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titleGerman Banner Day ☆ brought to you by Dec. 28
sourceforum user il fenomeno
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k% best banner !  +2
RobH I guess from a nation that has Krumpus as a festive tradtion to terrify its children into being Good Germans this shouldn't be unexpected. Oddest banner of the year. Frohe Weihnachten everyone!  +1
SturmBeobachter This banner is so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  +1
Aujen ...  
Patrick zucker!  +1
kapixaba i"m braziliam, but congratulations germany 7-1  +4
Karaya I find this banner very cynical.  
desiyogi Haha!! And people say the Germans don't have a sense of humour.  +2
0scart Was it meant to be funny?Sometimes banners are so asinine.  
prahovaploiesti 5/5  +1
DerSeewolf Why is the octopus extracts money? Or is it taking over the other countrys? Is it a puppet master that controls the governments? Is its arm protecting Poland from Russia? Or does it fetch back the east into the Reich? Or does it even rape Europe with its tentacles? Maybe the octopus transmits money to the other states. But why is it then smiling? Does it boodles the great european soccer country (and Greece) to get the world cup trophy? Why is the Crimea (still?) part of the Ukraine? And is this banner funny or not? Thanks to all who tries to interpret the banner. And thanks for approximately 1100 votes!  
Nouvellecosse Really funny, creative and unexpected. Not many banners catch me off guard, and make me give a second take!  +6
Isek Noo.. only some minutes left! :-/  +1
rince1 5/5, would give even 6/5 because of Russian butthurt about Crimea  +2
hector357 Bravo  +2
fabg84 not really understanding the meaning of that pic... if so could explain ?  
Deadeye Reloaded Germany has the money. So Germany makes the rules. Therefore everybody hates Germany. Last but not least: Germany is football world champion!  +5
KiffKiff Germany is just a bank (with a poor growth now), it's nothing militarily (no credible army, no real projection forces, no nuclear weapons...), it's nothing in the international diplomacy ( no permanent seat on the UN Security Council, no one cares about the Germany's voice outside the EU...) Countries like France and UK are the true dominant powers in Europe, money can't buy everything.  +4
bavarian urbanist for auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne. Feel free to mention the war.  
Eyjafjallajokull JAJAJA Germania ♥  +3
Егзекутор German humor is like picking potatoes.  +1
ixs Niemce Strong! ;)  +3
Lafaveiga_madrid huehue DE DE  +1
Eyk88 5 from PL :D  +4
Loro. 5/5  +2
Alex-Sam 3/5 from Russia. 5 the idea, 1 for the wrong image of Crimea  +6
Carot 8/5 suckered appendages up from Mars, we will not eradicate German people in upcoming invasion!  +1
Iluminat 5/5 from the sunny Southern Europe if not for German money I would have to work!!!  +17
Deadeye Reloaded Mazel tov! Five points from Israel to Germany! Brothers 4 ever!  +4
Widur Israeli-German friendship all the time ! :D  +4
Unregistered Israeli-German friendship all the time ! :D  
diarag Seriously?  
Max BGF r again somebody  
miau 5/5 from UK  +7
corvus_edin ooo-leee oleee oleee oleeee fajf pojntz  +1
Godius Lovely work,, Germanische fruenden. Greetings from the Palestine Republic. 6/5  +4
Druzers True :) We have lot to learn from Germany. Propably the best country in the world. 5/5 from pl/kr  +5
d_l_esmond not funny  +2
vittorio tauber Mir scheint, Ich hab's schon gehort.  +2
silesius This arms are not only around Europe.. They are everywhere..  +1
silesius Guys from Germany makes this forum ALIVE. I give 5/5  +4
Echter Berliner German Octopussy will rule the world! All critics will be punished and exterminated.  +3
vittorio tauber Dear Otto-Pussy, in 2015 Mario is going to pour down the QE. Regards.  +1
must645 five from mexico  +3
Maledict By far the best banner I've seen all year. Great work, Germany! Warm regards from Republic of Kosovo!  +9
Majevčan but, Косово је Србија :)  +14
IThomas Usually in Italy, the octopus is the Mafia's symbol. With this banner, they want show us that Germany is the most corrupt country in Europe? Or their intent is demonstrate that Germany leads the European Union like an organized crime? lol  +4
inCommunicAdo 1 - extremely populist and primitive (like Soviet or Nazi popaganda cartoons 80 years ago)  +8
ab_ltf fiver from monaco. Nice one made me smile :)  +1
mr205063 Rubbish!  
