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titleSanto André cityscape
locationSanto Andre, Brazil
sourcervcroffi at Flickr
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 2.59, total votes: 327
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Dober_86 4 points. The town seems not so big but the photo gives it some majestic and spacious feel.  
Tchokan 3/5 from the Azores, Portugal  
prahovaploiesti 3/5  
Thiago |Klock| -5/5 from Curitiba, Brazil. im very ashamed, we've a lot of bealtiful places and cities, but they only choose the worst pictures -.-  
martinalagui 2/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina. Sorry.  
rafael1312 1/5 from Brazil  
Loro. 5/5 The market seems to hate Dilma! Fora PT bandidos! PT We hate you!!! Lula We hate you! Dilma ask to leave!  
Andre Goth Ask to leave????  
Equario Boring  +1
Ciampino 1/5. Exotic.  +2
Kozhedub Looks like Berezhany 4/5  
SpiderBHZ 1  +2
Nike1989 5 from Russia with love  
ogonek 5 from moscow  
Lucas Correia 2/5 from Arapiraca, Brazil  
Hps95 1/5 from São Paulo  +1
Billah 2/5 so boring  +4
GoUp 2/5  +1
CENTILION 5/5 from Russia  +1
jakobnguyen 1 out of 5 for trivia. Regards from Odense, Denmark.  +2
Antiroca HORRID! 0 point  +4
loit2007 5/5 for BRICS brothers  +1
Vinícius Osasquense Cool show several cities in a continental country like Brazil, but please show our beautiful and pretty pictures cities , it seems that the intention is to tarnish the country's image . Both beautiful place to show !  +3
Baitalon its not his fault these are pictures users send to him  
Anticalaca I`m afraid there`s something like that happening. I know Brazil, and they have a lot of interesting cities and skycrapers... but somehow, they only choose the worst pictures.  +6
eighty4 Nice the way the slums have been captured :-D  +2
Arthur Baz I'm afraid they're not slums but low-middle-class nborhoods...  
Naipesky Realitroll7 is going to freak out