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titleMotorland Aragón
locationAlcaiz, Spain
infoBuilt in 2009, since 2010 Motorland Aragón is a speed circuit that hosts Moto GP races as well as many more competitions all around the year. This year Grand Prix of Aragon is run today, September 28th. More info: Official Moto GP page
sourceforum user Betamix
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 1.70, total votes: 663
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janex_wwa 5 stars for that beauty  
aquagreen no way, 0.5 /5 :)  
francece ugly  
Tony E Architecture 4/5 From London, England.  
fer_stafe87 UK suck, USA rules  +1
Cuauhtemoc What a waste  +1
Edil Arda 1.  
diarag Ugly banner!  +1
GarfieldPark ugly. this isn't urban or an attractive city. zero stars.  
arac WTF? The shittiest banner ever. 5/5 (for the boldness of putting that)  
Tchokan 1/5 from Portugal  
joacocanal uh?  +1
Marbur66 -5/5. Worst banner in a very long time.  +2
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
prahovaploiesti 5 for the circuit 1 for banner  
golobokov Hardcore!  
viat I am sorry, but there is really nothing impressive about this...  
shimer LanGeo: похоже, концепцию мало кто понял // и в чём же тут концепция, умник?  
Thiago |Klock| wtf?  
Naijaborn WTF!! Seriously??  +1
Mr.Cage Nice! Looks like Read Square in my homeland - Moscow!  
Cegła_rozbiórkowa ugly :(  
Teck Moto GP ass holes...!  
claroscuro Worst banner ever! Certainly not fair for beautiful Alcañiz.  +1
LarryKing That's the best pic they could find?  
landrea da faq  +3
RegioManio Horrible! 1/5  +1
Trex-md Dude... $#!t like this is just as bad as all the landscape banners of late... No.. Actually, this is worse. What's next? Banners of Wal-Marts?!?  +1
Andrezito WF is that?  
marcusflorida2 We don't need a banner to remind us of a Grand Prix if it's ugly and has nothing to do with SSC essentials.  
JonnyE97 who would give this a 5/5?!!!!!!!!!  
indefinite Betamix, are u idiot? what kind of crap is that?  +1
Arsalan Rashid who comes up with this ...... 1/0... yeah it deserves 0  +1
richard manaba are u kidding.? just 1 from Manta Ecuador.  +1
Exethalion Congratulations to the latest Flop 15 member!  +8
Seoul_Korea 1  +2
igor -10  +2
Yo Soy El Super-YO! 0 from based Uruguay!  +1
Andrezinho Wow! 0/5  +1
Askario 1  +1
Skylayer -5  +3
LaPaz Urbanismo No way.. anything is a skyline banner now a days  
now1709 1 for the banner, very poor  +1
gorgoroth 1/1  +1
Rasbeek с первого взгляда и не понять, что это гоночная трасса. До баннера далековато фотографии.  +1
tiojuli Hermoso. Beautiful. Amazing!! 1/5  
ThatOneGuy An aerial view would be better  +1
Svetoslav Suronja Awesome!  
Sr.Smih ill give 5 for pity  +2
camilox-1127 This goes directly to the flop 15  +3
Get High I'm sorry but, what? ¿?  +1
LanGeo похоже, концепцию мало кто понял  
RickyFebriand 0/5 this banner get so BORED, POOR  +2
Sarcastic Saracen wtf?!  
R.K.Teck I think Motorland Aragon is a great track but the picture isn't very pretty and doesn't do the place justice.  +3
gfol flop 15  +1
Wolfowitsch WTF???  
ekko f*ck you  +6
caligola00 1/5 what's that?  +2
Vitality надо площадку возле подъезда выложить на баннер  +3
Exethalion BO-RING  +2
Sheridan LOL some Grand Prix is going on today so the banner should be dull average 2-story building.  +3
Avemano Well, since i didn't sign up on MotoGPcity ... 1/5 because it's skyscrapercity, bitch ;)  +1
raisonnable Даже я единицу поставил :(  +1
NickNN чё за парковка?..  +3
Greenninja WTF?  +2
okach1 нахуй здесь это говно?  +5