joacocanal >>>/4chan/  
Markhoz 1/5 No es para bromas el tema.  +1
PIA777 I for one welcome our new German overlords, in all seriousness, this is hilarious  +5
Balansiyí one arm is embracing Poland, like years ago ;)  +7
Bitxofo It is a joke, do not take it too seriously!  +2
SelectYourLifestyle I thought this was a serious website.. This image is feeding prejudism and ignorance and is just very silly..  +8
bavarian urbanist Isn't it a tad ignorant to ignore irony, too?  
Echter Berliner Wrong. It causes a new holocaust. Be careful.  
L.A.F.2. Why is it 5 days late this year? :(  
Manauaras Germany ... these same arms attacked in Brazil last July ... BRA 1 x & GER. It´s funny now. From: Manaus, Brazil!  +2
Isek No Istanbul boom-skyline? 10/10  
lafreak84 hahaha that's funny  +1
Felipe C. Silva Wut?  
Widur Ahh again these crazy Krauts! Five aus Polen, just gib us moar moneyz!!  +8
Libidito Where is the skyline???? 1/5  +2
erbse Haters gonna hate, players gonna play! [link]  +2
erbse @Everyone missing a skyline or shitty irrelevant buildings in nondescript towns: You'll get these 364 days a year. Don't you whine about some nondescript cartoon for just one day.  +8
3tmk Awesome!!!!  +1
WatcherZero The Land Octopus was a trait of comedy maps from around 1860-WW1, started with this one of Russia spreading across Europe then later as WW1 approached Prussia/Germany became the Octopus. [link]  +2
UMBAS lol, 5!  +1
sept 1 from Russia for The Crimean Peninsula displacement thing  
inCommunicAdo Is it really displaced? I don't see it...  
Echter Berliner We already know that the Crimea will belong to Ukraine again.  
Deadeye Reloaded ROFL! So funny banner! Greatings from Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)! Ich liebe deutsche Land!  +6
Dr. Rabbit so is germany like loaning money to the other countries, because I see Greece there?  +1
Alejandro Ortiz ohh it's just that time of the year when Germans have that dire need of reminding us how much they suck at trying to have a sense of humor. Keep feeding the stereotype.  +7
tolvarena troll  
Avangard-55 AfD wählen, raus aus der EU, zurück zur DM und schon wird Deutschland wieder seinen Platz einnehmen, welcher diesem wundervollen Land gebührt.  
bavarian urbanist @everyone who thinks the banner shouldn't be political: Gals and guys, a bit of politics never hurt anybody. So grow a pair and don't freak out because of the german banner day. *grumpy*  +2
Shtakett Everybody should buy a flight ticket to Crimea, and see it with their own eyes.  +1
farmerboy United States of Germany :) 5* from Ro  +3
Shtakett Sure, the USA has nothing to do with anything.  
Shtakett Is this a political statement?  
D1N0 Russians behind this right?  
Kanio pay debt  
midrise But not a one too give me a helping hand???  
zonque It's a sad truth, that no matter how hard we try, we can never stop the conflicts, the feud between everybody - there will always be pictures like this, that only enrage everybody, and really - the neverending war (preferably over nothing) is the best state of Europe.  
