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titleHurray, it's German Banner Day!
infoDWF greets all our friends!
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erbse geil  
all depression jajaj  
junaidahmadj Zero/5  
IngMarco I choose 1, the german is the hottest ;)  +1
amza Wtf is this?????  
systemdownload the first three pics are nice ,the others not really ^^ 2/5  
sandiego haha all day yesterday i thought my computer got spammed and i was seeing that banner  
Tiaren Hrmmm...wish David would come online! :3  
Germanicus Ja, German humor as it's finest!  +1
Bauer-Ewald another great german banner - love it!!  +1
Daortíz La greca y la inglesa son hombres!!  
mekanek david tiene los mejores senos no? jajajaja  
Neutral! Always go for the the German, Spanish and Italian ;-) got it!  
chibetogdl uos, sorry, was a uk bikini, lol  
angel_kaido jajajajajaja 5/5  
chibetogdl the grecian and amercan bikinis are kind of ugly and old hhahaha, 3/5  
Lariabian Interesting banner  
Neutral! 555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555  
slackerz I just threw up in my mouth.  
pitts what a hetero banner , do not like.  
entreact333 5/5 loooooooooooooool  
aleko hahaha good one!  
Mali Ze Germans again  
Miguel S Why do the germans always have the weird banners? Is like a tradition or something?  
Spotter SBJP -JPA Back to the skylines citys!!  
IraGlacialis Clever, but oh-so mind-scarring.  
luis_de_bolivia la 1 es un trans?XD  
tijuano en el df i´m voting for #3 Maria  
LVM awfull  
joluve Vote 1 if you are completely gay, 5 completely straight  
Black Cat German super-race humour 0/5  
Efr41nx1991 Maria saves this banner...  
Verny Siguen resentidos con los aliados. Pobres alemanes no lo superan!!!!!  
Honk hahahahaha! great!  
daii_ *__________*  
Van Loon Che puttanata.. Il peggiore in assoluto.  
Rayman87 lmao :)  
Thanial grrrrrr this was showing beirut when I voted 4/5 :|  
Argentosoma Since when german women has boobs?.. they are like surfboards, completely flat in front and behind. Greetings from Argentina 0/5  
Floydian Hahaha...:D 5/5  
Ksharp1Fan what is this? it's not funny it's stupid! 1/5.  
Kopacz I clicked in hope of meeting "Maria" ... :(  
fruit&nut What utter garbage  
Effer WTF? 0/5  
Tchokan beirut or boobs?  
Jota The worst banner of SSC history!  
UrbanistaArquiteto ???  
rosulje 5/5 from Croatia  
Kevlargeist Them other Europeans just jealous cause they can't afford this kind of humour.  
csath ??????  
Juicy360 i thougt it's ad. wtf ssc ??  
nuance2k5 * I meant 'serve porn'. Sorry for the typo  
nuance2k5 Will SSC soon server porn on their site? How does this picture relate to infrastructure? Banner sucks. Stay classy SSC.  
VTS1600 J.Lucia Should be named, Maria  
stefano86 Angie=Angela Merkel, J.Lucia=Jose Luis Zapatero, Maria=Mario Monti, Olivia=????, David=David Cameron.... European politicans....  
stefano86 Angie=Angela Merkel, J.Lucia=Jose Luis Zapatero, Maria=Mario Monti, Olivia=????, David=David Cameron.... a  
Alejandro Ortiz leave he concept "funny" to others :)  
benjamin.tjong Ah so... Now I get it.. ze German.. LOL  
Alejandro Ortiz Typical German egomaniac stupid banner.  
erbse SO GEIL.  
musiccity 1/5 and two days before Christmas?! Some of you need church ASAP!  
rudital nice Maria  
Chilio Banner sucks... hope Angie can suck too ;)  
juan9463 shit!!!  
somrach1 Suck banner ever . WORST .  
robertomel Maria, Maria.  
