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titleCasablanca nightscape
locationCasablanca, Morocco
sourcealiberrada at
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 3.15, total votes: 528
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RAM850 Je Moeder!  
ciarah 5  
watcher09 I can see 3 tall buildings.  
losangelino Horrible  
Constantine MMX 5/5 - Magical Morocco!  
JeffersonCapuxu 4/5 from Brazil  
Ayceman Nice city, but pic quality is 'meh...' 3/5  
Germanybobo 4/5 from Sao Paulo  
logike I love casablanca!  
espanoldz dommage que la photo n'est pas tres atractive  
Odoaker city*F***  
Odoaker The stary ciry, beautiful!  
xchekox Here's looking at you, kid!  
CasaMor Casablanca, my life... 5  
omaro2266 it's my city but i don't really like this picture! it looks more like CASANEGRA! so 3/5 ;)  
Souhail snake Morocco, best country in the world, 5/5 !  
Ayatulahi Great, 5/5  
Azmat 5/5 from Egypt (technically)  
midotoria 5 from egypt  
xRyan 5* from Agadir ;)  
MNahass94 Exelent !  
pearloftheorientsea nice..  
pueblosdominicanos T  
fruit&nut Overexposed picture - could have been much better  
aaabbbccc love it , beautiful lights  
igor_carlos I didnt like 1 star  
Alex_Riccio 5 from Kyiv, Ukraine!!!  
OldBoy137 3/5  
Mutiix123 5 stars, it's excellent :)  
teystoon 5* ..  
Lebanese_Almaghrebia 5 !  
Kimiwind1184 Twin center towers =)  
wald el bled Wondefrul mosque 5/5  
Raymondzhydra I like Morocco, I give this one a 5. Greetings from Honduras fellows.  
dnh310 Looks good. ;) 4/10  
Aldebaran89 this one is 5/5 but there are way better banners :)  
Gadiri Casablanca, The White House !  
Antoniojbl 5/5 from Brazil  
johnny_machine Good one Morocco, cheers from Portugal! 5/5  
YorkTown 5/5 from Algeria ;)  
entreact333 5/5  
pucelacitizen2 Nice photograph.  
Che7779 4 from Ukraine :)  
Lausanne too bright  
yan_95 Amazing view of Casablanca ! 5 !  
Eman Resu: ugly  
samrat_m excellent