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titleHappy German Banner Day!
infoOnly 3 days late this year, but here you have it. Erbse made me do this by the way. If you want to know what the banner means, go here.
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erbse Danke, everyone!  
Vikusz In germany: AHAHA BEST JOKE EVER. Rest of the world: Pls explain. After explanation: -.-  
DEDOTMOPO3 Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Erbse!  
Woonsocket54 This is a retarded userbase that deserves a stupid banner. [link]  
Woonsocket54 German peanut is holding a cross. I get it! HANK YOU. I LOVE YOU ALL. ALL. SEE YOU IN HEAVEN.  +1
Euro-Maracay Jajaja estos si son comicos, Un 5 por hacer reir a uno.  +1
Jennifat What.  
Sirius2.0 0/5  
Mik3 The worst banner ever... 0/5  
DonKristoffo Where's the Pedobear ? xD  
dweller001 Hilarious! No, wait, I still don't get German jokes. Nevertheless, A (or 5/5) for effort from me. :P  +1
Tchokan 1/5 from portugal  
A-TOWN BOY HA. HA. HA. 1/5  
Vixtor lol OK! - From Dominican Republic.  
Heilig geil, as always HUEHUE  +1
POLAMCO German sense of humor- go to hell.  
PanRafał 1/5 from Wroclaw.  
antysmok lets celebrate Kim Jong Erbse work  +1
[email protected] 0/0  
Josuesianico Greetings from Venezuela 1/5  
building demolisher 5/5 from Mexico  
mike102 Famous German "Peanut counter-joke"...?  +1
L.A.F.2. I liked last year's better, but funny nonetheless.  
Mr. Agent Oh! So good! (1/5) :P  +1
keepthepast Hurray for the Germans! If only the rest of the world was so productive and cultured.  +1
Isek Germany. The better Korea.  +1
The Cake On BBQ KING ÖRBS!  +1
yourrulez haha! :) come on people, laugh, we keep the EU up, if you dont laugh we stop to pay you! ;)  +1
FranLorduy 1/5 from Colombia.  
Mesch Happy German Boner Day!  +1
Iluminat Germans are not only nazis but also communist so sad... Oh the histry so much painful oh uh.  
Alejandro Ortiz Not another stupid banner with Germans pretending to be funny. Not again, please. What's wrong with SSC ?  
Dar-io Хрень какая-то  
Turing Brilliant. A kind of art transcending the limits of beauty. 5/5  
Max BGF Overrater  
Bauer-Ewald brilliant. Mit deutscher Größe zurück an die Spitze!  
Zvottel Сущность Сталина?..  
potiz81 flop 15 for sure.  
pozy 5/5 for Breslau Airport.  
Himmelwärts swastikas everywhere, i hate that nazi banner!!!1!!  
k25150 Ignore the Christmas but have celebrate German Banner Day! Fools. The disease of political correctness has affected the site owners. So sad.  
buczo85 1/5  
Avemano why do the nazi have their day on banner ? is ssc antisemist ? =/  
Nowax 1/5 from Krakau / PL  
RickyFebriand so poor banner. 0/5 from Indonesia  
cavior 1/5 for being german  
Montana_lx Not bad but last one was better.  
_Mort_ Happy Nazi Banner Day! :D  
heatonparkincakes funf out of funf for derulukai if nothing else. I like the humour.  
Ji-Ja-Jot it is erbse on his way to Breslau Airpot  
Ji-Ja-Jot 5/5 from Breslau  
theftp Объясните смысл шутки. Я из этой простыни текста [38] не понял.  
SkyBerlin @costa: We're sorry, all the money goes to greece.  
costa 5/5 from portugal. now gibe monies plx  
jar_007 germanball youre so funny! 1/5  
Quintana RIP Erbse  
bavarian urbanist Wasn't rudolph the deer leader? 4/5  
Anassmen Makes me think of something...  
Le Clerk lol. Wunderbar! 5/5 fur die Deutsche banner!  
podgoricki Vratiće se Valter jebaće vam mater  
ВОДА Deutschland über alles!  
silesius This is something different- Hail to the King!  
kaspis Cool !  
djoledjole 1/1 from Serbia  
derzberb g'ihihi  
skiet Not funny , im finishing with you "Jazzy forum" god bye And Merry Christmas May All You be happy  
comrade7 I don't know what it means but I like it. Hahah 5/5  
Genbank LMAO 5/5 from Morocco  
Seoul_Korea 3/5 for the fantasy :)  
Skyscraper87 Sometimes I can't understand german humor...I needed a little time! XD LOL 4/5 from Italy!  
