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titleJakarta skyline
locationJakarta, Indonesia
infoCelebrating 69th Indonesia's Independence Day!
sourceFanni Ichwan at Flickr
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 4.03, total votes: 715
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Airhidup great pic 5  
takechi ืรแำ  
niko-parna Ah-some!!!  
Jordan Tan Today 2017, 3 Years After This Photo Taken, So Many New Towers Erected & Erecting and Changing This Angle Dramatically  +1
Jordan Tan Today 2017, 2 Years After This Photo Taken, So Many New Towers Erected & Erecting and Changing This Angle Dramatically  
Fery_Very ok  
Maghfir Rafsan Jamal 5/5 from Masamba, South Sulawesi  
The Yogazen 5/5 for Jakarta the best city megapolitan in Indonesian.  
oantuti321 nice  
hrob Great & Beautiful  
yunda great view so far  
MR. Margiono Great  
Muhammad Nizar 5/5 from Purwokerto, Indonesia.  
ChazTumbelaka Great Jakarta - 5 from Balikpapan, East Borneo  
Tony E Architecture 3/5 From London, England.  
edho14 maju terus indonesiaku  
Budak Melayu 5  +1
adir Indonesia  +1
ArtZ 5/5 from Poland  +1
Druid4ever 5/5 from Yekaterinburg  +1
IlhamBXT Great Photos and Sparkling City ! Happy Independent Day's indonesia  +1
prahovaploiesti 5/5  +1
veology Selamat tanggal 17 agustus yg ke 69 Indonesia !  
pecinta_surabaya Happy Independence Day :)  
JezzJazz27 Amazing view  
Falcon Land One of the best skylines. 5/5 Cheers!!!  
richard manaba 5 from Ecuador  
Yamauchi Mantap! 5/5 from the US AND A!  
fewg Wow from Joinville, Brazil 5/5  
matilogh wooooow  
shyam_prasad99 Greetings from Canada. 5/5  
Urban Legend Great skyline  
ericcando absolutely 5! love it :) happy independence day Indonesia!  
Apfelsaft 5/5 from Germany  
Thiago |Klock| 5/5 from Curitiba, Brazil!!!  
Rain Drops 5/5! Happy Independence Day Indonesia!  +1
Abdul Rachim 5/5 happy independence day to Indonesia  +1
stadsgeek 5/5 dari Belanda  +1
el_santo_67 excelente toma  
anno_malay nice  +1
Tokyo/Manila nice  +1
Saken007 5/5 From Kazakhstan  +1
Voorish-Gdansk Impressive 5/5.  +1
jojok Dirgahayu Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia  
PoetraDaerah happy independence day REPUBLIK of INDONESIA,. Merdeka!!!  +1
asmoroy79 JAKARTA is global megapolitan city today.the capital city of 9th biggest economy on the world. 5/5  +2
Val_project so modern ! 5/5 Happy Independence Day Indonesia  +1
mwahmed Happy Independence Day Indonesia.. From Pakistan.  +2
mwahmed 5/5 From Karachi, Pakistan.  +1
SAE United 5/5 from Yaroslavl, Russia  +3
masaguseka28 ANJIR! THIS IS RARE VIEW OF JAKARTA'S SKYLINE! belom pernah seumur-umur liat Jakarta dr sudut ni biasanya yg itu-itu aja! kado kemerdekaan terindah di SSCI! Happy 69! 5/5  +2
Dito Roso 5/5 for the Capital city.. Jakarta  +1
Dito Roso Happy Independence Day Indonesia...  +1
ssphila Great banner ! Happy Independence Day, Indღnesia ! ▀▀  +1
CENTILION 5/5 from Russia  +3
Exethalion 5/5 for Jakarta from UK  +2
a4win Happy Independence Day.  +1
kingcheetah Wish to go there soon, 5/5!  +2
iamfernandoreza 5/5 HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, INDONESIA!  +1
Tri Man 5/5 from India  +2
EywaEywa 5/5 Independence Day of Indonesia is today !  +1