gino lo spazzino It'z time to Anschluss  +4
mckeenan So it goes like 5 stars if you're a southern european and 1 if you're german XD. I agree that the banner is a inadequate, and I'm spanish. But if its helps to create a constructive discussion, it's ok to me.  +1
Vitaliy83 5 from Russia  +5
Autoputevi kao hobi why italy  
ROYAL BLUE Awful, totally unprofessional behaviour by the moderators.  +3
ory26 stupid banner  +3
Rainbow Boy Best fo the year, recognize and don't forget.  +5
mckeenan In my opinion, what's going on in southern Europe its nothing to do with German people, but with German banks. Someone that can forgive enormous shares of debt, and still keep running same as always, makes you think. What's the sense of debt if given momeny is not vital to the one that gives? It make sense for the borrower to pay interests to the bank, if the bank can do allright all the same?  +1
kokomo 0/5 Although it's Dec-28 (similar to April fool's day) this is the banner you'd 've expected to see printed on newspapers 100 years ago where people died in trenches. Disgusting and appalling, bad taste  +4
Smirnoff The real life!  +3
KingNick Awesome banner. 5/5 from Peru.  +8
Злой 5/5 truthful banner, only octopus that controls the US  +5
Leo84 Best banner ever  +4
BarMNE 5 from Montenegro!  +3
Mhammed i don´t get it  +1
_BPS_ wtf is this shit  +3
Funfy Silly  
BlackArt-ist just 0/5 if I could. so silly and pretentious  +4
MrPwnage True story. :/  +5
EsCaNdIo hahaha 5 from Buenos Aires  +5
Dr_Emmett_Brown puaj!  
mecanico242 Hahahaha. 5/5 from Mexico.  +3
Reality7 For the first time Skyscraper has put up a banner that has made people think - and boy are the politically correct zombies mad about it!  +16
Zasdf-H Skyscrapercity's banner has been hacked to Paul, the Ghost Octopus? well..I always knew that would happen (?)  +3
Jennifat Let's keep banners apolitical, okay? 1/5 from me.  +18
sebvill Great Banner  +7
Jujo I'm a poor spanish  +3
jlmonet Stupid, "politicized" and bad taste banner, in contrast with awesome shots we see normaly here!!!  +19
Echter Berliner like Aarhus for example or a village in Croatia  
Cusuhao dat girl :))  +1
Ringforce Обратите внимание как рука со стороны америки просовывает деньги германии :)  +4
7t FUNNY... gets full rating from me for creativity:lol:  +6
Bauer-Ewald awesome banner!! Germany all the way!!  +7
Flyn wow, archconservative-creative comment  
Flyn Deutscheisse  +4
Flyn combine the german word of 'german' + 'shit' in one word :)  +1
Ludi wow, Antifa-creativity?  +4
Flyn DeutscheiSSe  +2
Echter Berliner Flynsane. Combines two things, too. :)  
Preibiton 5/5 for illuminati btw rip Paul the Octopus :(  +4
VY9977 Hey Its Paul, the octopus. Haha. Hello from Spain, EU  +5
yabbes much better mit dem richtigen pokal  +5
Mony Vi Only the frontpage has the big gold thingy  +2
Krajisnik Germans are not up to date :D Krim is Russia and Abchasia & S. Ossetia are independent :P  +1
Kingslayer At least they got Kosovo right :)  +2
Krajisnik I don't think Ukrainians and Georgians are so happy about Kosovo :D  +2
Vanaheim Hahaha, funny krauts! 5/5  +1
Himmelwärts stupid arshole banner!!!1! 1/5 from crazy boom-town skopje.  +10
Ludi Austrians.... :ohno: ^^  
shinzen 5/5 from Poland! ;)  +6
JihadPoland Don't sign for that Poland you volksdeutsch.  +1
Deadeye Reloaded The new version is even better! Please note the FIFA World Cup Trophy on the left! Germany rich and bestin football!  +4
tommolo We'll see how Germany will perform when they'll have to face China's next decade objective: high tech and high quality industries...what about chinese high end auto sold at half price? Enjoy this moment, germans, 'cause it won't last long, and your strategy has ony been preserving your own industries...  
erbse With the rise of Industry 4.0 and the switch back to more local production (by additive manufacturing and the likes) we'll rather see stronger domestic markets. Alright, enough with economics - give us more hate! :)  
Kleist D nonsens in sütterlin script, 2/5 Regards from Berlin  +1
Saxonia Thats not Sütterlin  +3
yabbes typische antifa-bildung:)  +2
Ji-Ja-Jot die scheess deetschen!  
