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Vnofd5 1/5. Dull and boring.  
Legionario_87 5 viva mexico  
newperm1 5/5, Perm  
akarinbiz Titan place, 5/5 from Thailand  
LCIII Very cool  
TroiQuangMayTanh 5*  
gen2 1/5 from Manila , Philippines  
Efr41nx1991 5/5  
hugodiekonig looks like a scene on a computer game, but it's real! 5 stars!  
entreact333 5/5  
robbie el conejo Woooo el mejor banner de la pagina :DDDD  
panchogutz 5! mexico creo en ti...  
losangelino Should have shown both pyramids of the sun and the moon! So 4/5  
teau Wanna be there someday, such a great place. 5/5 from me  
KruEv 1/5  
WYZ I love the ancient skyscrappers  
blue_man100 viva le Mexique!!!!!!!!!  
Indictable Gorgeous!  
skyscraper 500 I WOULD GIVE 20/5  
skyscraper 500 AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!!  
ferrobeto un lugar maravilloso  
Stockwell A w e s o m e! 5/5  
Mesch ALLAH! 5/5  
tijuano en el df one of the best pics i've seen in a while  
El Quijotillo Beautiful photo. Teotihuacán!!!! (not Tenochtitlan...) Delithiotho!  
Copperknickers One of the best skylines in the world, even without considering that it was built at a time when NYC and Hong Kong were tiny little fishing villages  
SOLOMON beautiful place.... magic!  
Charles Dubai Love it!!!! 5  
A380B747A340B777 excellent congratulations mexico  
dexter26 This is great, just imagine if this stand in Rome or Italy somewhere, it would be a wonder of the world. 4/5  
elliOth_agS This is The city-legend that inspired the biggest pre-hispanic city in America, and one of the most biggest cities in ancient world, Tenochtitlán.  
MEZCAL The first skyscrapers :D  
Cuauhtemoc This is a shot takem from top of Moon's pyramid, featuring Avenue of the Deads and the Sun's Pryramid  
Cuauhtemoc Beautiful shot of The City Were Men Become Gods (that's the meanning of the name Aztecs gave to this city, ancient even for them)  
LeonGuizar Wow!, beautiful!! =D  
visconde Mexico me encanta!  
migöl hermoso mexico!!!  
fafafa2233 omg. where are the scyscrapers?! 1/5  
keokiracer Very nice! 5/5  
R.K.Teck Another 5 star banner, another place added to my list of must see places!  
firefox2 One of the wonders of the human talent.. Magnificent !  
ericrocio the real americanos 5/5  
el gorrion love it...and the most impresionant place in México time in life you get a go!  
makimax mighty...  
Raymondzhydra killer banner!!!! 5/5  
.andy. Mindcraft!  
CHILANGALIOSA 5/5 landscape arquitecture and skyscrapers from centuries ago. One of the few earlier skylines on the earth.  
Rago nice!  
Romanul Such a special place. Loved it!  
mekanek El complejo de pirámides más extraño e intrigante que conozco...  
mecanico242 5/5  
saulmol 4/5  
Kato awesome!  
Ekumenopolis Such a special place. Loved it!  
zazianza 5/5 from Rosario, Argentina.  
mezcalero 5/5  
nawat001 5/5 from Thailand  
systemdownload nice 4/5  
sanjupalayat 5/5 from India  
inlimbo ugly and old  
TuzlaBoy 5/5 From Bosnia  
velbujd 5 from BG  
petrosnatevara Well, and skyscrapers??? Nice picture but not for this forum, IMHO.  
Myaroslav Original idea :)  
Kanto 5/5  
musa90 5/5 History! :)  
qailord 5 from me  
cebe i like, i was there last year !  
boom_box 5/5 from Philippines.. They built it in ancient way with primitive tools and techniques  
Deusdies Whoever voted this lower than 5... wow! Fantastic! From Serbia  
doctorx 5/5 from Albania  
qcz grat! is it Libeskind project?;)  
churro357 5/5 beautiful!!!! Un bello lugar, tengo el placer de conocerlo :)  
montesky 5/5  
Himmelwärts vintage skyscrapers FTW!!! 5/5  
tita01 4  
Mutiix123 Nice Mexican pyramids :) 5/5  
RegioManio Great pic. Even though Pyramid of the Sun (the city's biggest and tallest) is missing in this pic, looks amazing  
mihai5 5/5 from Romania  
Odoaker that´s it!  
xXx carlos xXx 5 from houston  
robvelor Hell yeah!  
robbie el conejo 5/5 from Ireland  
geaquinto nice pic! and gonzalo, it's an old skyline, but its still a skyline  
detwis 5/5 From Indonesia !!!  
Mario_Giovannetti That´s what I call an ancient skyline! I love the pyramid of the Moon in the background. It almost looks like a mountain.  
david_ann The best of Latin (5/5)  
gonzalo_max18 Eso es un skyline? bad bad.  
pa007 Amazing Latin-American historycal center!!!  
Yen Jcc 5/5 excelente.  
belisario 5/5  
churvalu one of the great architectural wonders! =) 5 from Cebu  
Brizer Toltecs? Maya-Toltecs? The Gods?! Whoever built this knew how to do things on a grand scale.  
Arestullah Cool, historical site  
OldBoy137 4/5  
miyay wow! 5/5 from cebu.  
ruifo 5/5 Very nice, ancient skyline! :)  
Kimiwind1184 bullshit!0/5  
Azrain98 5/5 from Malaysia !! ;D  
PTAAG Буэнос грасиас, тольтеки)  
poseta1 5 from Serbia amigos :)  
Arda_1923 Just 5!  
Pythagoras Nice!!! Another 5/5 from Greece  
Rayman87 now that really deserves a 5/5  
Ksharp1Fan beautiful banner... 5/5  
L3CK33R 5/5! from greece  
24days 5/5 for the site, 3/5 for the banner. 3*  
v-sun 4/5  
RagazzoSiberiano spectacular!  
Ady001 Mesoamerican cities gave us very good lessons.