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titleOradea historic centre
locationOradea, Romania
infoKing Ferdinand Square, Oradea
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 3.79, total votes: 1136
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Camila Figueiredo 2 / 5  
M.F.N. 1/5  
michelle84 beautiful 5/5  
Unregistered Oras superb!!! Pentru toti oradenii din toata lumea: [link]  
mihai_bv In sfarsit suntem si noi in fata cu ceva frumos. 5/5 de la Brasov  
Unregistered Great memories of Oradea. 5 stars from London  
mushi what a romantic city!  
Nord west 5/5 from Russia!  
PRIMEVAL Please stop giving 1 only to take it down. Is childish  
pHarmacistacid @RaySthlm Got it're frustrated. I saw that you posted also in another banners and commented shity things about a banner. Go to sleep. Or you are already junky?  
cinxxx @RaySthlm: you are just plain stupid. go back to your boring cubical buildings...  
RaySthlm This banner deserve to be on top 10 list of the world? NAH I don´t think so. I can put up a picture of my bathroom and it will make the top 3 banner of the world. F..... stupid.  
White Light Divine...  
carty nice!  
the_juncky one like no other  
eprenen The city deserves a 5+ ;)  
horgaiulia Very proud to be living in such a beautiful city!  
BASTY lovely picture  
Dahlis Vey nice 5!  
aNDRIIpOPA Excepţională fotografie!  
zmolem Lovely city. proud to live there  
andreeam beautiful place  
ana_irina I'm in love with Oradea city!  
andreaberes Oradea is a wonderful city :)  
norbi.juice wai ce mult imi place :X  
norbi.juice vreau poza astaaa 5*  
BiuL pretty city  
IoanaStef This is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, I'm really happy to live here.  
Aneliesse I`m so proud to be a citizen of this beautiful city. Go go, Oradea!  
TehnologY Wow! 5/5  
BeogradskiVESLAČ 5/5 from the western neighbors! :-)  
junaidahmadj wonderful  
pHarmacistacid Oradea...such a romantic city..the melting point of 2 civilizations. 5/5  
Jogy really nice photo! 5/5 from Slovakia :)  
istvankka Nagyvárad !!! :D  
andrehrg 5/5 from Brazil  
yuriml4 gorgeous!!!!!!  
yuriml4 gorgeous  
ferchulin wow, very impresive 5/5 from Argentina  
roanfer excelente foto...! saludos desde venezuela =)  
wino i was surprised! that is not the Romania i had in mind. Great banner btw. 4/5  
Istvan Wow, I am so proud to be from this city! :)  
CaféTasse very romantic  
joce23 5/5  
oanazavoranu fallen , all my comments are directly related to the banner.YOU stop saying USLESS STUFF.  
Fallen @oanazavoranu: stop engaging into pointless discussions here. This is not a forum thread. Thank you..  
Spencer Fantastic. 5 from Warsaw.  
Shaquille 5/5 from Iasi  
oanazavoranu opsy my fault. is poynar palace built 1910-11(checked za web:D)  
oanazavoranu the 4floors building (center-left) linked to the long 2floor building is ullman palace??  
oanazavoranu the pic is edited a bit(colours,the buildings live or in a normal pic are more colourfull, here all is whiteish) but the shadows are not edited. look carefully, they are logical  
nebunul 5/5 from a crazy romanian  
santacruz2050 The best photo ever:5/5  
EvilWouter Photoshop? Look at the shadows..  
TrueBulgarian 5/5 neighbors :)  
ericrocio Preciosa ciudad!!!!  
cristikrisch 5/5 from Baia Mare, Romania  
Copperknickers awesome. Not massively distinctive but beautiful  
Fallen Lovely banner.  
Jpossa Wow, romantic city  
emilul the city is not very pretty, but I must agree that is a five stars banner  
coolfeet77 Stunningly beautiful!  