DocLog ... über alles in der Welt!  +3
POLAMCO german sense of humor 0/10  +1
Avemano Nazis are back ?  +10
Ludi Yes, the Merkel-CDU-SPD-Party  
erbse It's an octopussy.  +4
KiffKiff Today germans are more pussy than octopussy  +1
Ivan the Immigrant 5/5 from Croatischen...  +1
czarny 5/5  
Step_50081 Genius! )))  +4
disposal I totally agree!  +2
mo7amed 5/5 - deutschland über alles  +4
asotUA Крим Це Україна! =)  +7
ekko ;)  +1
Yo Soy El Super-YO! Von der Maas bis an die Memel, von der Etsch bis an den Belt  +1
Geborgenheit Ned schlecht. :)  +2
cviue Nazi hand in everyone's pocket,pile of shit.0/5  +4
iceicebaby 3/5 to pink gayeuropean octopus !  
wojtor Is it octopus or flying spaghetti monster?  +1
Brum X The island called England is actually Great Britain. Thanks  +2
Urbicus Who carez  +4
Mister James Deutschland unter alles.  +1
Sisimoto the HUN This banner is not understandable for many outside of Europe. But this is the reality. Personally i prefer Germany rather then the USA nor Russia. Why? Because Germany alone invests more money all across europe then the USA and Russia together! USA only investing its demagogic ideas and giving no alternative solutions to the current problems..  +13
Saxonia It protects Poland's eastern border with its arm! Very nice.  +11
wjfox [link]  
deadhead262 Butthurt Europeans should be happy that Germany is keeping your shithole nations alive.  +4
bavarian urbanist Germany is actually killing them off with stupid austerity and crazy saving-mania.  +5
Rokugatsu Just like they did in last century? :D Thank you Germany! ;)  +1
Tiaren Love the butthurt in here, lol! XD "Me don't understand. Stupeed Germany. Mimimi!! D:"  +5
Alumann Haha, what the hell is going on here? :D  
Tiaren Love the butthurt in here! XD  
thewallpart6 German and humour. Um wat?  
Lyon_Vegas wtf is that?? 0/5 obv  
zoltanX 5/5 from Warsaw - Poland  +7
JihadPoland Nazi go Home!  +1
lezgotolondon einz zwei drei polizei  +1
JihadPoland ein Führer, ein Reich, ein €uro  +7
SevenSlavicTribes Führerin  +4
Keete was ist das?  
HansCity Mein fuhrer, Yay Deuschland!!!  +1
tomplamka shit - flop no. 1  
Alargule It's 'everywhere', not 'every where'.  +1
Tillor87 I do not see its arms getting to Russia... oh wait!  +2
Cujas I can't understand this trolling banner.  +3
Stazx I can't understand this.  
Andy_L wtf is going on?  +1
fable 5 for trolololo :)  +2
Jerzy Poniemirski Apparently, this is the oficial invitation of trolling on SSC, or new trend in banners..  +2
pmaciej7 5/5  +2
jar_007 First German banner i like :D Funy iand true  +8
kapturek disgusting!  
mario_zadar Deutschland über alles !!!  +8
Effer Bravo  +4
Evgeni60rus Так, почему на карте Крым ещё у этих петухов??  +9
Slartibartfas Germanen never grow up, at least that is something you can rely on  
VDB troll  +1
TILT 1 for trolling, but should be 0  +1
Deadeye Reloaded Pay your debts back you lazy europoors! Germoney wants its euros back!  +16
NjamNjam very nice  +5
gorčin Haha, herrlich!  +3
Yo Soy El Super-YO! 5/5 from based Uruguay.  +5
Ysh 1  +1
erbse Il fenomeno created this, ja! Here's the updated version: [link]  +3
Rokugatsu Wait, what...? Haha!  +4
Taxi.driver.KG shit  +1
Xtreminal 1  
siamu maharaj 5/5 for Nazim V. 2  +5
iLiR Awesome! 5/5 from Albania :D  +8
Ermir Blitzkrieg, blitzkrieg everywhere. 5/5  +4
JihadPoland And I call that IV Reich. Only Islam can save us. As-Salamu Alaykum Brothers and Sisters.  +3
Grimbarian Get lost  +5
ekko Sieg Hiel! 5/5  
ST_dasa well, since you're trying to stereotype yourselves - hence stereotypical conclusion - classic german ''funny'' stuff, no humour whatsoever.  
didinko I love german banners. 5/5  +5
churro357 5/5 tradition  +4
megapucik Is this banner a kind of trolling or hacking? I don't believe it is normal!  +3
Redzio xD  
alexxxxx I don't think this kind of political bulls*it has its place here. 1/5 from Romania.  +3
redcode 1  
Yurka52rus хуй  +2
asparagus91 Интеллект выше крыши.  +2
JoHaN 15 Super Geil!  +3
musiccity 1/5 I come to this website for skyscrapers, not political garbage  +8
bavarian urbanist how cute!  
