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titleSydney skyline
locationSydney, Australia
infoSydney skyline from Rose Bay
sourceforum user sx1
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 3.78, total votes: 699
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newperm1 5/5, from Perm, Russia  
akarinbiz I like it, 5/5 from Thailand  
LCIII Fantastic!  
yvette29 WTF gen2????  
gen2 1/5 from Manila , Philippines  
Appleich Dignified Sydney 5/5 from Thailand :)  
hugodiekonig just good. photo kinda blurred  
xylan good  
auguster Amazing,10/5!!!!!!!  
dude x nice but... I think some people want to see more of Australia...  
Andrezito The most beautiful city in the world. 5 / 5 from Brazil.  
JuMPer really nice but same old, same us Australia  
junaidahmadj Nice from Multan  
Rombar nice  
Albinfo 5 from Albania  
ElOhEl Absolutely stunning. 5/5  
diego2_2501 such a great spot for new years eve, awesome picture 5/5  
Unirod SidneyScraperCity  
Protease Sidney never gets old  
nawat001 5/5 from Thailand  
SpiderMonkey How many times has Sydney been the banner in the past 3 months?  
Antenov Sidney?... Again!?  
Exteaberri The weekly banner from Sydney...  
st_cro OMG again, really???  
paradyto nice!  
systemdownload good one 4/5  
uspaorkoo again SIDNEY???????  
Soteropolis1 Again, again, again! Sydney forever. The SSC darling!  
Kanto 5/5  
OldBoy137 4/5  
Dutchal1942 Picture should be better if he was taken from the right side of the Harbour Bridge.  
Anassmen 5/5  
RagazzoSiberiano Tomorrow, put the next Sydney banner in the right direction, upside down.  
RagazzoSiberiano Ehm, why so often Sydney? Great pic though.  
ericrocio Luv Aussies!!! cool banner 5/5  
nenea_hartia 5/5, the banner is great. But guys, don't you have another city in Australia?  
Azrain98 so boring everyday have seen a Sydney banner..boring..but i give 5/5 star !! haha !!  
Keyone yo Sydney  
vectom again? how many Sydney banners we have to see per month? 10?  
czjack 5/5  
montesky awesome!! 5/5 one of the best so far  
diablo234 Sydney looks awesome  
Walay Sapi beautiful! 5 from cebu!  
john kevin i love sydney ..5 from PH  
velbujd 5 from BG  
Lydon Great city, but I agree - too much Sydney as of late.  
What_The_Face This city is so cool! 5 from Mexico.  
Joze SA just love this city! 5 from Florida :)  
Brizer some petulant, sulky children on this thread  
KONGahxiah 5/5 from Thailand  
entreact333 5/5  
lean.92 One of my favorite cities ever! Greetings from Argentina.  
oompaloompa again?  
Hazeley 24days on November 29, 2011 19:16:55  
24days What the hell ?! There are no other cities in Australia ? This has become a bad/annoying joke, and i'll go psycho if i see one more Sydney banner by the end of this year.  
Danubis 1, sick of seeing sydney, was the photo taken with an iphone?  
Mornnb benezuela, that is so petty of you.  
Dan Caumo I agree we had too much of Sydney already, I am tired of see here the Sydney CBD, Harbour Bridge and Opera House, next time at least show something new about this wonderful city.  
benezuela australia again? 1/5  
jffaraco Wonderful Sydney! 5/5  
futureSP Já chega de Sydney né? Que tal um pouco da nova São Paulo?  
BraVision I've seen better banner before, an artificial city, with no natural landscape around like Rio  
AlexBelay 5/5  
erahi rubbish  
booms 5/5 from philippines, but, sydney again?? always  
Vrooms Beautiful Sydney!!! 5/5  
Gee Ens beautiful. 5  
SirAdrian Wow, that looks very futuristic. 5 stars from me.  
Mike____ 5/5  
Tomb Raider 5/5 from Morocco !  
Braillard there's been much, much better banners of Sydney skyline on this forum  
william :D 5 from the Philippines m/  
Harisson 5  
Alex_Riccio 5! from Kyiv, Ukraine  
[email protected] 5 from Shymkent!  
Olivekeeper Lighting is awesome!! 5/5 from Thailand