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titlePouso Alegre skyline
locationPouso Alegre, Brazil
sourceforum user DaviRezende
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 3.29, total votes: 384
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AlbertoZH The landscape seems beautyfull ! But the city ? 0 points  
prahovaploiesti 3/5  
DrGe surprised to see this small city of my country  
DaviRezende PA is the 199th city of Brazil in population, the whole country has more than 5.000 cities  
Sr.Smih 5/5 from Manaus/BR  
EMArg 5/5  
Unregistered Jednak do wyburzenia razem z Tv Polsat.  
Jeptan 4/5 The most secure city in Brasil.  
Tchokan 3/5 from Porto, Portugal!  
Andre Goth The city have a population of 115.000 hab  
DaviRezende You're wrong, the population for 2014 is 142.000 hab  
Elixiro Beautiful ! 5/5 from Algeria  
Marcos6010Vinicius 5/5  +1
Joao Pedro - Fortal 3/5 Nice picture!! BTW, I think Dilma should ask to leave and stop shitting the whole country. #ForaPT  
RobH Doesn't quite have the wow factor for 5 stars, but a great photo with depth. 4/5  
Graell i never knew, but looks like a beauty city  
Motul Muy lindo Porto Alegre. 4/5  
Mr. Burns POUSO Alegre, MG.  +3
Gutovsky Why? Uai!  +2
Rafael Cevidanes Of course there are a lot of better angles of Pouso Alegre, but I'd be such a jerk at not giving 5 stars. True mineiros don't ever underrate anything about their state, and I am a genuine mineiro! :D  
Bruto 5/5 uai!  +2
luis_hmp Quem diria, o interior das Minas Gerais uai...  
Arthur Baz Linda Pouso Alegre, orgulho de Minas! 5 de Belo Horizonte.  +1
sourierservice 4/5 from Karachi, Pakistan.. beautiful view  
ruifo Viva Minas!  
matheussinara Bela cidade mineira!  +1
playmannn 5 from Sofia, Bulgaria  
GrAlt 5/5 looks like it is located in the Balkans :)  +1
CENTILION 5/5 from Russia  +3
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DaviRezende This is my picture! Uhul! :)  +15
lab0505 green and mountain view  
joaorio beautiful !!  
Phraeboy Very beautiful, breathtaking cityscape contrasting well with the blue mountain ridge behind. Great view ! 5/5 from Thailand!  +1
Kanto 2/5  
united pakistan 5 from Lahore Pakistan  +1
SmokeCity 5/5 from Pakistan  +2
Saqib1 Mountains and a calm looking city. 5/5 from Pakistan  +1