A-TOWN BOY 1/5 i thought this was skyscrapercity  +9
JaydenM Stupid banner 1/5 From Australia  +17
Esitor 10/10 would anschluss  +8
NOMAD€ JA!  +1
Echter Berliner Heute Deutschland, morgen die ganze Welt!  +2
БАРНАУЛЕЦ What ?  +1
7edge lame  +1
БАРНАУЛЕЦ What &  +1
Hudson11 Ja  +1
Mefesto I firstly thought it was a Nazi Banner! OUF 4/5 for the nice TROLL !  +3
bohemio NEIN, NEIN, NEIN, NEIN !!!!!!!!!!  
KiffKiff wow, worst banner ever lol (1/5 obviously) but this is probably better than a banner with the poor skyline of frankfurt :)  +5
goschio Was hoping for amazing Istanbul skyline and all we get is NAZI banenr.  +2
vkreso Proper 8/8  +2
Argentosoma Oh no. It's that day of the year where the Germans make their creepy banner.  +1
ekko why the European Union does not want to get away from patronage and the US to conduct its own independent policy, led by such countries as France, Germany, Great Britain and other major players? Remember Charles de Gaulle and Margaret Thatcher! And now in their place slugs type Hollande and Cameron.  +10
Urbicus Didn't realise Europeans were so discriminatory. Get a grip, love from Australia.  +1
Olhaotrem I love German Banner Day!  +8
Olhaotrem I love  
Olhaotrem I  
Дisiдent Danke Dojčland ! danke danke fur sie  +2
DjSzuli European Union = Communism  +5
vinceItaly CESM!  +1
Majevčan LOL  +5
Reality7 German bankers waiting to see if Greece goes to elections on Sunday.. lol  +2
fugas 5+!  
Ariano i hate germany  +16
AmoreUrbs With that nickname I'm sorta surprised.. lol  
Tchokan 1/5 from Portugal  +7
Papps Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all men. It is time of year to put away your differences and live as one people, for the sake of all our children.  +2
deadhead262 Thank us for keeping your shit nation alive.  
Xenophon Hahahahahaha Tchermann do the funneh.  +1
Ludi Wunderbar-trolling-Banner... I am sorry  +1
Nightjar Make light of economic misery and rape all in one go - nice one.  +5
qwuk lol o.O what is it?  
SLASH_2 баннер ЧМО!!! фром ХАБАРОВСК!!  +2
lodzer.m Great :P  +1
Lino great criticizing banner. 5.  +1
Haveblue Why Krymea is still with Ukraine on the map? Is it a political banner? Why the German octopus is not reaching Russia? Is it not a political banner?  +12
lodzer.m By international law Crimea is part of Ukraine.  +38
@rtem By international law Kosovo is part of Serbia  +22
alexjack I like the double standards of westerners. Kosovo is not Serbia, but Crimea is Ukraine. Funny  +20
nikopol Because not even FIFA recognizers it  +1
catcha Kosovo is recognized by:  
catcha Kosovo land became independent and is recognized by 110 countries, Crimea has been captured by Russia and is recognized as part of Russia by Russia and 5 other well known independent and guarding international law countries such as: Afghanistan, Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria and Venezuela. Even Russian puppet governments didn't recognize annexation. So what you are saying about standards is simply bollox. Thank You.  +6
Дisiдent No UN seat, no state, goodbye my dear...  +2
090990 Хороший баннер.  +2
090990 Крым на карте обозначен правильно.  +13
prisma 0/5  +1
EdnilsonQ 3/5 maybe ? o.o' weird  
ejo why u on facebbook then when is it full of shits? i think whole FB is one big shit  
stareky 2/5 ??  