EddieB317 Maria! Hahah!  
samurairegio wtf???  
adam.dworzak Olivia needs more chest hair  
VietnamEagle2010 wtf , i thought i enter a porn website :)  
seem people on here obviously dont get the joke :P  
Dr_Cosmo Shit now the Germans are even funny......Love it !  
Stephang -100  
geaquinto WTF aahahaaha  
HMS Swaziland Humour remains low when Britain is abused like that.  
seba90 Excelent idea! 1/5  
Rubens71 awfull!  
Doomgoggles What the hell. Keep it work safe FFS.  
Dorin Nikos wtf?? i thought it was some kind of add :)))  
Pastaie Maria...mmm vorrei mettere il mio cazzo tra le tue tette  
Bisutti WTF???!  
Babete Draws attention to the negative!  
Chris.phx and you forgot the Irish  
Jaguar lol  
Val_project babbye the BAD banner !  
Chris.phx Angela Merkel in the 1920s?  
HQ hahaha, nothing about skyscrapers, but really funny if you are not english  
nicdel ....about that seem to havent got any humor at all.  
nicdel this is hilarious. The haters who complain about tht  
Abdallah K. MASTERPIECE!  
youngwoerth 251 by youngwoerth (unregistered???)  
Widur Great! 1/5  
Pelasgian the greek one looks sexy hahahahaha  
Unregistered Our european neighbours seem to lack humor - exactly what they're accusing the Germans of all along... ;)  
Daireon what the hell is this??  
Odoaker david doesn´t answer :(  
adam.dworzak 1  
Yorkshire Boy Great Skyline... lol  
TFM1 keep the rate down...!!!  
Unregistered Excellent! 5 Stars! High quality banner like every year!  
DRUFUS Pathetic -5/5  
Arditi Forza Maria )))  
Bakano456 5 / 5  
scalziand lulzy and scary at the same time!  
Deadeye Reloaded Excellent! 5 Stars! High quality banner like every year!  
EGOista i've none sense of humor... 1  
MajKeR_ "Angie"... Dreams... :D Not only in comparison with real Angela, but also with typical German woman.  
rahul medan crazyy banner... where is beirut..??  
endar i voted 5 for the first one. Beirut City.. then at afternoon, this shit show up,, OMG,,  
endar SSC has become adult site.. too bad...  
Reba German sense of humour ;]  
Fallout Did german forumers contribute their photos to this banner?  
EagleX Hmmmm, i'l take Maria!  
youngwoerth Our european neighbours seem to lack humor - exactly what they're accusing the Germans of all along... ;)  
licenseplateman Wow, this must be the worst banner I've seen during my time here 1/5  
london-b I love the day of the German banner!  
Vicvin86 Angela Merkel and David Cameroon?  
VirDiligo It is funny to see females bitching over this in the comments. Breast envy at its maximum.  
Occit Pathetic banner, what the hell is going on with germans?? 2/5  
TFM1 hahaha... 3.0 get down crap banner... :bash:  
maniacoargento Oh and btw 1/5. Shame you can't vote 0 stars  
Erran You call this funny? I call it beyond stupid, and I see in the corner of this stupidity "Day of the German Banner". No surprise . . .  
Blue Flame Possibly the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever seen. SSC is really going downhill. ):0  
OtAkAw stupid banner  
sandy_936 hacker?  
TFM1 now 3,01.... let it down...!!!  
Sky_Net -5/5 its not even funny, this confirm germans are stupid, deserves -5  
Val_project hurry up the MIDNIGHT!!!  
kamranyeezy =(  
Arqui Segura 5/5 Maria FTW!!!!!!!  
RM6721 w*nkers  
RM6721 wankers  
SvenHassel Where's Niki from Paris??? :-)))  
Loro. 5/5 Germany's Rules for Europe.  
Bauer-Ewald brilliant! 5 out of 5!  
vartal Ээээ...тема сисек до конца не раскрыта )) А за геев в лифчике получите свои законные 1/5  
junaidahmadj I cant see banner, thats just bikinis i see ;(  
Venantio Is it skyscraper??  
larius poor  
jffaraco 5/5 to Maria!  
