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titleSolpol department store
locationWroclaw, Poland
infoHow a postmodernist department store is trying to become the youngest monument in Poland. learn more
sourceMaciej Lulko via Archinect
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 1.57, total votes: 1446
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Naipesky Bye, old Skyscrapercity, all the glory for Solpol, the worst banner of history  
dipdown one word. ew.  
oizo2k10 ugly  
Fallen Calling it ugly is an understatement.  +1
vegorv о. я проходил мимо этого домика. кол,конечно.  
Transamericapyramid How can you give a 0? xD  
Minor Polska mistrzem Świata :/  +4
alex_lg Posmodernism  +1
Skyscraper12345 1/5  
Ufimets 1/5, ugly  
THIOLI 1/5 from Brazil  +1
Axel Schovelin what is that???  +7
Сисястый Best banner ever!  +3
Hps95 Jesus....  +1
Wonderwhat architectual disaster  +2
WingWing Champion!!!  +1
Kemo Poland can into flop1 !!!  +39
Jaguar banner bullying xD . postmodernist buildings are risky bets  +1
Drac The BESTEST banner EVER, 1/5  +5
MilwaukeeMark I understand that people are excited to see something different than the typical European setting as SSC banner. That said, the "something other than" could be a hell of a lot better than this. The crop alone is driving me insane. Look at the streetlight cut off at the bottom left corner and tell me that doesn't make you go WHAAAAA?  +2
Ozmx Sorry, but this fantasy building only one star  +1
ArrowHead30 Why SSC people, why?  +3
Chinesekiwi eek - ugly  +1
Avemano Ugly  +2
Budowlaniec Polacy są wszędzie. Brakowało nam tylko najgorszego baneru, ale teraz mamy i to :D  +6
LaPaz Urbanismo horrible!  +3
Andrus dobijam 1, żeby już nie wstał...  +2
ChrisPL Chętnie dałbym 0, ale nie ma jak :(  +2
fanfix For this moment it`s the worst banner in SSC history ;) Go, go Wrocław :P  +16
Krasna Sreča It kind of looks like Legos!  +1
fanfix For this moment it  
michal lbn omg wtf  +3
6opuC 5 for humor  +1
R!ck This is worst than diarrhea.  +7
Ozmx lol, kkkkk, jajajaj.  +1
Widur i'm living in Wroclaw but my eyes are bleeding NOW!!!  +2
Mroberto przyszły zabytek ??  +1
pg87 skoro PKiN mógł stac się zabytkiem...  
Daortíz you people are all so square an boring! I for once I am glad they showed something different specially from european countries which for the most part are very predictable, not everything has to be be church spires surrounded by a blanket of snow  +2
ThatOneGuy I know right! I'm so done with European medieval rooftops, it's so overdone. This is a unique piece of architecture, the first Polish example of postmodernism. By definition it is a historic building that deserves to be showcased because it represents a time of great change in that country.  
blogcraft Horrible in every way possible  +2
Wrocer Excellent and unique example of avangarde architecture ! First fresh wind of post-modern building in post-comunist Poland !  
.V. worst banner ever!  +1
Intruz ale kupa :)  +1
Gromit This is unbelievable.  +2
marty145 fabulous 90!  
junek 5 for your courage and sense of humor ;)  +2
LubiePiwo [link]  +1
Elvenking I cri evrytiem  +2
Edif Guad ¡feo!  +1
Gordion 0/5 this banner is rubbish, Wroclow is beautiful...  
WeGi Wroclove :)  
miau Breslau is much more beautiful or at least more interesting than .... THAT  +1
kubasku Let the average vote determine whether it deserves the 'monument' status...Anyway,shame on the one who chose it for a banner.  +1
Evgeni60rus фу фу фу, какашка какая то:)  +1
poginho1 WTF?  +2
Deco come on!  
ghort good joke. wroclaw strong.  +1
misiek9300 WTF? 1/5 PL  +1
Tillor87 Piece of art... 1/5  
sampamex poor  +1
wander-udi 1  +1
AlbertoZH Is this city in Europe ? Looks like Mongolia.  +8
Joulupukki Don't insult Mongolia, that country is too good for this architecture  +15
spitygniew it looks better in context: [link] xDD  +3
jar_007 it's not  
maxam No to dobijamy gniota :D 1/5  +2
DeNi$ ......-1000000000000  +1
Stiggy Idziemy na miszcza!  +2
smfarazm.. puke  +2
aleochi Amazing!!  