Soteropolis1 Beautiful! 5/5  
oanazavoranu anyway since the middle ages transylvania was considered the boundary or the eastern gate of europe. beyond the carpathyans was the wilderness, the balkans, the a totally different set or ruls and value scales.  
s.yogendra amazing!!!  
oanazavoranu urengur, ALL transylvania(central northern western RO) is central european heritage and architecture.transylvania has really nothing in common with romania(walachia).for eg transylvania was urbanised since the middle ages while romania didnt even had cities upto the 19 century.  
contemplatio Excellent, 5/5 from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia  
EagleX 5/5 from Subotica!  
urengur I know that whit this comment I will not be popular  
polooradea 5/5 :)  
urengur tipical hungarian city with hungarian art novou, was part of the hungarian kingdom, after WWI part of romania. this is just a history, but the truth is that there is hungarian heritage, not romanian  
alexi1982 looks great!  
urengur nice, Nagyvárad(Oradea), 12 km from the today Hungarian border, dates back to a small 10th century castle, while its bishopric was founded during the 11th century by King Ladislaus I of Hungary.  
poseta1 5 from neighbourhood of SERBIA :)  
RohClem 5/5, nice...!  
artemka шо за цвета?  
ceeznic pirate superb  
remussinno 5/5 from.. Oradea, Romania :)  
lucianmx_2007 5/5  
lucianmx_2007 Like a boss Romania :) I'm from Bucharest !  
VACHO Nice! 5/5 from Bulgaria. Pity we don't have such western-europe-looking towns here :(  
superfan Brilliant!!! 5/5 from India.  
nenea_hartia 5/5 from RO.  
jeleu 5 from Cluj  
urbaNS 5/5 from Novi Sad  
iuli 5/5 from Timisoara  
zazianza 5/5 from Rosario, Argentina.  
musiccity beautiful! 5/5  
MHN 5/5  
OldBoy137 4/5  
status 5 from Oradea  
rover_777 5/5 from Tighina, Moldova.  
podvodni 5/5 from Novi Sad, Serbia  
ArtZ 5/5 from Poland  
flanker1 excellent from HU  
Bomarr 5 from Hungary  
jardelinio 5/5 from Craiova  
rgi Beautiful!  
Pastaie 5 from Bucureşti :P  
Blazar surprising Romania !  
cristi767 5/5 :)  
Dorin Nikos 5! haters gonna hate ;))  
ChagallTM 5/5 from Timisoara  
dubart 5/5  
Gendzy 5 from Russia  
stormwatchforever 5/5 from Subotica  
mihai5 5 from Craiova  
lightvlad 5 from Satu Mare  
Mutiix123 5/5 from Denmark :D  
Prahova24hours 5/5 from Ploiesti!  
chibetogdl nice 5/5  
Askario Nice! 5 from Tatarstan.  
anacronox great banner. 5/5  
GFM 3D Great banner!  
Tego Beautiful city, cheers neighbors! 5/5 from Sofia, Bulgaria  
Raymondzhydra 5/5 de Honduras  
[nightfury] i love classic city! 100/5 :)  
3bg-izi Damn it's freaking gorgeous 5/5!!!!  
dolinalima 5 din Serbia ;-)  
dnh310 4/10 :)  
maniacoargento Beautiful! 5/5 from Argentina  
d00mchicken niicceee  
Ady001 Thought it was Assassin's Creed...  
entreact333 5/5 wow  
barberton 5 from Bangkok  
jonix4 5  
Aurelian Concret and galss high rise all over, but anything that is coming from Europe is special.5*  
Singidunum 5/5 beautiful  
bloniaq_s8 great! 5 from Warsaw  
makimax exellent  
Rocky031 5/5 from Osijek! :)  
Читач-КГ Nice 5* from Serbia!  
Servitium 5 from Serbia ;)  
adi.c 5 from oradea.  
Che7779 4 from Ukraine :)  
vass 5 from Sofia  
cinxxx 5/5 to Oradea, German: Großwardein, Hungarian: Nagyvárad from Timișoara/Temeswar/Temesvár/Temišvar  
laur2007laur wow!!  
Eman Resu: очередной колхоз- 1  
FAVAustinTX 5/5 That's just beautiful.  
murlee WOW!!  
uralural something unreal...