C0nTainEr Si si, ma in Italia abbiamo un'arma segreta...qualcuno che conosce i loro punti deboli...  +1
deadhead262 5 for the greatest nation and people on earth.  +3
Don Vito KurDeBalanz gib! gib! gib! 4/5 :D  +1
Michal_Rad So true, so sad  +1
The-s loool  +1
farazilu great!!  +1
SpicyMcHaggis kraut trolls are ze best  +6
437.001 LOLOLOL Das ist Supergeil/Supergeil!!  +2
General_FrKr 5 from Moscow  +1
nicdel Ze Krauts got money n  +1
Svetoslav Suronja Geil!  +1
comrade7 Germoney 5/5 lol :)  +8
Dubai Skyscraper 1/5 sincerely from Germany.  +5
nikolanis Did Kampflamm make this banner?  
DjSzuli The European Union is communists  +1
mike102 Looks like Robert Geiss! ;)  +1
Kingslayer *cries in greek*  +2
bavarian urbanist I honestly expected something more ...stupid from the germans. Of course, it still lacks anything that could be described as humour, but well, it's a german banner.  +9
miau you are such a volksverräter  +2
bavarian urbanist @miau: and proud of it.  
Insider2012 Sieg  +14
Дisiдent matoreeee  
@rtem The card is not correct  +8
EUSERB Can someone explain me what's the whole point of the stupid ,,german day banner,, thing? Why isn't there a Italian,Greek,Russian,French,etc. day,but only German? (and why isn't it a collage of German cities then,but instead a weird picture each time)  +6
Carot german sense of humor  +9
bavarian urbanist It's in order to give some people in the german subforum the feeling of importance. (They always bitch about the 'euromods' whom they hold responsible for every fault in their miserable lives.)  +11
Mony Vi bunch of weirdos  +3
SevenSlavicTribes Дойчланд юбер алес  +3
Дisiдent Тако је братко Бугарски!  +3
zoviet I wait whole year for this! 6  +1
BCosta Get a life! :troll:  
loit2007 5 from Russia  +1 3/5  
aenigma The most significant and true SSC banner ever... No kidding. 5/5.  +9
miau best f u cking banner since a long time  +1
yabbes scheiße ey  +1
Mony Vi I don't get it.  +1
PRIMEVAL correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this a parody of the nazi antisemitic posters? If yes, it could been made more obvious, this one is a little confusing  
Federation2014 1/5. What is it?  +1
sandy_936 as always -_-  
kaqla dougfa best banner ever!!!  +4
Wildfire-KRR ZOMG nice 1 ! :D  
RagazzoSiberiano not funny  +1
The Cake On BBQ lol  +1
Apple. Hahah good  +1
Kangaroo MZ nein you didn't!  +1
Edil Arda 5 for that nice trolling :)  +2
Semcity Europa ist krank  +3
bus driver fuuuuuuuuuu  +3
AlexTS i want to see good photo of one of the world best city, not the shit which i see on facebook every day  +12
Silvist 5/5 from Vladivostok. This is an excellent German humor! )  +17
shiggyshiggy lol  +1
boom_box Germoney.. POLANBALL represent!!  +6
iJosh the real definition of wtf  +1
disposal Happy German Banner Day! Soon it will became a tradition at SSC! 5 stars!  +5
treetopbisho Where's the skyline?  +8
Val_project 1  +2
RocStar wtf  +36
vanean I don't understand  
rafark looser  
Dhimast Jayadi ¿  
croomm The map of Europe is wrong. out-of-date  +5
AlexTS sure, Crimea is a part of Russia, even if we don't like this, it's a fact!  +20
Sunkid Please ban users who speak about politics here.  +6
AlexTS i don't speak about the politics, i speak only about geography, why can they put the map which is the history? yes, they thinks that Crimea is a part of Ukraine, but it isn't true, because Russia controls the Crimea and if you want to do anything there, you have to ask Russia, not Ukraine, it's fact independent on formal point of view  +4
D1N0 yeah iotshoukld  
okach1 Germany sucks  +25
Mony Vi amen  +6
miau so does your mom  +31
EUSERB Says a guy called ,,miau,,  +2
deadhead262 And what shithole country are you from?  +3
Murman Okach1 - ukrainian user  +2
Echter Berliner A Ukrainian doesn't like a banner with the Crimea still being Ukrainian.  +1