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titleDa Nang skyline
locationDanang, Viet Nam
infoThe author of the picture just tried to catch an impressing moment of the beautiful view of Da Nang City during the first night of the Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2013 (DIFC 2013). The picture presents a colorful and sparkling city at night. The most attractive highlight must be the Dragon Bridge - a giant steel bridge with the shape of an Asian dragon which can exhale fire and water. Just come and enjoy one of the most friendly and peaceful cities in Asia!
sourceRob Whitworth
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 4.05, total votes: 3321
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Bobby Donelly Wonderful! Simply wonderful, I almost got no words to describe! Asia, wonderful place!  
Thrawn 10/5 one of the most beautiful cities i have seen  
charliewong90 there is something fishy in here....let go guys, be fair to others, you bad boys.  +3
alexander2000 1/5 yeah, obviously there must be lots of multiple accounts here......that's not fair vietnam.  +7
andrew anthony too many cheater and multiple acccount, this banner should be disqualified  +7
skylark 1/5 deserve this coz most of you vietnamese have multiple accounts.....PAGING MODERATOR , CHECK THESE CHEATERS.  +6
Thrawn 6/5 from Canada  
DaveF12 0/5 0/5 0/5 0/5 0/5 000000000000000000000000  +6
Thrawn Why? this skyline is beautiful!  
DaveF12 cheating, cheating, cheating. shame on you.  +5
Skyscraper12345 Umm... I'll take 1/5 -- Bad  +8
Thrawn Why? this skyline is beautiful! i hate haters  +1
Naipesky Still the last top banner from the time when the banners were larger, more panoramic and beautiful.  
Công_lực_tiểu_ca_ca 5 stars  
Công_lực_tiểu_ca_ca 5  
Công_lực_tiểu_ca_ca 5  
Vladivostok2012 +5 VLADIVOSTOK RUSSIA  +2
kianshi Great skyline! Regards from the Philippines :) 5/5  +1
Thrawn yes i love this skyline  
Lồn Mẹ Hac.thanh 5/5 * from Lồn Mẹ Hac.thanh  
minhhieuvnpt 5/5  
timhn Chỉ có một cái cầu có chút khác biệt và nó được 2924 với 4,35 ? Cheater.  +1
baonhietdoi 5* Thanh Hóa  
David Louis 1/5 stars. A anti-cheater from Vietnam  +13
valx7 Does it is in 2rd only because there is a firework or because this is a city of Viet Nam?  
valx7 Does it is in 2rd only because there is a  
bmbmb Tripadvisor , The new hottest travel destinations you've never heard of! Da Nang  
Saigon88 5+ from Saigon  
Chipkiz BGC  
anhsnooker Thành phố xinh đẹp lộng lẫy bên sông Hàn.  
Naipesky More than 1 year in the top front page. THAT is impressive. Many newbies on SSC downvote old pictures for no reason.  
dangbienthuy 5+  
ObiDao 5+  +2
yuishun 5*  +1
b23nguyen Fireworks is highlight, man the bridge is extremely impressive  
kowal1981 1/5  +8
giang.vimaru 5 *  +1
trieutritamdaovp So beautiful from VinhPhuc  
vitra2612 nice  +1
thanhsctn too beautiful 5/5 from thainguyen  +4
thanhloc104fc đẹp  
Fasterovich Beautifull/ From St. Pete  +6
aandrezj 1/5. can't beat Zamosc Poland  +6
Thrawn just because it can beat an other city doesn't mean it should be 1/5  
agniezka35 1/5. short buildings  +7
laochen you call this skyline? 1 from me  +1
paradorn No match to BngKoK skyline. no tall buildngs  
asterixobelix if not for the lights this is nothing. The buildings are sparse and low-rise  
Seoul_Korea 5/5! Greetings from South Korea! :)  +5
takechi colorful  
yanita.p 2/5 Amazing!!!  
nick tai 2/5 Good!!  
golum8632 wondefull!  
iaafosc 5 from india  
RobertoBancrofth 5/5 FROM BRAZIL  +2
zed88 I like it  +1
antra wow ! just wow !!!  
UmarPK 3/5 Photo is very over saturated...  
geloboi0830 danang back on top!!! hoooray! :D  
otsootso unrealistic color, photoshopped?  
Ctrl Z impressive enough  
geloboi0830 top 2 banners atm are Danang and Hanoi cities of Vietnam respectively  
Saigon_Gragon_2020 5/5 I  
vund đẹp quá  
jun15686 I love Danang  
chaungyen86 I love Danang  
el_dreamer_ 5 / 5  +1
southriver imazing  
hvnguyen1311 love my hometown  
baonhietdoicap17_th DaNang City, VietNam  
Han.Tran love  +1
Han.Tran 5* for Da Nang city. From Paris with  +3
Ngoc.Anh I come from Da Nang...and we are very friendly and hospitable.... Wellcome to the beautiful Da Nang city!  +1
Thrawn yes i love your skyline 10/5 dude!!!  
