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titleMostar old bridge
locationMostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
infoMostar old city with river Neretva
sourceforum user Dennis Jarvis at Flickr
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 4.05, total votes: 836
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theAlien The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series ... each year in Mostar, 5/5 excellent!  
Rinnegan beautiful!  
@[email protected] 5/5 for the best Bridge of the World :)  
blackadderhk Ti si lažov i prevarant !  
blackadderhk You've already repported to the administrators, liar!  
blackadderhk Cheater 5/5!!!!  
blackadderhk Cheater!!!!  
blackadderhk Yes, TuzlaBoy, it's a nice picture... but it's not yours, you cheater. You stole it from Flickr. How do I know it? Because it's mine, you stupid. Thieves are shortlegged and their lies are quickly found out. For the rest of you, the original image is here: [link]  +1
Hepec 5/5! Beautiful  +1
ArtZ 5/5 from Bydgoszcz, Poland  
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
zkbosnia One and only! One of the most beautiful structures in the world!5 star for the banner. Can't wait to be there again  
GarfieldPark Such a beautiful place! 5/5 from Indianapolis, USA  
Mesopotamico WOW! Applause from Argentina! 5/5  
iLiR 5 from Albania. Good luck in the playoffs!  +2
Karaborsa 5 deserved stars  
Pepe potamo Mostar is a very, very interesting city though with a very sad history. Its a pitty most people stay only at the old bridge and the river when there are way more interesting things to see. 5/5  +1
volodaaaa 5/5 from Bratislava  
Skumulowane Zuo Mostar is amazing! As the photo, I think without colour manipulation it would look better.  
Balansiyí so beautiful, wanna come back over and over  
knives amazing!! 5/5  
bartboy Amazing view!!  
solitudare 5 from Dubai!  
gagapg 5/5 from Montenegro  
Istomin 5 from St. Petersburg, Russia  
mangy Sweet!  
DonKristoffo 5 from Stargard - Western Pomerania - P O L A N D !  
gorčin Vrh!  
ВОДА 5 stars from Bulgaria!  
Avemano Is it a "devil bridge" ? Many legends say that bridges built in uneasy access location were built by the devil when a local made a pact with him (build the bridge vs take the first spirit that will cross the bridge). Many stories tell that the inhabitants deluded the devil sending a dog to first cross the bridge.  
Cartagenero_cool Is it me or former Yugoslavia nations have the most scenic cities and towns? 5/5 from a Colombian.  +12
malv0 no yugoslavia..this is ottoman heritage  +15
JOHANNES1983 5/5 From Colombia  
Pedja_Nbg 5/5 from Belgrade Serbia  +2
LCIII Stunning  
Gardel 5/5 from Argentina  
HDZ Sklad i ljepota osmanske arhitekture  +1
Seoul_Korea 5/5 from Korea  
lizergowy 5/5 from Poland  +1
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  
raffasoares 5/5 from Rio!  +1
Mali 5/5 from Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija!  +1
realbizkit 5/5 from Hungary, what a beauty!  
Proterra 5/5 from Królewiec, Poland  +2
Davidinho Another former Yugoslavian landmark and I like it. Hope I'll manage to visit Balkans next summer.  
doguorsi2 More like former Ottoman landmark.  +3
ab_ltf fiver from Monte Carlo. Reminds me of the classic "The bridge on river Mostar"  
Gjin Tonikaj 5 from Kosovo  +1
i-close 5 from istanbul, nice photo guys!  
shahmeer 5 from Pakistan  +1
avto_trest 5 from Grozny, Chechenia  +4
Dukljanka 5 from Podgorica!  
gjergjkastrioti 5 from Albania  +4
Neko_eko Najljepsi Mostar !  +1
Kerom 5 from Turkey  +3
avithohol What a beauty ! 5 from Sofia :)  +1
Taxi.driver.KG 5 for beautifull Serbian town :))))  
salinovec 5/5 from Germany  +1
Led_nic Reminds me of Rivendell of Middle-Earth  +2
*mustafa* 5* from iraq  +1
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 од Македонија / from Macedonia  +2
persian Looks awesome. 5  +1
Lino beautiful!  +1
Dubrovnik Mostar 5  +1
Modisk 5 from Sweden,a ovima iz hercegbosne napusite se karine  +2
mirza-sm Sto je najgore nisu iz HB, nisu ni B ni H vidjeli ocima, samo laprdaju :)  +1
Col. Kita Rastu li ljiljani u Skandinaviji?  
mirza-sm Sta ce ti ljiljani pored ovih para ovolikih koje rastu na sve strane? :)  
Col. Kita 'ovih para ovolikih' haha kakav seljo :D ti mora da si iz bas velike bijede pobjegao kad si toliko opterecen. :D a mislio sam da ne mozes bez lilium moshniacum. jbg, sad si me razocarao :(  
mirza-sm Ne, nego potenciram ono cega nema u tamnom vilajetu - para. :)  
Trajkovic A padale su nad Mostarom neke modre kiše ... :)  +1
doguorsi2 Of course 5/5 from Turkey!  +1
mario_zadar Oj Mostaru grade mio, hrvatski si uvijek bio ! 5/5  +2
ETSman Bosanski*  +4
mirza-sm Nada posljednja umire :)  +3
mario_zadar Khm, bosanski?! da :D  
@[email protected] Da Bosanski.  
velbujd 5 from BG  +1
Srdjan Adamovic 5/5 from Serbia  
Sky88 5 from Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska!  
mpeculea beautyful picture. congtrats  
Boyledd 5 from Mostar  
DïegôLG My favorite city in BiH. 5/5 from Mexico.  
dust_bro 5 from Ufa/Russia !  
soncen 5/5 from sLOVEnia  +1
passat1717 5/5 naprid naši !!!  
Krajisnik 5/5 from Bosnia to Herzegovina!  +2
lor15 Beautiful, looks like a painting  +1
Guajiro1 What a beautiful place to live! looks like straight out from a fairy tale. 5/5  +1
Oskar.Mx 5/5 From Mexico City. Great memories of Mostar and Stari Most, simply beautiful! It made me crave for a Cevapi with a Cockta! ;)  +2
SpiderBHZ 5. Beautiful Mostar!  
EZE 5/5  
ICOSIUMCITY 5 from Algeria... love you Bosnia.  +1
Дisiдent beautiful old town of Mostar 5/5  
Vladivostok2012 +5 VLADIVOSTOK RUSSIA  +1
SturmBeobachter Bravo Yugoslavia!  +2
The-s Beautiful mostar  +1
Gov 5/5 from Italy, for peace in Europe.  +5
B4rt Excellent photo  +1
stwebm 5 from Canon Rock piano for wedding  +1
NMT11 Beautiful! 5/5. From Russia.  +3
Slartibartfas This can only be a 5/5  +1
Drenicaku What a view!!! 5/5 from Mitrovica, Republic of Kosovo  +1
Аполон 5/5 from Greece  +1
flink 5/5 for this beautiful Serbian town from Banja Luka, Serbia  +4
Kapetan don't feed the troll! Greetings from Beograd, Turkey  +28
Ellesmera The bridge is famous because it was destroyed during the war in 1993.  +1
may day Bit će opet Herceg-Bosna :banana: 5 iz Zagreba  +2
Ampsicora Nice Slovenia and Jugoslavia, 5/5 from Norbello  +1
SokoX Not Slovenia but Bosnia and Herzegovina. :-)  +1
Scanderbeg Awesome!  +2
ekko Is it the bridge that famous for it's jumping in the cool mountain water mens?  +1