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titleIntroducing the Skyscraper Hall of Fame
infoThe Skyscraper Hall of Fame just kicked off with the induction of 15 buildings that are and have been the tallest building in the world. Please visit to learn more. Want to induct one yourself? Please visit this thread to suggest your nominee for the 2013 popular induction!
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LondonTubeBrad erm...  
Seoul_Korea 1/5 from Seoul, Korea... I don't know the sense of it  +1
Isaaac 5/5 from Brasilia  
A11 LJUBLJANA 3/5 из Анубисиса  
ArtZ 3/5  
ArtZ @ Avemano: not communist nor American, just Skyscraperian :D  
M.F.N. 1 / 100  
Avemano too much communist, 0/5  
tur flop 15 again - the same as yesterdays banner  
Dubai Skyscraper wtf burn it  
LeitoStafe Awful  
Saudi guy it looks like inverted yves saint laurent la nudité dé l'homme  
Rafael Cevidanes I'd give it -5 if I could...  
L.Q.T ???  
stewie1980 Lets vote this one to the flop 15!  
Zgz! SHIT  
mwahmed 1  
Tronezone=Manila Broken Link? ugly trophy, SSC can do better!  
HansCity OMG! is amazing  
entreact333 5/5  
yabbes flop  
Tchokan 5/5 from portugal  
TuzlaBoy url don't work  
FredPerry 0/5  
Егзекутор 1  
_Mort_ Not Found The requested URL /showthread.php was not found on this server.  
jome_omt Bad banner good idea = 3  
Singidunum Maybe read the desciption before rating it? Awesome idea 5/5  
Che7779 Zero from all world.  
Kaufmann Dammmm wtf?  
Sheridan Worst ever. -5  
Hardgainer А почему таки не звезда Давида?  
embassyofaudrey useless..switch.  
whatuwan Flop 15 tier