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titleErzi tower complex
infoErzi tower complex - one of the largest tower complexes in Ingushetia. It is located in Dzhejrahsky rayon at the tip of the mountain-ridge in Dzhejrahsky canyon and includes eight combat, two semi-combat and 47 residential towers surrounded by stone defensive walls. Battle towers are up to 30 meters high and their bases are square, mainly have five floors with stepped pyramidal roofs.
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Maks33 5 from the city of Vladimir, Russia.  
74471683 like in Georgia, in Mestia :)  
Chernomorets 1 з Одеси карателям Дагестану  
S.K.A.Y 5+ из Луганска  +1
4miGO!!! Ancient scrapers! Proud to be Russian:)  
Sejmen interesting  
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  +1
JotaPe Great picture.  
francais22 5/5, looks like the new project in Grozny  +2
moscowgoth 5/5from Bulgaria  +1
AAEORD 5/5 skyscrapers' ancestors! Excellent!  
A.W.R Красота  
axov 5 from Cracow / Poland. Amazing Caucasus!  
caligola00 Magic 5/5  
loit2007 5/5 from Nizhnevartovsk, Russia  +1
SkyCA 5/5 from El Salvador  
Hasht 5/5 from Gudermes, Chechnya  +2
Geborgenheit The nature looks stunning, similar to Georgia.  +2
Benonie 5/5! never heard of it, but it looks great!  
luancarpe 5/5 from Balneário Camboriú, Brazil  
dellmar 5/5 look like a huge mushrooms, Hong Kong  
gimenez 5/5 yayayaya  
Evgeni60rus Ингуш, тlaн гушь!!! 5/5 из Грозный.  
nick.english.dept Stunning!  
LanGeo 5+ from Lviv  +1
tolstii_dj удивительно что не обосрали... 5 из Краснодара  +1
Guajiro1 mazing! Definitely 5/5 from Buenos Aires, Argentina!  
Dukljanka 5/5 This is amazing.  
Dmitriy 82 Rus 5 to Ingushetia from Crimea, Russia  +4
kokomo 5/5 curious pic. They were built by whom and with which purpose?  
RossBTM Ingush medieval castles. Majority of towers and walls were destroyed by Russian army in 19th and 20th centuries. (its info from wiki)  +4
Firеstar Liar! There is no page in wiki about Erzi in other languages exept russian where doesn't exist any word about their destruction by army. Typical provocateur who is afraid of non-existent threat and see "russian army" everywhere  +3
Gutovsky So that's where you play Quidditch, Ingushetia-style! 5/5  +4
Castiel667 5/5 from Georgia  
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
Pop Bogdan 5/5 from Romania !  +1
aenigma Skyscrapers from the past surrounded by the beauty of nature. Great pic! 5/5 from Rome.  
Ekb_Morlaix Real skyscraper cluster... Erzi-city.  +1
GCPR116 Looks better than many towers currently being built around the world  +2
Hafnia Beautiful and historical  +1
EZE 5/5  +1
playmannn You can't say those are not towers... 5/5 from Bulgaria  +3
NunoRaimundo 5* for old-school skyscrapers  +7
Kozhedub 5 from Ukraine to Free Caucasus  +8
keycap Вероятно там зафиксирована минимальная высота Приоры *палец вверх*  +1
SpiderBHZ 4  +1
passat1717 5/5 for free Ingushetia from Croatia !!!  +4
Trimoff 5 из Ульяновска-Симбирска 5 from Ulyanovsk-Simbirsk  +3
Rasbeek 5 с Алтая  +1
RossBTM 5 from Georgia for our brothers !!  +6
ElViejoReino 5/5!! impresionantes!  +1
Voorish-Gdansk Cool structures, 5/5  +2
shuttermage this is necropolis, okay  
stesus85 no, it is not. they have military purpose.  +2
Beomnaegol 5 from Vladivostok, to Russian Ingushetia  +3
oltemont 5 from Voronezh  +1
LaPaz Urbanismo Different.. 5 from Bolivia!  +1
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 из Македонии / from Macedonia  +1
TGN2010 1/5 from Taganrog. so scary!  +1
Davidinho this is not Miss Universe.  
RestfulDon 5 from Yekaterinburg, Russia!  +2
Ysh 5 from Moscow  +1
flink 5/5 from Berlin, Russia  +1
PbICb from NN fantastic  +1
agarziz 5 from Algeria  +1
dust_bro 5 from Ufa  +1
Proterra 5/5 from Crimea, Poland  +4
LeitoStafe Lord of the rings.  +1
avto_trest 5/5 from Grozny, Chechenia.  +5
jalanajak Ês kêtkic! 5/5 from Kazan.  +2
Vladivostok2012 +5 VLADIVOSTOK RUSSIA  +4
Oplot-M 2/5 from Kyiv Junta  +2
Dubrovnik Amazing 5  +1
Ampsicora nice san gimignano is nice  +1
Дisiдent interesting 5/5  +1
podgoricki 5 from Crna Gora  
deeprussia 5/5 from Orenburg  +1
NOMAD€ 3  
Batkovich 5 to Ingushetia from Moscow  +2
VariousArtist 5 from meeeee :)))  
DeNi$ 5/5 from Moscow  +1
mike_blum 5 from SPb  +1
bus driver 5 koroche  +3
RedCoppa 5 from Ufa!  +3
vegorv Russia - strong  +2
Cyrus It originally looked great, unfortunately majority of towers and walls were destroyed by Russian army in 19th and 20th centuries.  +16
VariousArtist wars destroy everything... and not only buildings and structures :(((  +7
Дisiдent ebil ebil russians!  +2
Evgeni60rus Дisiдent, я твою мамку ебал, ЛОЛ,  +1
Woonsocket54 я твою мамку ебал в попку, Evgeni60rus  
Veteran1812 5 from Moscow  +1
ovnours Офигенно  +2
Aleksey1992 5 из Красноярска  +2
croomm Amazing! 5 stars to Ingushetia, RUssia. Отличный баннер!  +5