Unregistered 5/5 Independence Day of Indonesia is today !  +1
DuduArchie Yass Jakarta's skyline banner!! beautiful banner. Dirgahayu Indonesia  +1
Hafnia An easy '5' from Copenhagen  +2
MP04 5/5 from India  +2
1lh4m5 5/5 Happy Independance day indONEsia  +2
north11 5/5 from chiangmai thailand  +2
embassyofaudrey Happy Independence Day INDONESIA  +1
loit2007 5/5  +1
Askario 5!  +1
mangy Nice!  +1
kurniawan.b 5/5 untuk Jakarta, Dirgahayu Indonesiaku ke-69  +1
A-TOWN BOY 5/5 for jakarta  +1
Omluki Stunning and mezmerising  
Antoniojbl Happy Independency day,5/5 from Brazil  +3
tiban great!!  +1
WalterFLowers23 0/5 because of envy...  +1
muflih 5 from Surabaya add my pin 757be399  +1
Ocean One Why the fountain banner always showing when opened in other tab.. :bash:  +1
aguuungg merdekaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  +1
RickyFebriand HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY INDONESIA. Dirgahayu Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia ke 69 tahun, MERDEKA !!!  +2
paradyto the 69th of independence day, Merdeka Indonesiaku!!  +1
castle_92 Merdeka! 5/5  +2
ramdandoel 5/5 Superb!!  +1
KnightOfTheFlag Congratulations Jakarta! Very nice! From the Philippines!  +5
renshapratama Happy birthday my lovely city JAKARTA! Jaya selalu Aaamiin :D  
Crazy Dude I can see Jakarta banner but after I click the banner and open new tab, the banner becomes different. I thought todays banner will just appear on this page after 00.00 am GMT?  +2
Morrov555 you have to wai an hour or 2 until it'll appear.  
Morrov555 Oh wait, it's not the same o.0  +1
ovnours What's wrong with the banner display? Anyway 5 for both Jakarta and Yaroslavl! :)  +2
Tchokan 1/5 from Portugal  +1
Tchokan Sorry... for the Russian one I gave 1/5... Jakarta's I'll give 5/5...  +3
Crazy Dude Happy Independece day Indonesia. Jaya selalu :)  +1
ющенко 5/5 from independent Tatarstan republic  +2
loit2007 5/5 from Donetsk, independent New Russia republic  +1
loit2007 f*ckin troll  
gfol Free Siberia!  
alfsat Dirgahayu RI ke-69  
damarsinyo 5/5  
nvittoa03 MERDEKA!!!!!  
yudibali2008 Happy Independence Day, Merdeka!  +1
D3Y amazing jakarta, Indonesia Jaya..MERDEKA!!!  +1
Bassik 5/5 from Russia  +3
Saqib1 merdeka :D 5 from Pakistan  +1
Baumgarten1 ждём Индонезию в БРИК  +3
eVANDOpriyanto спасибо  
Pals_RGB Happy Independence day Indonesia.. from India. cheers!  +1
Fouz Why is there Russian city?  +1
eVANDOpriyanto You can ask Jan... Actually today is Jakarta... Here is the source -> [link]  +2
m.a.g. it's Yaroslavl  
eVANDOpriyanto Nope... Today must be Jakarta... Here it goes [link]  +1
Adpenturz Happy independence day Indonesia... I love you so much.  +1
Azrain98 omg so beautiful !! happy independence day anyway :) 5/5  +1
Ocean One Merdeka!!!  
rahul medan Enjoy Jakarta Indonesia... Happy Independence day for My beloved country  +1
Antijudischen Happy Anniversary our Indonesia! Merdeka!!!  
Jeffrey Adi Asmoro Selamat HUT Republik Indonesia ke 69 :)  
dochan merdeka!  +1
Widana89 Merdeka....Merdeka....Merdeka....  
eurico merdeka!!  
eVANDOpriyanto Happy 69th Anniversary Indonesia!!! Nice skyline, Deserved 10/5  +2
acull merdeka