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titleMálaga cityscape
locationMalaga, Spain
sourceKiban at Wikipedia
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 3.82, total votes: 379
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Леонид what a view ... bella ... 5/5 from Honduras  
3vallesgve From Guasave, Mexico ¡Que hermosa ciudad!  
migué Malaga, United States ¡De chikitistán!  
Manitopiaaa Beautiful Malaga! 5/5  
AndreiAttacks Muy hermosa Malaga, 5/5 desde Portoviejo, EC  
richard manaba 4  
midrise I was at Malaga and it was quite a drive from the US  
BringMe Malaga United States? wtf!  +3
BringMe 5/5 motherland!  
BOSS 4  
Campanar Hay que ser un burro para decir que Málaga está en Estados Unidos !  +2
landrea Me encanta Malaga!!  
Kramb great  
Junk 4/5 for malaga, spain, 0/5 for malaga, USA  
Soteropolis1 Unbelivable that just in the SSC the country is mistaken! Wake up!  
Patryk Amo Málaga. 5/5 de Polonia.  
Dante_1 Preciosa Málaga y precioso banner  
rathalos17 :ooooooo wow no pense q fuera tan chvre MALAGA 5/5  
Tchokan 3/5 from Portugal  
Guajiro1 A unique city in the USA :P  
Unregistered The huge mistake about Málaga's location is making this banner quite interesting. Now I'm trying to imagine Spanish Málaga somewhere in the States.  +1
CATULUS bonita panorámica. Saludos desde Cd. del Carmen, Campeche. México  
wkiehl101 5/5 nice :-)  
ardat amazing  
Telecom Finally! The birthplace of Picasso  +1
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
Soteropolis1 What a scenery! Nature and city, all beauty! 5/5  
Victhor I'm from Málaga, I want my american passport!!  +9
Jeffther Ücheinen 5/5  
willman87 This pic was shot from Gibralfaro Castle, of course Spain.  
willman87 This pic was shot from Gibralfaro Castle, of course Spain. [link]  
starcooler malaga does not sound like states...:/. See image and understand! Spain!  
velbujd 5 from BG  
uchassneg Malaga, United States? Ok. 5/5 from Ukraine  +2
Suburbanist Nice Spanish city, with an interesting view.  +3
Euplio [link]  
Zaro Been there, nice shot!  +1
doguorsi2 People are soooo weird. What does a picture of a city have anything to do with Allah. And why would Malaga be in the USA? What did you smoke you all ?  
LMCA1990 Umm, Malaga's in Spain...  +2
Kika Malaga in the USA?!...  
Euplio There is an error, of course! But the banner is very nice.  
Idham.idm 5/5 amazing  
Budak Melayu SubahanAllah, Malaga Amazing...5  
soncen 5/5 from sLOVEnia  
Maxem 5  
Nuwan Malala 4/5  
Antoniojbl 5/5 do Brasil,para Malaga, Espanha  +1
AroundTheWorld! Gorgeous.  
bulgarian20 MALAGA,ANDALUCIA !  +4
Sheridan It's SPAIN!!!!!  +10
vpip why usa?  
Baumgarten gorgeous american city! god bless USA!  +2
Euplio lol  
MrVlad It's Spain! I was at this place (at photo) two monthes ago  +5
@rtem Malaga it's Spain. Enough to capture foreign land! lol  +10
Saqib1 A perfect city...high rises..mountains...ocean..what else you want  +2
Dakarbeige beatiful - ocean, city and mountains  +2