Janek235 -2/5  +1
stingu What is this crap?  +4
dbk I hate posmodernism BUT after looking at that building I even hate it more! :|  +10
Siuda Pani Ten kto ten banner popełnił wystap!  +1
LondonTubeBrad 1/5. Pathetic. One-way ticket to the Flop 15!  +5
TILT Awful!  +2
blotunga 2/10  +1
anonymoususer 1/5 its SkyscraperCITY not SkyscraperBUILDING  +2
Cadîr Looks like a nice building, in the clothes of a cheap public toilet.  +3
cracow_24 0/5 ugly postmodernism  +2
buczo85 Niech ten dzień już się skończy! :)  +7
Торчъ Ужос  +3
dreszczyk 1/5 from Wrocław.  +10
Blue Flame Wow, this is really dragging the bottom of the barrel. There are much better pictures of Wroclaw that could be posted. 1/5  +1
Morrov555 1/5 from Poland.  +6
tur jak się uda będzie pierwsze miejsce we flopach ;)  +5
bus driver 5 from Moscow  +3
Widur hah, great sense of humour ;) Pozdrawiam z Wrocławia ;)  
keepthepast OMG. Once a jewel of German architecture, this is how the city now would present itself? Horrible.  +1
viat Jak mozna tak skompromitowac Wroclaw? :(  +8
Anticalaca Ugly. Incredible that they posted this, having so much to show of Poland, (and lots of incredible skyscrapers).  
Bruno BHZ The banner is terrible, but the story being told in the 'learn more' link is actually very interesting!  +1
manuel71 there is much better in Wroclaw  +1
SAP Me gusta, 4/5  
Sorvete na Testa My eyes are bleeding! 1/5  +8
Mik3 terrible 1/5  +1
Piotr-Stettin jest pięknie / it's beautiful 5/5 hehe  +5
Mateusz 5/5 Pozdrawiam, Arseniusz Romanowicz  
Zerg Who is the idiot who suggested this awful banner?  
rpl 1/5 Poland is a beautiful land, but this building is simply ugly.  +7
untasz_napirisza Dont know why but it reminds me the jelly doughnut scene from Stanley Kubricks FMJ.  +1
reapers wtf???  +1
90kifot nice architecture of 90', greetings from Danzig 5/5  
schlesiener "zabytek"...  
Gutovsky *sigh*  
Saxonia Wroclaw can not into Breslau...  +1
janex_wwa 1/5, for the glory of the motherland! Flop15 will be our!  
Widur Ja się pytam - co to jest?  
Batkovich looks like typical m  
Batkovich typical Moscow architecture by 90's - Luzhkowschina  +2
JotaPe Why?  
chauffeur Leo, why?  
Forza_imperial fajny zarcik ale daje 0  
_No_Name_ okropność  +1
nicolasm 0/5  +6
krzewi I just throw up !!!!!  +1
Bonaerense24 really? 1/5  
montesky One of the worst so far  +2
Voorish-Gdansk It's so bad that requires adjusting of the scale. 0/5  +11
Pan spięty hardcore  +1
MaLag Don't joke! It's a monument... almost (1/5 - I'm from Wrolaw)  +1
.kp hłe hłe hłe  +1
tomaszek tomaszek To jakaś akcja przeciwko temu budynkowi?? Wrocław 5/5, baner i to co na nim: 1/5  
username unnecessary Interesting how Polish members want to acquaint SSC members with aspects of their recent history. But when you have to read an entire article to understand a banner I am not sure if that is the meaning of the daily banner. 3/5 since I am split on the matter.  +2
madefacio Ode mnię zasłużona piąteczka. Cudeńko!  +3
Vargas Damn!!!  +1
Kozhedub 3/5 for god building, but where is the skyline?  
Andrezinho 5/5 WOW! ;)  
xywa Co za straszydło?!  +3
Hyper Worst banner ever?  +4
schlesiener worst building ever...  
