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infoAs a UNESCO World Heritage site, Soltaniyeh is one of the outstanding examples of the achievements of Persian architecture and a key monument in the development of its Islamic architecture. The octagonal building is crowned with a 50 m tall dome covered in turquoise-blue faience and surrounded by eight slender minarets. More info here.
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Svetoslav Suronja I give this a 5 after I have seen the latest one..  
richard manaba 3 nice horses in poor sky  
A-TOWN BOY too bad we an't give less than 1/5.  
SpiderBHZ 2/5  
Tchokan 1/5 from Porto, Portugal!  
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 from Macedonia  
Dante_1 1/5 :) from Spain  
axov beutiful country, but not banner...  
Gutovsky I was gonna give it a 2, but after reading the description (something people really should do) I'm giving it a 5.  +1
Blue Flame Who wants to see a banner dominated by a buncha horses? I live in Kentucky, we got plenty of them here.  
Nevebend not bad idea, terrible realization  
unsturk 5 from Algeria , for the islamic architecture  
Dreamshaft Nice Horseline  +11
andriyko88 ovnours already wrote that, don't steal his jokes!  
LondonTubeBrad 2 from england  
Kenni Relax folks, geesh, "no skyscrapers". 5/5 Different, refreshing.  +1
DUBAI10000 2 of 5 from Boston due to the horrible photo, lack of skyscrapers however decent architecture  +1
SOLOMON beautiful horses  +1
viat Hmm, not sure what's bein expressed here, 3/5  
Andrezinho Enough of Iran. There are over 200 countries in this beautiful world, so why is there Iran on the banne every week? Thnx  
Cyrus This is just the second banner from Iran in this year.  
Cyrus There is also a city but no tall building can be built there (some modern tall buildings have been destroyed) because they can spoil the view of the dome.  
Oberhafenjunge Nice Dome and Nice Horses, but where is the city?  
Unregistered 5/5 from Brazil!  
playmannn 1/5 from Bulgaria for the Islamic architecture  +3
Svetoslav Suronja what are u talking about? horses are universal! :banana:  +1
unsturk What's wrong with the islamic architecture ?  +2
persian 5  
lastsamurai 5 for the horses  
brca1001 Hahaha, great banner 5!  
united pakistan 5 from Lahore Pakistan  
Svetoslav Suronja Ok, sure, I dig Soltaniyeh... But what's up with "my little pony" scene in front of the said building? o.O  +1
NickNN love Iranian banners. 5, Rus.  +2
Figini y los misiles donde estan?  +1
Figini y los misiles donde estan?  +1
cristian815 Beautiful!  
CENTILION 5/5 from Russia  +2
Wildfire-KRR it would've been nice if the site was horsescrapercity.  
тон 6/5 bggggggg :-)))  +1
Henz nice horses.. i cant believe.. horses now is considered a skyscrapers.. great!!  
essuera 5  +1
DR.SHREJMAN i hate iran  +2
Cyrus But we don't hate you.  +3
Cyrus And please don't try to say you hate Iranians, we know it.  +1
disposal Oh, no! Don't be so desperate! It's just picture. And people expressing their comments might be wrong :) This banner is definitely unusual. And gives me pleasant feelings: sometimes we may be really tired of seeing an urban environment everyday and need in nature. Such kind of banners, I guess, are very useful to make us relaxed. So I've sent it 5 stars.  +4
Cyrus It is the tallest brick dome in the world and also the oldest double-shell dome.  +3
Cyrus I certainly know the reason for these commnts, you ptefer to see just horses rather than one of the greatest building in the world which is behind them just because it has been called "Islamic"!! I can just feel sorry.  +1
Svetoslav Suronja Nah, it's definitely the equine factor here that is troubling..  
aan_mustafa nice picture 4/5 from Indonesia  
RaymondHood I loves me them horses!  
Rasbeek 4/5 from Russia  
ovnours nice horseline  +4
Dubai Skyscraper Oh look! New candidate for the worst banner ever!  +1
marand92 haha does it annoy you that we have a building older than 50 years? 50 years the british pointed to a map and created you, fuk off colonial slave UAE  +3
JamieUK This is the worst one I have seen.  +10
Kleist D 5/5 female horses (mares) without headscarfe, Regards from Berlin  +2
andriyko88 Nobody wants to have a little friendly chat here?  
andriyko88 Just look at my horse, my horse is amazing!  +2
Cuauhtemoc horses... really? in a banner?  +1
andriyko88 Колхоз имени Гаджи Гаджиева, Дагестан. На заднем плане - дом председателя колхоза - самого Гаджи Гаджиева.  +2
Sechou Well, kinda unrelated to architecture, urbanism and skyscrapers. But I like the picture itself.  
prahovaploiesti 4/5  
AlexTS i love animals :)  +1
treetopbisho nice, I guess?  +1
NickNN no, elephants of course