, ale ta panorama Poznania nie jest jakaś szczególna - tylko 3/5 z Krakowa.  
Wierzba18 5/5 From Biała Podlaska ;)  
OldBoy137 3/5  
stormwatchforever 5/5 from Subotica  
BLACK_CAT Брутальна! Трымайце 5 з Беларусі, суседзі.  
Oranje Strijder Yeah it's Poznań, Poland. Stupid mistake... :/  
Mutiix123 5/5, but it's Poznan, not Beijing! PLEASE FIX IT!!  
albertobusy 5 for Czech city!  
Oranje Strijder 3/5 Nice city but bad picture imo.  
Odoaker so so  
miguelquirarte 3/5 from Piedras Negras, México  
entreact333 5/5  
Raymondzhydra Hey, I had a girlfriend from Poznan...and as far as I remember, she is Polish...anyway 5/5 from Honduras  
Quintina 5/5 desde Tucumán!  
Pawełek 5/5 From Wroclaw, from Poland to Poland  
Antoniojbl Poznan is in Poland not in Beiging, China. 5/5 to Poznan in Poland, from Brazil  
Milcah not very good  
franch buena ;)  
Master of Disguise a real bad banner...sorry 1/5  
RioARCHTQTO Poznan, China... Lol..  
niknak OMG terrible!  
WZZ048 POZnan* or Bejing?  
erbse Btw, nice to see they already rebuild Poznan in Beijing, soon Hallstatt will be next to come :)  
gennaro_gattuso excelent photo  
erbse Nice lighting, but there's not much to like about this silhouette.  
Blaskovitz 5 from Upper Silesia ;) BTW Poznań is in POLAND...  
MłodyWilk Jak dla mnie nieco zbyt nudna ta pomarańcz, choć widok bardzo fajny. Niech będzie 4/5 / Orange is a little boring but picture is very nice  
susamuruago Photo was taken from a dormitory, nice :) Good student :)  
MortisPL It's Poznań, Poland - not Beijing hehe  
zombie youth revolt Poznan is a gret polish city but the skyline is rather average - 3/5  
aasiek China ;) Nice, I like it  
Rocky031 5/5 from Osijek! :)  
Totalll Beautiful Poznan :) wtf with the location?  
zt-gregori 3 to Ukrainian city! :D  
Che7779 5/5 from Ukraine! =)  
Askario Old good Europe. 5 from Tatarstan.  
sarimanok city's name sounds like European.. and that chuch-like roof..  
FAVAustinTX I thought Poznan was in Poland, hmm?  
samrat_m It's Okay. 3/5  
wertyroy 1/5. The photo is not impressive but Beijing is a beautiful City  
harry·chao 3....not so impressive