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titleTel Aviv skyline
locationTel Aviv, Israel
sourceIsrael_photo_gallery at Flickr
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 3.33, total votes: 473
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jarahell 1/5 palestina forever  
Tony E Architecture 3/5 From London, England.  
GunaOne 1. free Palestine  +1
thetophop 5/5 from USA  
Edil Arda Best time to take photo, beautiful tone, 5 from Kadıköy, Türkiye.  
diarag The Jewsland, damn!  
Tchokan 4/5 from Portugal  
Teck 1, Free Palestine  +1
LarryKing What does Tel have to do with Jordanian and Egyptian Arabs?  +1
Jmarius 0/0 from Mexico  +1
Ginkgo Great, ever-changing skyline  
LarryKing 5 because its a Beautiful city and I've been there. 2.5 for the picture cause it doesn't capture the true beauty.  
FANDANGO!! Bad angle??  
Avemano 1/5 because free palestine :troll:  +1
MENA55 1. Not for political reasons, but the skyline is ugly. Big blocky buildings. Designed by boring architects.  +3
mSeattle Just on a density vs sprawl note, there seems to be a lot of sky-space to house more peope, perhaps eliminating pressures to spraw.  
bijtkonijn 4/5 from the Netherlands. Why bring politics into an architecture forum?  +2
Boza KG 5/5 from Serbia  +3
richard manaba i love Israel ..... 5 from Manta Ecuador  +3
jarahell free palestine  
AlexMitrany Nice city!  +2
auguster Great city,5/5 from Brazil  +3
malikkhalid7 Ugly  +1
lucas_94 5/5 from Brazil for a city with a great skyline, and also have been contributing to the progress of science and is democratic  +4
Gordion 5/5  +4
Mateus Goloni The city would look better if the skyscrapers were concentraded somewhere, it looks too sparse. 3/5 from Brazil  +1
Drenica 5 Stars from the Republic of Kosovo... Greetings to Israel  +3
blue zal 1 from INDIA  +4
JamieUK 4* from Yorkshire. Also note I agree with Trex-md.  
Galaco. 5/5 Tel Aviv and Israel are amazing!  +5
Trex-md I have a suggestion for the monitors on this site that I hope may be takin into consideration. Perhaps these banners should not have their location disclosed until after the voting is finished. Lately the banners have been the subject of political debates rather than opinions concerning architecture and skylines. If an american skyline is posted it gets negative ratings and comments solely based in politics. If a Russian skyline is posted the same thing happens. If a European city or a South American city has it's skyline posted somebody has something negative to say about the cities football (soccer) team haha. Mystery city banners would result in a more accurate representation as to what members actually think about the skylines themselves not that particular countries politics. Just food for thought haha. 3.5 out of four from the USA for being cool but lacking density. (I rounded up)  +15
Jan I think you're underestimating this crowd. Most people pretty much know a skyline when they see one.  
sandiego 0 from sandiego  +3
Skiff MC 5 from Kiev. Shana tova and glory to Israel!  +4
Fire_Kot А как же ваши дiды и заветы Бандеры и Шухевича?  
prahovaploiesti 5/5  +2
Kumanovari We love TEL AVIV and ISRAEL! 5 STARS from ALBANIA/KOSOVO!  +7
Reiser урбанистичненько. 5.  
Elv3nking 5/5 for the great view  +2
Che7779 AWESOMEEEE!!! 5/5 From UKRAINE!)  +2
Charlesp 5/5 for photo .City is much nicer ,freer & more relaxed than anu other city in the Middle East.  +2
MENA55 Beirut, Kuwait city, Doha, and many cities in the middle east are better than Tel aviv. Tel aviv has ugly blocky buildings.  
Balansiyí Great city, but a little bit dirty  +1
NellyUSA Rosh HaShana !  +1
mauzer1 5/5 for the city i love !  +5
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 from Macedonia  +3
Andy_L 5 from Minsk)  +4
mwahmed ?  
desertpunk L'shanah Tova!  +3
Andrus 1 from Poland  +9
ArtZ 5/5 from Bydgoszcz, Poland  +8
Saken007 5/5 from Kazakhstan  +3
aaabbbccc Putting away the difference , this is about city and urban picture , I will give it a 3 not because of the city but the way the picture was taken , this photographer could have done a better job  
Riq-10 ugly  +4
Caius the Shadow 5/5. Much better than any city in Malaysia  +5
Hebrewtext One of the top 10 biggest skylines in the world. Include built+u.c+Approved towers =400+. In the picture only a fraction of the built up area.  +2
MysticMcGoo 4/5  +2
ZZZ Top 5 כשר  +2
BarMNE 5 from Montenegro!  +3
Arsalan Rashid 3/5.. just a little boring  
Saqib1 2 for skyline...0 for killing civilians..bombing hospitals, schools and occupying Palestinian land  +11
kjnb 5 from Almaty City  +2
FS E464 Italian landscape is the best on this world!  +1
Voorish-Gdansk 2/5 Boring and messy.  +1
Skylayer 5 from Brazil  +3
andriykо 5 from Ukraine  +4
Lozover1 Cлава борцям з тероризмом - Україні та Ізраїлю!  +2
vartal Lozover1 вы хотели сказать Сала?  +1
Fire_Kot А как же ваш Бандера евреев бiв, и наказывал потомкам бить москалей, ляхiв та жiдiв, совсем забыли чтоли? Отступаете от заветов вашего вождя.  
russianroberto Free Palestine but still 5/5  +1
visdi 5/5 from India. The only accomplished country (Economically, politically and technologically) in the middle east without the help of petro dollars. Respect!  +9
AbidM Israel receives 3 billion from the US every year, that's a known fact. eat your words. oh and 10℅ of the dollar is backed by oil, so if oil prices hike than the dollar will fail, hence America has to have control over the !middle east and OPEC countries. plus Israel has no oil.  +6
mwahmed 1 From Pakistan.  +5
maulik02 5/5 From India  +5
andreicukapp not bad.. 3/5  
Cyrus 5/5 from Tehran, Iran  +8
afrikanerboy 5/5 best city in middle easy!  +4
John-DR 5/5 awesome  +4
dal234 I like this city  +3
Marcos6010Vinicius Gostei, 4  
carrtigo 2/5 from indonesia  
grumpyom nothing to do with politics.  
grumpyom nithing to  
redcode 3  
Union Man 5/5  +4
theantist Ohhh this comment section is gonna get spicy  +3
KB335ci2 Could be denser - 4/5  +2
axov 5 from Kraków/Cracow Poland  +3
RegioManio Nice skyline... but it still needs more density... 4/5. The city itself is amazing  +3
Baumgarten1 nice country! 5 from Kronstadt, Russia  +4
Kimiwind1184 5 stars! One of the best skylines in the world.  +3
BlurredLines Not bad. I assume many people will give it a 1 for political reasons.  +9