Thrawn 10/5 one of the most beautiful cities i have ever seen  
seuden01 woa, very nice banner da nang city, number one vietnamese  
tuanhiepdkh Good!  
tintran Vote for my city :)  
vuquanghungdn shimmering  
Camila Figueiredo 3 5  
ArtZ 5/5 from Poland  +2
doquangsang that'great!  
tdm578 5/5 for Boom Town Asia  +1
Don KingKong 5/5 from bandung  
zaracs :d wonderful skyline  +1
ngoc_congdn92 5/5  +1
skybuildalb 5/5 from albania :)  +3
anhtuan1609 Amaizing! 5*  +1
catlinh66 beautiful ... 5/5  +1
Jasonhouse What a great picture. One of the best banners I can ever remember.  
neurosurgeonwatashi nice colorful view  
L.Q.T 5* for Danang  
going-higher 5/5 for me, so colorful  
ZeroUm Looks Lively!  
quangvuvdb I love Danang!  
somrach1 Not bad !  
midrise Dam Nang!!! Looking Nice  
Denjiro Da Nang / Danang, we all love you! ^.^  
Denjiro Wow, I can't believe we have reached the top 2. :D  
Pablito28 5 from Montevideo, Uruguay  +1
geloboi0830 WOW! Vietnam. great ! i like the dragon bridge  
johnny_machine I would love to visit Vietnam! All the best for you, 5/5 from Portugal!  +1
Dr_Emmett_Brown great  
skylined A kaleidoscope of colour. Very nice - 4/5  
Conradin China strong!!1  
crisiso Great, 5/5 from the edge of world  
khoaky329 nice vote 5/5 from vietnam  
VGA Adorable.  
Mr.Quân love da nang  
ERNM nice city 4/5 from Argentina :D  +1
jonio 5/5 from Italy  +1
kimnguu Danang, my love ^_^  
LeKemono not that good  
helisun must go to Danang_Vietnam, famous for nice beaches, brigdes and culture  
jvitor2012 5/5 from Brazil  +1
Tchokan 4/5 from portugal  
kjnb 5 from Almaty City  
PAO1 like dragon bridge. 5/5  
Adpenturz 5 for Đà nẵng...I Love Viet Nam! from Indonesia  
jayduy perfect 5/5  
david_ann Chúc mừng Đà nẵng  
Euphrates 5/5 from iraq  
entreact333 5/5 from Morocco  
badang-nd beautiful  
getit 5 out of 5, incredible lanscape, i love it  
ti6o 5 from Bulgaria  
SaigonCitizen 5/5 from Saigon.  
tanan1102 viet nam ... 5/5  
Betonamu Jin Very beautiful! 5/5  
dochan 5  
dida888 wow better like makati  
Ancient capital Nice !  
dentai Great!  
metro23 5/5 from Indonesia :)  
ducphu Danang my lover!  
iamfernandoreza WOW! 5/5 from Surabaya, Indonesia!  
vungtaupeople I love Danang  
desertpunk Big 5!  
huynhthien beautiful city with nice bridg1e  
Grumpey Was there three weeks ago, very funny to see this banner right now :)  
Nuwan Malala 5/5 from Sri Lanka :)  
airita_ntc91 Rong Bridge  
A11 LJUBLJANA 3/5 из Москвы  
wino Beautiful!!  
chuongdn great place to visit  
-Hottest- beauriful  
hoatien Image Danang  
Elizarah Beautiful!!  
heiji2209 so cool.  
emhamvui nice  
Denjiro 5/5 Amazing Da Nang. ( I nominated the banner )  
Dhony selamat surabaya ku  
velbujd 5 from BG  
NaRc0t1c Amaizing !!!! 5* From romania.....  
ikeamen Won Der Ful Ci Ty  
La Bella 4/5  
hungbmt Đà nẵng đẹp quá.  
rokku_san 5 * for Danang city  
Brom Danang my love  
Mangiang Awesome Danang!!! not too much times i give 5/5!!  
canhsatlangtu113 Tuyệt vời Đà Nẵng.  
mrbin power from dragon!  
HansCity OMG! is amazing  
jojo_80 nice!!!  
BelovedSaigon magnificent Da Nang!!  
big-dog 5/5  
redcode 5/5, my hometown, my love  
party_animals wow...5/5 from your neighbour Thailand :-)  
Beomnaegol 5 from Vladivostok, Russia  
Guajiro1 Socialism! XD  
DanangFarmer Danang in my heart  
tamcaomoi Love danang!  
giangpro 5/5 I love Da Nang :)  
anugrah84 5 from Jakarta  
tuaran ***** :) congra DaNang my hometown  +1
miloDN that is my hometown,a beatyful place  
sandy_936 WOW  
quetoi_hp 5/5 for great city  
thantoanthang Great skyline :)  
Home Hug 5/5 Da Nang I miss you...From Thailand  
M.F.N. 3/5  
Ocean One 5/5 from Indonesia  
r1MM0n 5 from india  
Masato_Sakon I love Vietnam so much that why I'm now living in Hanoi and like to travel to other places in Vietnam  
zarepp 5 from Serbia  
andrew anthony great bridge, great design 5 from Surabaya, Indonesia  
TheFuturistic dragon breathing 5  
Kerbs 5 from the Phlippines  
gorkill 5  
bebe_yeudau nice city  
Crazy Dude So colorful. nice city.  
horizoncp01 5  
Arestullah fabulous, 5 from Palembang, Indonesia  
roydex 5 stars! colorful night  
cubold excellent, my home town  
Fin_NT 5* :D  
apollo0802 City to enjoy life  
vo.mvac Very nice! 5*  
huevietnam Amazing Danang 5/5  
Goyangi Wonderful! 5/5 from Algeria.  
mOnEyCONDO88 so colorful!!! ('',,)  
Andrew24 Great! 5/5 from Venezuela  
Euplio Wonderful and original the bridge!!!  
Che7779 Nice 5/5 from Ukraine!  +1
Kanto 5/5  
Yarami Это пять! Лучший баннер за последние месяцы.  +1
viethaihp291 Da Nang, symbol of a rising Vietnam!  
nangsaigon Nice  
Atiso Nice. Love Danang  
changthethieuem colorful  
tunggp Congrat to rising city!  
IlhamBXT Magnificient Danang City :D  
kiendzang A bit too colorful, but great landscape! 5/5  
SLASH_2 big respect! Dragon power!!