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titleSan Salvador de Jujuy waterfront
locationSan Salvador, Argentina
sourceforum user Jhoze
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 3.36, total votes: 385
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rudihhx hermosa jujuy!!!  
Tony E Architecture 2/5 From London, England.  
SkyCA Hermoso paisaje. Las montañas son un buen fondo para la ciudad.  +1
Leandro_lenz Ju  
Euro-Maracay Un 5!! para la mejor ciudad de Argentina!! VIVA Y AWANTE JUJUY CARAJO!!! Saludos desde Maracay-Venezuela  +1
building demolisher 5-5 from Mexico, nice and peacefull city :)  +1
richard manaba 4 from Ecuadorl landscape is very nice  +1
Rr77 5 hermosa desde santa cruz bolivia  +1
H1 1/5 It is not skyline and behind only there are a few simple covered with snow mountains, is it a joke?.  +1
ferchulin 5/5  +1
Daortíz The twin of San Salvador El Salvador, nice shot bautiful background. 5.0  
JG_V If it weren't for the spanish name and the snow I would'nt have guessed it was Argentina.  +1
Rago impresionante. rarto que en la cima no se mira nieve  +2
arnaldo4001 Hermosa Jujuy!!!  +1
joacocanal nice landscape  +3
izanokk Hermoso Jujuy!!!!  
jarahell 5 from ambato  +1
kurniawan.b 5/5 from Indonesia :)  +1
Sebasjuje hermosa ciudad!!!  +2
fergape nice pic  +2
Logic Puzzle хухуйный скайлайн. 5  
Vitaliy_Ukraine поставлю пять только за хухуй!  +3
predator14 brdo  +1
LanGeo 5+  +1
cristianoff9 muy buena imagen..  +2
NickNN 4 за хухуйский пейзаж  +2
Nando_ros 5/5  +1
Antoniojbl Lindissimaa,5/5 do Brasil  +1
loit2007 5/5 El Lobo Jujeño (Хухуйский Волк)  +3
russianroberto 5/5 for future BRICS mate  +5
Penumbra. Argentina lml 5/5 besides we have the same view here.  +1
Alibiyes 5 from city with same mountains  +2
Alibiyes Almaty  +1
Tchokan 2/5 from Portugal  
Falshivomonetchick Хухуй живописен, 5  +3
ovnours опять хухуй, 5!  +4
Exethalion 4/5 great environment but poor skyline  +1
Ivan the Immigrant great. somethimes i wish to live on places presnted in banners...  +2
RegioManio Amazing winter landscape... very green city, with beautiful natural landscapes. But its skyline is not that great 4/5  +1
prahovaploiesti 5/5  +1
andriykо so beautiful as Torez  +4
Adpenturz 5/5 for this beautiful city...  +2