UjaiDidida Voted 1 star. Actually the banner should get 0!!  
Tom_Green Noobs shouldn`t be allowed to vote. 5/5 great job mein Führer  
makimax "Maria"  
Singidunum Hahhaha I gave 4/5 to Beirut banner but this deserves pure 5/5!!!  
TFM1 i gave 5/5 for beirut banner... not for this crap! give back my 5/5, i wanna give 1/5 for this crap... :ohno:  
snowland The italian one looks better.  
theAlone Trololo week on SSC? xD  
Julio Rocha Angie: (.Y.) - J.Lucia: (o Y o) - Maria: ( o ) ( o ) - Olivia: o/o/ - David: . ./  
Rabih I gave my vote to the Beirut banner, not this crap!  
[email protected] And... what about men's bodies? Maybe, women and gays wanna to stare this. Otherwise, it's discrimination! :)  
mrskoje you are crazy, but good  
FranLorduy Tits son, tits! xD  
skit_uk Its pretty funny. Can you imagine if we did one about the Germans though, they would be in uproar lol  
Basra rome  
mexmatt I love the political incorrectness of this! It's like the SSC version of Eurovision.  
LaDyMaRTa ¡Viva España!  
VirDiligo London= man wearing bikini. It is funny because it represents very accurately how twisted the English society currently is.  
Sicmaggot wtf where are the boobs?! I need boobs!!! ( . Y . ) Get that 2 horrible girls (guys?) away from the banner!!  
Himmelwärts @benezuela: congratulations for the most pointless and retarded comment so far.  
benezuela nazis  
Reba ha-ha-ha...  
Isek fak yeah, dis is art!  
Himmelwärts (.)(.)  
Zbignich This just means I can't go to SkyscraperCity at work today. :(  
Slayer_Detonator Like Rome  
7freedom7 lousy 0000  
valdiclei LOL, This banner has nothing to do with the SkyscraperCity. This is wrong. Plain wrong.  
Lino you could have made a so much better banner, and you did this!! Plus, the italian girl's chest is much better than the german's.  
VirDiligo @aleander Back to the kitchen, worthless cu­nt.  
Quilpueíno WTF?!?!?!?!??!  
aleander Ugh. This is bad on so, so many levels. Sexist, nationalistic, potentially causing problems for people working from restrictive workplaces... take this down, please? Also, this is more or less as funny as surprise diarrhea.  
Tin_Can Ahh,the good old German Banner Day. :) Haters gonna hate..  
Astronauta Cilada Bino  
kokomo Mmmhhhh 1/5  
Ryuhei Not funny at all, in my opinion  
Wicak_15 HAHAHAHA!!! This is the first time I saw funny banner. BRAVO Germany!!  
Che7779 WTF ???????????  
SpicyMcHaggis bitter, bitter brits :D  
leofriends whaha.. LOL!  
StrongAngkor lol  
Reapvkz1 WTF i can´t believe this haha. 5/5  
artemka это тонкий намек что немцы думают о греках и британцах или же толстый пидарский эксгибиционизм? This is what Germans think about Greeks and Britishmen or vulgar queers' exhibitionism?  
Dr.Seltsam LOL  
Prythen then humour fail  
Bol89 +5 this is humour  
butel rotfl !!!!! ;-)  
ArtZ the man on the right is physical East German worker living in London :-D  
ArtZ the man on the right is German :-D  
Terpentin07 Hahahah, I love the german banners, and the comments lol!  
alserrod what about cities?  
HS I love this annual tradition and German humour is outstanding :D  
Ksenofob Typica German beauty! 2/5  
Mesch i appreciate the failed attempt at wit, but 1/5  
pon worst ever banner, -10  
Омич ahahahhaa  
MartinLeRoy Is there suppose to be an economic joke in there?  
