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titleThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
locationHong Kong, China
sourceSee-ming Lee at Flickr
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 2.72, total votes: 338
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Tchokan 1/5 from the Azores, Portugal  
Lucario Boricua So much lgiht pollution!!!  
prahovaploiesti 4/5  
brazilian001 Looks like Rio in this photo  
JamieUK I love the gold colour and the mountains so beautiful.  +1
Nightsky 2/5. Not a bad picture but this part is not at all representive for Hong Kong's massive skyline!  
Kozhedub 5 for the city, 3 for the banner  
Henry Effenberger there is something really wrong with banner selections latelly.  +1
popcorn69 i love HK but seriously wtf is this ?  +1
eprex 1/5  
SpiderBHZ Don't like the city. The banner is horrid. The general skyline is beautiful though...  
zahid111 Very impressive landscape...5/5 from Azerbaijan!))  
616Homeboy 1/5 bad banner..  +1
Fluxit Can't recognize Hong Kong in this photo...  +3
velbujd 5 from BG  +1
yurodivoy Eep, talk about a horrible Hong Kong photo. One of the best skylines in the world, represented by this?  
uN90D1y 3/5 from Thailand. Not the best HK photo.  
croomm Hong Kong is not only skyscrapers, Hong Kong is amazing landscapes too. 5 stars from Russia.  +1
passat1717 5/5 from Croatia  
Ricardo31330 wow beautiful  
Baitalon It kinda looks like Rio  +1
pietro-rj it may sound ridiculous, but Rio and HK share many similarities  
WasikSC I love HK but this is just a slap in the face... a mediocre town shot with a good perspective could have made the same impact :( 2/5  
beaniepotato I mean, it's alternative...  
BoardLord probably is some of the other sides of the island. 3  
pietro-rj This university is in the New Territories, not the Island or the Kowloon peninsula  
Hamster333 Where are skyscrapers? ;)  
pyataki 5 from Crimea, Russia  +3
616Homeboy robber  +1
ekko Make sure this is really HK... I cannot see any skyscraper or at least highrise 0_ะพ 5/5 from Ufa, Russia