Strzala WTF?! So ugly.  +3
grzeshek86 masakra  
Joralex I actually like it a lot.. 4/5  
prahovaploiesti 1/5, beautiful city, bad banner  +1
darque stahp  
BlazD My z teściem nie takie bude postawilim!  +9
LeitoStafe Great way of showing how a masterpiece can be photographed and 'bannerized' to become a big fat 1.  
yes.please I can't even tell how bad that is. The trans-techno architecture. / - But people like that building ; - People are idiots /  +1
wasiliew_ Wonderful city 5, and a terrible building 1 = 3... greatings fromGliwice  
Ronald W. Reagan I've never been in Japan before.  +1
pvclo89 Lol  
Kuba.wro Myslałem, że pomysł z banerem to okrutny żart, ale to zrobiliście. Super...  +7
Westchester Sq really bad taste...  +2
Askario 1  
Rokugatsu Oh god, why?  
cichy87 trolling - master level  +6
cotinus I think I will puke  
Mony Vi Just die  
Parravillian I'm sorry guys, but it's crap. 90s crap. 1/5  
paf1 This building represents typical Polish taste in terms of architecture.  +5
SurowyOjciec I strongly disagree with you if you don't mind.  +2
TETA it's part of history of architecture. 3/5 Radom, Poland  
MajKeR_ It's ridiculous for me to consider that banner just in aesthetic ways. Its duty is clearly written: Solpol suprisingly is becoming a monument (while it's built in 1992). It rightly caused a perturbation, but if someone do some research in the situation, it's not as silly: we might treat that building as sign of economical and structural changes happening in Poland in early 90's and it's perhaps the most significal of all such buildings in Poland. On the other hand, the photo is pretty decent.  +2
SurowyOjciec Nice trolljob - 1  +1
IgoryokOmsk 1  
fadeout 0 from Poland  +1
PRIMEVAL Postmodernism is kitsch by definition  
GreGorian* haha nice provocation guys! now whole SCC knows what is this SPECIAL building. 5/1 from Francoforto ;P  +3
RAFI 1/5, you have much more attractives places  
creamer It's 90's baby! With sentiment - 2/5 ;)  
AdrianSuvalkai Great troll :D  
Tomeyk Amazing, absolutely amazing, one of the best banners ever! 1/5  
rewq1 nice troll Wroclaw :D  
Balansiyí Great city, shitty building...  
mymmy it's worse than cancer  
Slaff Piękny baner i budynek. 1.  
Baxon79 Is it kind of joke? My eyes will explode aaaaaaa...  
Juszatek 1/5 Shit happens  +1
DonDiegoDeLaVega #trollbanner  +1
rafal_osw 1 from Kraków (Cracow). I really sympathize with brothers in Wrocław. It is not heritage as some people suggest. It is unforgivable architectonic mistake.  +1
DerMartini Dear Wroclawers, please don't joke that badly  +3
krzysztof_wolf ???  
sieradzanin1 1  +1
TaxiRide i simply hate postmodern  +2
devlin would not bang  
FRED PERRY Lulek, don't take it personal - 1 ;)  
Ifo Koszmar!  +2
jar_007 flop 1  +2
este Giń maszkaro!  +1
keymil I'm ashamed that this photo was taken in my country... 1 from Cracow  
dzizass solpol :O trolololo/5  
jose valderama obrazek przypomniał mi, że pora udać się do toalety 1/5  +3
potiz81 Ridiculously ugly building and banner. 0 from Greece  +1
axov 1 from Kraków/Cracow, why...  +1
Ivan the Immigrant 5/5 for the second time:)  
Ivan the Immigrant You people can say what ever you want. But I am telling you, this stuff is masterpiece. It is recognizable from very first moment. Probably most of you are confused because this building looks weird. But everything valuable is weird when you se it for first time. I don't understand what are you all laughing at. And it was also great idea to bring this one for banner. Aren't you all bored of watching photoshoped panoramas every single day???? Who ever brought this one, did good thing. It's so refreshing. Photograph is excellent, banner is graeat, this building is 'masterpiece'....  +5
NickNN no-no, it looked "weird" 90 years ago. Now it looks like kitsch.  +1
Ivan the Immigrant I don't know what architect had in mind when he was doing this. But intentionally or unintentionally he actually did great job. Even if this building is a 'kitch' it is most certainly exception of the rule. You may say it's a 'kitch' that surpasses a 'kitch'. Therefore it's not 'kitch' any more. I'd say it recycles an old idea in 'kitch' way and at the end it becomes something new and original in it's own way. And that's why I think it's brilliant...  +1
masaguseka28 this is shytt  +2
il fenomeno lol  +1
DonKristoffo Hahaha SOLPOL! Nie mogę :D -100000000.../5 from Stargard - Poland :D  +1
dmichalak No! No! No Solpol! 1 because 0 is not available.  +6
PaganPT Oczywiscie 1/5 :)  +2
The Yogazen 2/5 sorry,,,but i don,t know what the banner today...  
lFer 3/5, sorry, why not show the whole building?  
