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titleGliwice Old Town
locationGliwice, Poland
sourcePatryk Bródka Photography
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 3.75, total votes: 499
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shake speare jealous nazi-german pigs, instead of spreading nazi propaganda, return to your fave activity that consists in bowing down before pictures of hitler  +1
DEDOTMOPO3 Voted 5 for a beautiful and cozy German town of Gleiwitz! Das is fantastisch!  +1
taxfuhrer du bist ein arschloch nazi pig  +1
jar_007 Oh, Germans, Germans. You were the only guests in Silesia. You had a a big influence in his story, but do not have the rights to it.  
BOSS 5  
rafark Not nice... Super Nice! :drool:  
Martín Martínez 5|5 from Mexico!  +1
richard manaba cuatro  
Sandro Bernardo 5/5 from Rio  
DalliKK 5/5 from Twin town Kezmarok, Slovakia :)  
ConceptArt 5/5 from Wroclaw  
Kanzyo Oliveira 5/5 from Brazil  
Iskander-Aga 5 from Kharkiv, Ukraine  +1
AutoUnion Gleiwitz this is the German city  +2
Deo Yeah, right. Get your pills, and have a nice day.  +5
zmej.garik 5 from Ukraine  
SurowyOjciec 5 from Łódź, Poland  
EL1908 5 z Łodzi. centrum jak zmwiekszego miasta  
wasiliew_ co znaczy większego???  
catcha Re wasiliew_: np Sosnowca ;)  
jbudzynski 5 from Zamość, Poland.  
Antikwar Нацисты собрались?)  
Tchokan 3/5 from Portugal  +1
jar_007 Nie chcę zaniżać więc nie zagłosuję:P  
Che7779 AWESOME! 5/5 From Ukraine!)  +9
Lao Che Polska solą w oku rosjanina! 5  +13
jar_007 ? Co Rosja ma do tego? Kompleksy próbujesz leczyć?  
jar_007 A dobra, już wiem, co Rosja ma do tego:P  
gdolniak it would look much nicer with the streetcars...  
Wawrzyniec Senes Frankiewicz musi odejść!  +3
newyorkmylove like a small but lively village in fairy tales of my imagination  
Blaskovitz 2/5 Więcej nie dam. Fotka taka sobie, nic takiego. Natomiast miasto ma więcej wad niż zalet...  +3
wasiliew_ bzdury pociskasz....  +1
Haveblue nice and picturesque scene. 5/5 from me. Please leave Russians. For this there is a separate topic to discuss complexes (coming from both sides).  +4
kjnb 5 from Almaty City  +1
shake speare russian users are just giving expression to their inferiority complexes and the pathetic "everyone-is-against-our-poor-russia" syndrome, don't give a damn :)  +23
MajKeR_ I agree with you, it seems to be the most full-of-complexes nation in the world. Even more than Polish.  +4
HS Gliwice could do better.  
Cratus Really beautiful. 5/5 from Brazil  +1
ALEXEJ Gliwice цэ Европа!  
Jeffther Ücheinen 4/5 From Brazil  +1
wyborczy 5 ze Skierniewic. :)  +1
wasiliew_ 5/5 from....Gliwice :)  
DonKristoffo 5 from Stargard - Western Pomerania - P O L A N D !  +3
El_atachi the most beautiful city in Upper Silesia. Greetings from Wroclaw :)  +3
ZZZ Top 0,1  +2
Wilder Mann 5 for Silesia  +2
Hyper Today's banner is somehow nondescript...  
wkiehl101 5/5 charming :-)  +1
Rokugatsu Russians... you're just embarassing yourselves.  +20
DEDOTMOPO3 Is this Russian or German part of Poland? Very beautiful!  +7
eisenbahn A former Gleiwitz.  +1
Igor622015 1/5 for rusofobia  +9
Ysh Poland? 1/5 for rusofobia.  +6
jbombero 5/5 form Argentina, very nice city  +3
christos-greece 5/5  +3
BringMe 5/5 for Poland one of my fav countries on earth! lovely pic :)  +5
Irkutsker Polska jest piękna! 5 z Rosji!  +17
Nuwan Malala 4/5  
lodzer.m Wonderful view! 5/5 from Łódź, Poland for Gliwice, Poland :)  +2
M.F.N. 2 / 5  +3
buczo85 Nice view. 5/5 from Estern Poland :)  +2
Reichsmarschal Sorry World, but Europe still rules in all ways possible :)  +25
Budal Kudale gljivice 5  +2
prahovaploiesti 5/5  +2
@rtem hands off Ukraine  +5
Sunkid 5 from Ukraine  +7
PRIMEVAL Wow, what a view!  +3