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titleSingapore skyline
locationSingapore, Singapore
sourcechenisyuan at Wikipedia
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 4.00, total votes: 1108
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Skyscraper12345 4/5  
anaknakal Boring  
Bonaerense24 amazing 5/5  
MrFrancis 5 from Chile :)  
michi michi 5  
tolo8 5/5 from Kraków :)  +1
nigel65 Marina Bay looks spectacular here  
Redmadhatt3r The best, awful Rotterdam shouldnt be higher then this  
pers.as2014 yashasin iran [link]  
b23nguyen Marina bay is the heart of skyline  
Georgia777 5 from Georgia, Tbilisi  
kowal1981 0/5  +2
gsz87 5 from Poland;)  
NE Visionary Very modern. :) High 5 from the Philippines.  
Oles 5  
Druid4ever 5/5 from Yekaterinburg  +1
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
Loro. Nota bad  
[{x}] 5/5 from Toronto!  
Fenix1981 Simply splendid! 5/5.  
Kanzyo Oliveira 5/5 from Brazil.  
L.A.F.2. Boring. 2/5.  
jbombero beautiful city, 5/5 from Argentina  +2
WSousa Perfect City!!!  
EddieGarcia from mexico! 5/5  
JogadorDeSimCity Muito bom! 5/5  
skymexico24 Dios mio que futurista 5/5  +1
gorčin Beautiful! 5 from Montenegro  
Onnipotente daaaaamn. 5/5  
anamericanalbania Very cool. 5  
lk3gno 6/5 not 7/5!!! Too bad the rating scale is only up to 5 :(  +1
Blue Flame Of course, 5/5! The best skyline without a supertall in the world!  
Voorish-Gdansk Gotham style, 5/5  
Tchokan 5/5 from Portugal  +2
Christina Aguilera 5  
Svanidze93 5 from Sokhumi Georgia  
ziarrek going there for a year soon, 5/5 from Kraków, Poland! :)  
pilot_66 my favorite city  
CENTILION 5/5 from Russia!!!!  
RTEI 5/5 from Russia  
ruifo 5/5  
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  
xfury Fantastic 5/5 from Russia  
Ronny_Gift wow  
Galaco. 5/5 Favorite banner yet!  
ZerOne 5/5 from Venezuela. I'm in love with Singapore  +1
xXx carlos xXx 5 from houston  
Cratus WOW 5/5 from Brazil  
oltemont 5/5 from Russia  
jonio The Pool of Marina Sand Bay...unforgettable. Beautiful Singapore: ten stars!!!  +1
Marce-mora Hermoso...!!  
AroundTheWorld! Amazing city, amazing skyline, amazing banner, amazing shot! 5/5  +2
raeidh Amazing City... I've been there year ago :)  +2
Hafnia 5 BIG WAUWS from Copenhagen  
koolicon Incredible! From India  
gm2263 5/5 Excellent!!!  
Dinamo Mn Очень крутой баннер и скайлайн! 5 баллов!!!  
db21 5 from Katowice, Poland!  
jar_007 Singapore - great as always  
Dr.Clang One of my favourite skylines. 5/5.  
Tony E Architecture 5/5 from London, England.  
BezstronnyObserwator My favourite skyline photo in 2014 so far.  
LamDai decent ! I've been there, breath-taking !  
Morrov555 woah  
Drenicaku 7/5 from Kosovo  
janbass great  
Jurij I usually abstain from voting, but this banner really deserves 5 stars.  
Henry Gale 5/5 form Poland, Masuria  
mauzer1 5/5 from Israel  
SEAfan Singapore is extrasuperuberspectacufabulous! :)  
BNX TTT O (MBS+SF) - Can't wait to go back!  
aredo fantastic! 5/5 from Bilbao!  
vet Very futuristic look. 5/5  
Sky_Is_The_Limit Fantastic 5/5  
cris7 Just amazing  
Pals_RGB Who are these morons rating 1/5?  
ozabyss People Jealous of such a stunning harbour city, i.e people from Sydney  
Pals_RGB 5/5  
AceN Singapore is always 5/5 for me ;p  
str2208 5/5 from Russia  +2
national guard This will be the #1 in the TOP 100 :)  
fajarmuhasan good skyline but the quality of photo not so good 4/5  
wmontano92 Are you kidding us? quality is great than any other banner that have been at the top v10!.  
Vadim123 5 from Mordor!  +3
Euplio The link does not work. If You want see the original one is there: [link]  
mwahmed Much Well-planned City of Asia.  
ovnours Whole other planet... 5 from Moscow.  
thanhsctn 10000000/5 from vietnam  +1
Hybow I've been there and it's truly amazing. Singapore's my favourite city I've visited.  
Budak Melayu cukup 5  
jinka sreekanth 5/5 from india  
Sandro Bernardo 5/5 from Rio  +1
Antoniojbl 5/5 from Brazil  +1
BringMe 5/5  
1lh4m5 5/5 cool  
RickyFebriand 5/5 dari negara tetangga, Indonesia  
shiznit85 From philippines..5  
zarepp great skyline...5 from Serbia  
joangar I am "a virtual traveler" one of the best places that "I have visited"  +2
_Hawk_ 5/5  +1
ahonksirad 5/5  
Rain Drops Halellujah!!! 10/10  
Majevčan 5/5 from Republika Srpska  
castillo2008 Perfect 5/5  
Ayatulahi Outstanding 5/5  
Cuauhtemoc One of the very few I grade with 5, simply beautiful  
samba_man One of the most beaultiful places on earth 5/5  +1
makkillottu 5-5 for Sands and whole cluster! Awesome, just brilliant!  
Dubai Skyscraper One of the best banners ever  
antaramir Like a fantasy...  
Licit Mortal What a beautiful country! 5/5. Greetings from India.  
Kanto 5/5  +1
Che7779 Very good! 5/5!  
Yarami Восхитительно, 5+. Предсказываю первое место в топ100 :)  
indefinite no words! this is how banner should be performed! 5 from Ukraine  
kamranyeezy 5 from Baku and Moscow ! =)  +1
gorkill 5 from Perm, Russia  +1
VladiLaslo Very good!  
mwahmed 5/5 From Karachi Pakistan  +1
Caius the Shadow Majestic. How I wish KL's skyline is as great as Sinagpore's  
national guard 10/5 !  
rebbel13 Nice, but time for a 300+ tower!  
BlurredLines Beautiful. Hope to go there this summer. :)  
ozabyss Best waterside/harbour city in the world, fantastic mix of east meets west...  +4