TFM1 ya Allah... yes removed this asap...  
Kvin German tits 4/5 Spanish 4/5 Italian 5/5 Greek 2/5 David sorry  
RagazzoSiberiano Jesus! I want this removed asap!  
Widana89 Maria oh maria... 5/5 for u... :D  
pHarmacistacid Best! cannot ignore ties with politics and economy (crappy greek economy)...and we must agree that Germany is the engine of european economy. 5/5  
DamianPL GEIL!  
absolutblue Well done to whoever posted this banner, you have made skyscrapercity look cheap and tacky.  
savelmtr Я думал, это строительный форум... ;D  
elnordico Now, who dares chatting with David???  
disciple9 Endlich! Deutschland strikes back 5+/5+  
rY17 trololol.  
rilham2new Why is mocking the brits (or David) always fun???  
jumping_jack great! german banners: the renaissance of german humour 5/5  
SO143 fap fap fap @ pigala merkel  
Kanto ROFLMAO 5/5 :-D  
Odoaker what is this sh**?  
Sterlokkkkkkkkk Хуйня  
Zerg Hahah, brits can't take a joke :D  
Rabih What happened to the Beirut banner? I gave my vote to the Beirut picture not this crap  
Ballota Hahahahaha!!! Awsome! :D  
Atomicus Give you 6/5 because you got british mad.  
fafafa2233 lol brits can not take joke...  
Talisker maximus hilaritarios  
Cat man do Angie is just mad at dave because he didn't come to her party, now they wrecked the house Dave won't help clear up the mess.  
Semper Fidelis 5!!!!!! :D  
[email protected] famous German sense of humour. 1/5 !!!  
TFM1 yes this is SKYSCRAPERCITY...!!! Vote 1/5...!!!!  
tomi1975 10/10 - intelligent  
bloniaq_s8 WTF?!! This is SKYSCRAPERCITY !!!!  
BodgeJob1 Lolz..Ze Germans still havent forgiven us for ruining their summer World tour of '39-'45...  
Himmelwärts i clicked but the chat doesn't work!!! D:  
prisma Is this German sense of humor? Must think it time you can do better i hope! Sucks.  
comrade7 LOL 5/5  
gaston182 Epic! 5/5  
Super Tim You crazy! I love this day... :D  
vectom the worst banner of all  
mjarski terrible!  
P0ezhai ват зе фак?  
gm2263 If we are to go down the line of cheap humor and about being bitter, I as a Greek fully declare my commitment to satify all my German friends sisters, wives and girlfriends vacationing in Greece alone, along with my Brit friends. :)))))  
raeidh ha! David! :D  
Ekumenopolis Mmmmh... David so hot...!  
Zolozai tits or GTFO !  
Ji-Ja-Jot best banner ever  
Anassmen ?David?  
hypnotoad This is the reason why Angie would ever wear a swimsuit, because others like the tranny Olivia, wear it to sunbath  
Influence Davıd :D Hahaha  
Grvl oh gawd  
skybluecity the irony being that most german women have fallen out of the ugly tree. with their masculine jaw line and big noses, i nominate german women as the ugliest on the planet. anybody got dave's number?  
Skyscraper87 ahahahahah, funny, but...why??? -.-  
McReaked me not verstehen, it's pretty sexist, u know it, don't ya?  
Waxo Khana Funny  
hypnotoad Nice Spanish and but, where is "Angie" sunbathing anyway?  
jome_omt omg, wtf is this?  
Tetwani Me like it 5/5!!!  
Le Clerk Wunderbar! Italian tits rulz though. 5/5  
corredor06 5/5 LMAO!!  
montesky hahahaha excellent one 5/5  
fafafa2233 david XD  
jonix4 no face =1  
Blazar very funny indeed !!!!!!!!  
samba_man Haters Gonna Hate...LOL  
ravian94 Tie between Rome and Madrid  
gerwaz nice shit :D  
LMB another self-indulgent German piece of crap?  
raffasoares lol  
Vanaheim Hahaha, Brits :D  
(fabrizio) Spent 10 minutes asking myself why Ads Bloker allowed that banner to pop up on SSC... Then I realised. 5/5!  
wino Rome wins!!! but this banner gets 1/5 because of the Brits!! haha  
truckin i m a big fan of italian dome structures. lol at british!!  
sarimanok LOL I thought this was an ad and the banner was missing..  
just4ivaylo Seriously?  