NickNN wtf???  +3
The Yogazen 2/2 sorry,,,but i don,t know what the banner today...  
NOCC flop 15  
zaphod If only I knew how to pronounce "wroclaw"  
partyzantka vrotz-uav, just to simplify it  
xvbvcv x_X  
Ivan the Immigrant It's kinda experimental architecture. If we do not experiment, how are we suppose to discover new things? So, again, I like it. I believe it deserves better's very fresh, inovative, in a way surprising....  +2
La Repuvlica Flop 15 say HI.  +1
Ivan the Immigrant Banner is actually very nice. It's kinda modern trope of Statue of Liberty. I guess most people dislike it because they expect something more older from East Europe. But East Europe is not only about old castles and past times. It's also about new and modern things. I like it. 5/5.  
Yurka52rus dafaq is it  +1
ilynlok 1/5  +3
kapturek :D  +1
ThatOneGuy Interesting piece of Pomo. I have no problem with it becoming a monument.  +2
Hudson11 5/5 would bang... down  
Marbur66 Shame for that banner for such a gorgeous city 0/5  
ManickX92 Directo al Flop XD  
Mesopotamico OMG!! jajaja  +1
BlackHust Poland cannot into skyline?  +1
Tchokan 1/5 from Porto, Portugal!  +4
bodypainter Are we Running oft of Banners?  +1
hif Solpol? Srsly guys? WHY?? I have a strange feeling that in some architecture fans in Wrocław want to be hipsters ;)  +3
rince1 Hooray for the future historical monument! It's an architectural analogy of that photo showing you painting the wall with your poop as a toddler. One needs to learn to cherish that kinda souvenirs from the past.  +2
Kanto 1/5  +4
Robi_damian Flop 15? Banners that are there because they have some special meaning to local people mean squat for the rest of the forum, as has been the case time and again.  
stasiekkk kill it with fire  +4
prisma 1/5. Could have a great banner with Warsaw, but...  +2
ixs ...but this is not a beautiful, full-Polish Warsaw! This is post-German building from post-German Breslał ;D  +1
seba65536 1/5 grom Poland. why this photo?  +1
R.K.Teck Crazy looking shopping centre. Still better than the proposed Buchanan Galleries extension in Glasgow.  
WB2010 My beloved Wrocław shows to the world one of the worst eyesores - what a shame :-((( 0/5  +2
Don Vito KurDeBalanz My country, so beautiful. OMG :)  +4
BaalNamib Jak nie mieszkanie Gierek zmiksowane z Ludwikiem to teraz ten baner... Boże coś Polskę...  +4
beaniepotato Once again we're back to horrible banners.  +4
Stiggy Rozumiem, że celujemy we Flop 15... :)  +1
el nino O matko z córką  +2
Raj20 Humor appreciated. 5/5.  +2
bloniaq_s8 lol2  +1
Esitor co tu się dzieje? :DD  +1
Singidunum Polish banner day :) 5/5  +3
Ludi I like Wroclaw/ Breslau, hometown of part of my familie but this banner..., sorry guys  +1
KiffKiff → flop 15  +1
kasztelan54 "Thanks for not aborting me" - crazy 90's in postcommunist country :D  +5
Poul_ it looks like shit  +5
Vanaheim Demolish it before it lays eggs!!!  +35
Weissenberg Are you effing kidding me?  
erbse Most beautiful banner I've seen on SSC in years. 5/5  +34
dexter2 I'm not surprised you like it given the fact you are responsible for some past German banners ;]  +5
ixs matko bosko - cebule przerzucaja przez granice ;D  +20
Dubai Skyscraper You. can't. be. serious...  +3
C0nTainEr Solpol department store...1/5 e giusto così  +2
Zaphod123 I think it's a provocation...  +2
C0nTainEr CESM  
joaorio 0/0 from Brazil  +4
archifect another flop 15  +5
loit2007 lol  +2
Edil Arda not a skyline but a nice try of façade. 4.  
gfol 1st place flop 15  +3
ogonek -100500  +2
QN Это памятник архитектурному убожеству. Относитесь с уважением!  +4
vegorv omg  
[email protected] OMG! What is it? Is it skyline?  +2
RedCoppa wtf???  +4
sourierservice C u in FLOP 15 Banners list tomorrow :D 3/5 from Pakistan  +1
ikeamen omfg  +3
croomm I like Poland and dislike this banner, what happaned with you, guys?  +5
okach1 WTF is This?  +8
Dober_86 Unfortunately, this is extremely weird for a banner (skyline and suchlike)  +4