banner of July 27, 2015

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titleBrisbane Central
locationBrisbane, Australia
sourceBrad Scruse at Flickr
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 1.70, total votes: 568
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Danubis this is where you catch the maglev to caboolture  
Unregistered 0/10  
Dukljanka Not so bad.  
THIOLI 2/5 from Brazil  
Fyturis This is the worst possible shot from our city, which has a wonderful subtropical skyline just begging to be shown.  +3
aan_mustafa 1  
BNE01 Why would this be a banner for my beautiful home town, Central Station is awful!  
Tchokan 1/5 from the Azores, Portugal  
prahovaploiesti 3/5  
erissonv Not bad!  
Levathian Get a grip people, the New York subway is way grosser than this.  
Stiggy Great banner! 1/5  +3
cnd Oh please, it isn't that bad. We've had far more shitty banners than this.  
siamu maharaj I registered 20 new accounts today, just to give this POS 1/5s. Join be brothers in making this the lowest ranking banner of all time.  +4
eco186 Must be a sad life that takes the banner soooo seriously.  +4
Levathian you must be fun at parties :P  +2
richard manaba horribleeeee the worst banner.can i put zero.?  
stwebm Brisbanner 1  
NOMAD€ 1..  
Didarecus Tiene que ser una broma! mal banner! 1/5  +1
bus driver 5 from ground level  
Ducezio I vomited  +1
Mr. Burns I didn't vote because I didn't want give 1 once it deserves 0.  +2
Anápolis Goiás bad! 1/5  +1
building demolisher Wurst banner ever!  +3
SpiderBHZ 1 for the banner, 3 for the city.  
Sarcastic Saracen Is the train being late?  +1
Euplio Tomorrow will be a great day.  
Bulanek Great banner, I like that blonde girl on the left 5/5  +1
Euplio What is it???  
ArrowHead30 I am disappoint.  
Tiozão 1/5,Brazil  
grumpyom an aussie bat colony  
Sunkid I suppose the next SSC banner will be with a naked girl or a cute cat :)  +8
BlackArt-ist Dis Pater home city!  
Bonaerense24 Worst banner ever!!  +1
Antiroca WTF?!??!! Is it a joke?!?! 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and 0 if it would be possible!!!  +4
MajKeR_ Future top of the flop :D  +1
joacocanal what's the point? it looks like any other subway station...  +2
buho Brisbane is great, but this banner is... 1/5.  +2
Brad and it has a tilt/  
Baitalon -1/5  +2
luancarpe What a lovely skyscraper... 1/5  +3
Dr. Rabbit we need to launch a petition to make a 0/5 stars option on SSC!  +20
Bobdreamz Interesting! Does the track really bend that way in a semi-circle? Just put two eyes above the platform & it becomes the world's biggest smilie! :)  +1
rpl 1/5 from Brazil. SSC's "The All-time crappiest pics contest ", once again. Brisbane is great folks, don't get fooled.  +2
Fluxit Oh yes, that is Brisbane, recognized it immediately. Wonderful shot of the uniqueness of the city. ... Serious ?  +8
kimahrikku1 Nice, they managed to turn the world's best skyline into a fishing village...  +1
jcastro805 Seriously?  +1
martinalagui 1/5!!!!! WTF?????  +2
Shard-on That's the spirit  +1
Max Headway ...Preferably with a splintery broom handle.  +1
JaydenM My own city, Brisbane is beautiful but this banner is shit 1 star  +2
Parravillian That's... uhm... interesting...  
Robi_damian 5/5 for sentimental reasons. I never do this normally, this deserves a 2/5...  
Dubai Skyscraper The banners get worse each year...  +3
kaqla dougfa great skyline 5/5  +7
kaqla dougfa God Save the Australian Queen!  +5
QN Dniwe.  +1
BETTER CALL SAUL 0/5 from Sevastopol, Ukraine  +9
Skyline Art And Chuckeh.....  
Skyline Art During peak hour.... Looks Weird using the fish lense. Could be anywhere. I agree with Levathian.  +1
masaguseka28 OMG WTF  +4
JayT Stood on those platforms many times....  
Levathian My city! Looks like central station in the cbd!  
Levathian central is an outdated station anyway, there are so many better things they could have used for the banner instead. SIGH!  +1
Chuckeh this will probably be downvoted to hell but I appreciate something different as a banner.  +3