Mike____ Boring..  
Vagamundo. looks like a joke!  
siamu maharaj should a been 18  
desertpunk LOL WTF?  
Fallen I really enjoyed the previous German Day banners, but this one is really lousy..  
Chewy2nd I can see the funny, but it looks cheap, so 1/5  
LMB wtf is this?  
Mutiix123 Haha, what a funny and sexy banner! 5/5 of course! ;)  
What_The_Face Damn British  
JaVPrO lol  
samba_man hahaaahahah...BEST EVER ! 5/5  
CebuMagigger total wtf  
Mehome rubbish  
Jeayung ???????  
Taller, Better Hehe... this one made me laugh!  
JoHaN 15 Me gusta  
Erran geezz . . . I voted 4 for Beirut. But this? Oh, krang gwean bgt, cuk cuk . . .  
alpabe Awful  
TradersFromMakassar1 love germany, but hate this banner... racist banner... bad banner... and where is the beirut banner????  
erbse Über-geilest banner off all times, great job Germans ja!  
Val_project where is the skyscrapers?  
Ress wtf again :) Funny, original, but I gave 1/5  
SO143 [link]  
Bobek_Azbest Frickin' hilarious. :D  
TFM1 i give 5/5 for beirut banner, but why my vote gave to this banner...  
TFM1 where is the beirut banner???!!!! hate this banner... love the beirut banner before...  
mecanico242 5/5 from Mexico  
vict0r96 D:  
Davorotten parece mugroso spam!!!  
Hapower I agree whith German about GB  
Aztecgoddess Hahahaha, love it!!!!!  
Kampflamm Me gusta mucho!  
atmada looks cheap. Two horrible banners in two consecutive days.  
almeidaneto fap fap fap  +1
AndrewJM3D What the hell kind of banner is that? Take it down now.  +1
churro357 5/5 : )  
234sale you forgot the under arm hair on the German one..  
endar the two red really HOT.. hahahaha  
CarltonHill so it's bra day today..  
eomer what is it ?  
afid promotion TT  
Intoxication WTF! All this time I thought it was a stupid ad! lol! 5/5  +1
SO143 boob job  
jime11 baddddd  
Pty000 Ewww  
w-140s500l I like Mari I vote 100 star.  
Rakkata Viva la Italia!  
3tmk PERFECT 10!  
Stanislav. Good :) 5  
Egomet guacala  
Ady001 Greece and the UK are guys with bras...  
xxxriainxxx Easy 5. :) Cheers!  
platinum1991b Sexy Banner (But i interested only japanese 2D girls ^_^)  
Solopop That's racist!!  
Grais wow that is really bad, looks like a cheap advertisment, just what I dont want to look at.  
TFM1 hate this banner  
paradyto kurang kerjaan ya?  
franch mal ángulo :/  
CarltonHill 5 from Philippines!  
lun 2/5  
Galandar 4/5  
adhinanda good..  
Erran Beirut looks good. Just disappointed with the quality of pic, so 4/5 for now  
cenzura 5/5 from Serbia  
al2010 nothing but chimneys / polution, horrible place must be  
Che7779 5/5 from Ukraine! =)  
Mesch lovely :) 5/5  
KiberDen_!!! пяцёрачка ад суседзяў зь Беларусі :)  
OldBoy137 3/5, don't like this photo, though skyline is good  
Askario 5 from Tatarstan!  
Basrawii Love beirut, gr8 girls, gr8 parties, gr8 everything!  
TFM1 wow, amazing... 5/5