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titleHong Kong International Airport
locationHong Kong, China
sourceDogFromSPACE at
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 1.80, total votes: 906
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spartannl Where are those heroes fighting for democracy?  
Per Andersen Not so bad  
Skyscraper12345 Good! 4/5  
lab0505 fantastic airport  
smfarazm.. WTF? Who changed the banner pic? There was an airport and now it's a pic of skyline. WTF?  
M.F.N. 1 de 5  
skybuildalb nice city. fantastic airport. awfull view  
archilover 5!ive been there and this airport is awesome!  
MexicanBoy WTF this sucks  
PlutonianSockPuppet an unflattering photo of an incredible airport...  
luiiss que feo aeropuerto´´  
CxIxMaN this is good but its not a skycraper! off topic! Teacher ask you to write a report on Snakes you write a report about cars you get 0. 1/10  
lupoo wtf  
JannetTinker12 This photo deserves to be thrown in Flop 15.  
LCIII Makes for a horrible banner  
gen2 1/5 from Manila , Philippines  
mark4051997 3 for a great airport but a horrible banner  
cityskylinelover SENSELESSSSSSSSSs  
cityskylinelover 0/100  
Suburban Knight one of the best airports in the world  
hugodiekonig what's this for?  
entreact333 5/5  
Aaronj09 Number 4 on flop 15 LOL!  
lamc60 worst banner ever  
booms 3/5 best airport in the world for me, but this is not a skyline nor a skyscrapars  
Himmelwärts it must not be a skyline... but wtf is that?! :S  
matilogh next  
Guiche Rex nice skyline(?)  
lophophora new flop 15 banner!  
Mysik It ISN'T a skyline - so 1/5  
Copperknickers Not a skyline.  
Simgiov what am i looking at? a circus? a UFO? WTF? 1/5  
[NL] Mr.Mit. [NL] So eh, where's the skyline?  
wino haha I had a good laugh at Erran's comment. lol 1/5  
Evrasia 99911 3  
DalliKK been there. nice airport  
Erran Welcome to FLOP 15 . . . LOL  
OldBoy137 2/5  
ruifo ugly shot...  
systemdownload no skyline 1/5  
vadzi best. airport. ever.  
danoabramo I like the ellipse/iris effect caused by the curving roof and the bend of the railings due to the camera lens.  
dewlin07 Is this a part of skyscraper? rate 1.  
Tillor87 1*  
leofriends good for hongkong skyline.. but for the airport? not so sure...  
ssphila 3/5 : 1 for the effort, 1 for the HK Airport & 1 extra point for better than the cats :P  
rawr is this a new kind of skyscraper/skyline? lol.  
felipekbca DAMN  
CebuMagigger SUCKS! xD  
Aaronj09 flop 15 alert.. lol  
Didgeridoo Sorry, but this picture is awful!. What´s the meaning of a picture inside of an airport?.  
WYZ an airport? blah  
musa90 Boring  
HK999 LOL, I'm from Hong Kong and this banner sucks. 1/5.  
Mesch sorry but wtf? 1/1  
Deusdies SkyScraper**CITY**, not SkyScraperAirport  
kiew too bad  
montesky strong 1/1  
Anassmen I looked to the flop 15 and if everyone will keep voting 1/5 it will come on the 9th place  
ington Very nice airport .I hope I will return to HKG.  
siamu maharaj let's help this banner move to the top of flop 15  
siamu maharaj wtf is this shit??  
Омич the shittiest banner ever  
Mutiix123 5/5 for the airport, 1/5 for the banner.  
rakun booring.  
xXx carlos xXx i love the airport, not the photo... 1 sorry  
zhouzichuan Good airport, not a good banner.  
Polity Even this foto shows the massiveness of HK International Airport. Stunning!  
ivanicci this photo doesn't give justice to HK airport which is one of the best in the world.  
[email protected] 1/5  
24days Wooooow !! -1/5  
london-b 1/5. If you're going to have a picture of an airport at least have some planes in it.  
Evil78 i can take a similar photo in the mall, in my home town. 1/5  
yudibali2008 could be way better than this!!  
Kanto 1/5  
Arda_1923 Esenboğa is absolutely better :D  
igor 5 from Moscow  
acull 0,5/5 boring banner  
vladikovostok flop 15  
Augustines wonderful!!! 5/5 from thailand -- but i like suvarnnabhumi than... ^v^  
urika24 great airport  
Vrooms I love this airport!! But I wish the banner was better......