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titleDowntown skyline
locationNew York City, United States
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 3.85, total votes: 870
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Ricardo31330 Grettings from Chile  
[email protected] Dream-City, love it..  
zarepp 5 from Serbia for NYC  
TroiQuangMayTanh Classic.  
ruifo 5/5 from Brazil  
xdmc one of the best skylines in the world.1  
Iluminado 1/5 because i hate americans  
Antoop best city on earth  
elser algun dia voy a ir conocerte :)  
EdmundX My home.. but this is outdated. The tower in One WTC was already installed. LOL  
richard manaba my favorite city on the world 5 FROM Manta Ecuador  
skybuildalb need more work  
slackerz Beautiful, timeless, NYC! 5/5  
desiyogi 5/5 from India! :)  
Camila Figueiredo 3  
eusimcity4 4/5 from Belgrade! :)  
jamiefearon ...  
Hectcher Concrete jungle where dreams are made of! 5/5  
MiKeL1986 5/5 from Perú  
Euphrates 1/5.  
Broccolli NYC 5/5  
joienegru the big apple  
Tchokan 4/5 from portugal  
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  
0scart NY, you'll see me walking in you. In the meantime, I daydream.  
Fallout This skyline reminds me a silhouette of battleship  
Soteropolis1 Yet the world capital. Beautiful. 5/5 from Brazil.  
Libidito I LOVE NYC!!!!  
cuartango Preciosa Nueva York :)  
ChukieDiddieboppy The new tower has been officially designated One World Trade Center and "Freedom Tower" is now just a nickname...!  
jlingoa The New York metropolitan area is becoming more and more a collection of skylines.  
Kiboko Anyone who rates it less than 4/5 is just here to troll  
ArtZ 5/5. In my opinion, NYC has world's 4th best skyline after HK, Dubai & Shanghai.  
Influence Not much to say. Every skyline tries to be like Newyork's.  
rgi 5/5 from Iasi, Romania.  
fabriek 5/5 from Belgrad  
gjergjkastrioti 5 from Tirana  
velbujd 5 from BG  
Gizzan 5/5 From Republic of Kosovo :)  
WYZ Great shot. Good to see the Freedom Tower almost done and the Empire State Building in the back. Lovely NYC.  
babaka without twin towers it looks NY skyline is featureless, it can pass as any other big city in the world.  
keepthepast Since WTC is no longer the iconic twins, it should not be the focal point. bad view.  
nick.english.dept The City that has it all ! Nothing quite like it anywhere else on this planet~! Absolutely Fabulous~!  
hunser there are about 2^20 better and more recent pics out there ... pff  
hunser why such an old pic? 1&4 WTC are topped out ffs!  
Shaggy_Solo Awesome view of NYC !!  
HRP4Life Awesome!  
JloKyM I love New York :))))  
kowal1981 0/5  
ZeroUm Super City!!! outstanding 5/5  
Avemano Not bad.  
QuantumX This shot doesn't do the city justice though. New York deserves better.  
WZZ048 Any chance for this banner in HD?  
Gov 5 from Italy!  
manies_flip 5! symbolic city  
maxx22st new york new york  
tomeeek07 it's boring, but it's NYC! 3/5  
David Protest 1/5 so boring  
NaRc0t1c 5* From romania.......  
albren123 New York City never left.  
1lh4m5 5/5  
Róka New York City!  
aaabbbccc NY city love it  
Tellurian 5/5 no doubt  
Aztraj 5 from Philippines. Truly the best skyline in the world. Where modern buildings are built besides old buildings :))  
PaganPT 2 from Switzerland....  
A11 LJUBLJANA Сам НьюЙорк 4, а этот бэннер 1/5. из столицы России  
Arestullah 3 from Palembang, Indonesia  
eeee. Old picture...  
superfan 5  
Loro. 5/5 Bravo!  
LeitoStafe 4/5. It does get old.  
prisma Nothing less than 5*.  
sergiomazzi Great New York, 1WTC on the Top !!!  
Bruno_Maciel 5/5 from São Paulo, Brazil!  
Ocean One 5/5 Great city.  
AnasMelawan best top skyline in the world, yeah!  
Jasonhouse 1WTC isn't topped out.  
IvoJP The best!  
Rdx MG best skyline of the world  
Diego3336 The definitive skyline. 5/5  
valenciahigh i'm in love with this amazing city  
Grejv Skyline before 9/11 was better...  
yudibali2008 NYC without Twin Towers never be the same anymore. 5/5 from me :)  
entreact333 i love new york city 5/5  
Tokyo/Manila first generation skyline yet still stunning  
Crazy Dude the best skyline on earth  
M.F.N. legal.  
wjfox Went there last weekend, awesome place. This photo is a little outdated though. 4/5  
bozenBDJ 5/5 I want the twin towers back !  
6825312 WoW!! 5/5 from Philippines!  
NIN6 congrats!  
JD47 Greatest city on planet earth and my second home. 5 from Dublin.  
bloody bat The best skyline !! I love NYC !! 10/5* from Romania  
tim1807 no up to date pic:(  
Dzwonsson LOL, booked my NY tickets not longer than a couple of hours ego.  
Jasse James i wanna be a part of it)  
Euplio A very nice view of New York City.  
Dubrovnik NYC 5  
Kanto 5/5  
gm2263 5/5 the one and only!!!  
ВОДА 5 stars from Bulgaria!  
theAlone too old but five anyway!  
Dio Tri 5/5 from indonesia  
Abzal 5 from Kazakhstan  
Greenninja Офигенно)5555555  
FAVAustinTX 5/5 New York's back!  
pinoyako2010 Cool. 5/5. :D  
Sky_Is_The_Limit 5/5. Dunno what happened to my last comment  
Sky_Is_The_Limit I