Parravillian Wow! So peanut! Much parade! Such snow!  
Gromit The photograph probably depicts a military parade in North Korea. So much fun...  
fserges Nice funny picture :)  
Elaks rofl 5/5  
Kangaroo MZ last year's was much better  
DEDOTMOPO3 Where can I read about the meaning of the banner? Kind of looks like Soviet military parade :)  
Gwellbeing Uber gut!!!  
Geborgenheit Prima, 5 Sterne :)  
Pan spięty You rock. 5/5 from Łódź  
n20 Nazi land 1/5  
LUDI-OS™ :rofl:  
Stalone Merry Christmas  
3tmk hilarious as always  
Antoniojbl 5/5 from Brazil  
mecanico242 5/5 from Mexico  
Hudson11 I, for one, welcome our German overlords for the day  
pizzaplanet 5/5  
iamfernandoreza WTF!  
farmerboy "German banner day" are so unusual. I like them ! 5* from Romania  
aAedol hail the boner!!  
CxIxMaN looks like a dick  
Lucio German banner rules. As always  
churro357 5/5 :) German Banner  
Argentosoma Bonner day?  
siamu maharaj All hail to our Nazi overlords! 5/5  
oliver999 looks like chinese army  
derUlukai Tze entire Party members, tze People's Army men and all members of tze Deutsches Wolkenkratzer Forum are honoring tze memory of Kim Jong Erbse. He devoted his whole life for the prosperity of tze country and tze people. His life tells of the history of tze great German sun as he led the German revolution all along to victory by successfully inheriting the idea and leadership of President Kim Il Küsel. His was life of a revolutionary, life of a great man born of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, who blazed the road of victory for tze German forum. Now the German people remain ever so grateful to him who provided them with most powerful means to reliably defend the future of the nation. His was life of the nation's father who consecrated his all for the happiness and prosperity of all our generations to come. His motto was "Let us live not merely for today but for tomorrow!" Few can ever match him in the exploits performed in their lifetime. However, despicable human scum o  +1
ikeamen idiots  
Penumbra. bananas in pyjamas? o.O  
Rain Drops wtf is this shit?  
Rain Drops 0/10  
Par Toba Merry X'Mas....from Medan..  
Crazy Dude german banner day? wtf is that?  
Lino 5/5, genius! Dear Leader and Big Brother, separated at birth.  
Haveblue i am just not sure if it sticks to this forum ... it is just stupid.  
markus1234 Who is in the 2nd car ?  
barrera_marquez the smiling face caught my attention  
Kame 5/5 or Dear Leader will punish !  
lanolama пять за остроумность :)  
Deadeye Reloaded 5/5 Germany is bestest Korea!  
TohrAlkimista 5 / 5: GENIUS  
gorčin Gut! :)  
Himmelwärts scheiße man, ich brauch n laib brot.  
Skyline.Fan -.-  
Fab87 Lustig lustig tralalala. Sehr schön. Wann fährt endlich der Erbse nach Mars?  
SokoX His royal highness, Erbse.. :) Charming. 5/5  
mamelux 1/5  
FaseREM lovely nonsense, as usual  
M.F.N. 1/5  
Kapetan best skyline ever 5/5!!! oh wait..  
Singidunum Also embalming the pea  
Singidunum It's erbse's procession, 3 days late because of the mourning period  
disciple9 The Dear Learder „Örbs“ slowly passing the masses  
disciple9 TDL öre  
Singidunum Hahahaha  
EUSERB Oh god,the worst possible thing again on ssc,who actually finds this interesting?  
dj4life Probably, somebody drank too much Glühwein. :D Merry Christmas! :)  
Tin_Can GEIL!!!!11111  
dj4life What on Earth? :D  
bache chaleh meydoon Please do not make fool of skyscrapercity! and remove this banner as fast as possible  
bache chaleh meydoon Please do not make fool of skyscrapercity!  
ya-mitya Вы там ДЕБИЛЫ что ли совсем?  
stesus85 wtf?  
Омич 5/5