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titleDavao cityscape
locationDavao, Philippines
infoThese the famous landmark and buildings of Davao such as the Sangunian Panglunsod, Park Inn, Marco Polo, Seda, Abreeza Homes, Landco, Pinnacle, Davao Medical & Research Center, Philippine National Bank and San Pedro Cathedral. Background is the Samal Island
sourceforum user ramoj
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 1.81, total votes: 923
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Sparks Bogota A mi esta me gusta T-T le doy 5/5  
darksephir buildings are lovely but it's much better if they took the pic from a vantage point instead of randomly pasting pictures to make a stupid collage.  
kulapu21 what a freaking shame 0/10  
Namewee lol  
Seoul_Korea 5/5 from South Korea, very nice  +1
hijodefruta just ugly paint(not photoshop) job.  +3
cambanga los edificios de esta ciudad los puedo contar con mis dedos  
party_animals worst banner ever....  +1
partenos w t heck ..are u kidding me skyscrapercity?  
EdmundX what the heck, however they got nice buildings and one of the safest and beautiful cities in the Philippines.  
richard manaba jajajajajaja bad banner . 2 from Ecuador  
Makonza WTF  
WestSidersGirl weird banner.  
talo celeste mendoza te salio competencia xD jajaja  
HRP4Life 2/5  
GordonBennett i dont usually rate banner.. but this time I had to! probably shitties banner ever on SSC :D  +2
Elvenking SkySApopa - go home, you're drunk. This banner is just hideous and terrible. No ideology is behind this rating.  
BlackLukes Ugliest place on earth.  +1
skylined The Leaning Tower of Davao?  
Balansiyí muy gwapo!  
SkysApopa I would say -good- because even though the banner is terrible, there's hard work on it, I dare some ppl here would have rate this baner at least 3/5 if it was a European city, this is racist...  
Betonamu Jin Not bad but too messy, so... 1/5  
Vnofd5 I vomited. 1/5. Doesn't even deserve that... there should really be an option for 0/5.  
AnasMelawan not bad  
Voorish-Gdansk 1/5 It isn't even photoshopped-it's PAINted!  
sabitova I understand what the author of this banner feel. But don't pay attention on angry expressions. You and me like this banner, but majority don't. Try to understand where cause, and next you will be aware how to manipulate the tastes of mass. And for a while I'm with you.  
HansCity OMG! is amazing  
CocoMay -2/10 horrible skyline & photoshop. just to get recognition.stupidity of nationalistic.  +1
Benonie Terrible!  +1
Kiciket KO, 1  
Омич ШТО  
Boogie Looks like made by primary school kid. One of the worst I ever seen.  
KillerFrenchFry Your photoshop is terrible and you should feel bad.  
Kaltehitze Red Blade Davao, we can do better that this. Still, 5/5 from Iloilo.  
jdjones very bad photoshop collage  
skyskimmer a really unflattering photo of davao, really unfair for the city  
ronald143 Nice  
porpee WTF !!!  
vkreso trolls par exellence  
Tronezone=Manila please take this off! Davao doesn't boast a skyline c'mon and very very ugly photoshop! from a filipino ha  
MasonicStage™ sorry, 1.  
effymeow Seriously? This isn't even a panorama.  
champagne_supernova There's no place like home! Booming Davao City!  
sepul how on Earth could samsung22 rate this mess 5/5???? just because it's a fellow city in Philippines?  
iJosh what the hell is this  
sepul LOLZ  
samsung22 5 from iloilo city.. wow!  
Askario Awesome!  
Zbignich Why make a weird montage of different buildings?  
Yarami Да ну, фигня.  
il fenomeno lulz  
alekwisnia What a mess!  
Buckle & pals A collage with an attempt to create unity through foreground and background. A brave attempt at something different. But it's not really in the Skyscrapercity spirit of the city panorama so, sorry, I gave it only 1 out of 5.  
curious.sle 2/5 - howevert Davao is a nice and beautifull city with extremely high quality of life. Go there once if you can spare the time. No highrises due to earthquake risc though.  
LaPaz Urbanismo WTF !  
Rall Pathetic... made to embarrass Davao City :(  
Namewee Maksa banget bannernya. cheers  
Elvenking SERIOUSLY?! What is this?!  
v-sun jelegh beudh.. 1  
joshua17 This is a Big JOke People like the one who made this fake Photo are the reason why Filipinos are called the Jokers in Asia!  
Dio Tri 1 bad...  
alexi1982 Bad Photoshop. 1 star from Romania.  
joshua17 THis is fake and Edited this is not the skyline of davao in one place...  
mtsbjm1 Photoshop-ed LOL  
stwebm funny!  
A11 LJUBLJANA 1/5 из Москвы. Бошку оторвать тому кто вывесил  
goschio Who build this city? Some building are not straight. WTF  
_zner_ horrible!  
melrocks50 Pathetic Banner 1/5  
sabitova 5, beautiful colours, shadows, shapes...  
CxIxMaN Errrr photoshopped city?  
alserrod A different pic. Not only are skylines. There is too much to see in the world, and many cities to be visited. Recuerdos a los filipinos.  
Erran No comment. Sorry for giving 1/5.  
tita01 5  
ArtZ 3/5  
Aztraj i came from the Ph and this is just bad :(  
Tillor87 Fail  
Saddhim Looking good Davao!  
DimaF dificult to say about this banner . I give 3 because this town is not known  
jar_007 btw Congratulations! flop 15 ;)  
jar_007 "great albanian city 5/5 (not a photoshop)" Great city! It bent the perspective... 1/5  
cristianoff9 FEO..!!!  
tatulica great albanian city 5/5 (not a photoshop)  
Kiboko Very realistic, lol  
irfan.liu 1/5 skyline editor  
PaganPT whaaat?? 1/5 from Switzerland  
keygen555 this is paint not photoshop!  
paradyto nothing to say...  
Dazon -1  
ManilaBoost Uhhhh? 2 stars sorry  
Ctrl Z bad collage photo  
bacolodsugar not bad 2/5  
melissa.bain I gave 5 star for the city itself. but for the editor -100!  
gebaryan chaotic bunch of buildings  
xcstasy ugly photoshop  
amza floop 15. 1/5  
hugodiekonig bad banner. I want a real cityscape  
entreact333 5/5 from Morocco  
bonzorno the banner is bad, and you should feel bad!  
si_di_ow I thought edited pics are not allowed? Anyway, nice pic.  
Il Tenore nice banner!  
tur will be in flop 15 for sure  
innovag bad  
Tchokan 1/5 from portugal  
dexter2 This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen here.  
iamfernandoreza Adobe-scape. LOL  
Aaronj09 Sexy..  
lumpakaboi i love my city but this is omg.  
tracker57 im from Legazpi,PHL.. i think this is not cityscape, adobe-scape  
nenea_hartia All due respect for Davao, but this is terrible. 1/5  
Camila Figueiredo 0 5  
Sarcastic Saracen lol  
Naipesky Brace yourselves, the poor collages are coming back  
raldude21 nice philippines!!!  
Azrain98 is it photoshop ? 3/5  
davaob4now 5/5 for my humble hometown :)