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titlePastel colors elegance of the early fall
locationSt. Petersburg, Russia
infoBreathtaking scenery and awe-inspiring panorama of the historic centre of Saint Petersburg. Picturesque Neva river view of Palace Embankment along with the skyline dominants of the world-famous State Hermitage Museum, Baroque-style Winter Palace, dome of Saint Isaac's Cathedral, one of the twin Rostral Columns at the The Spit of Vasilievsky Island, spire of the Admiralty building, headquarters of the Imperial Russian Navy established by tsar Peter the Great. All-time favorite tourist and pro-photography destination. Many sightseeing boats and tours are available for hire there. Nota bene, with all these splendid islands, this spectacular architecture of the XVIIIth century and enormous amount of stunning bridges Saint Petersburg is often referred to as the 'Venice of the North', for all good reasons. This is where most of it started for the Russian Empire!
sourceAlexander Petrosyan
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 4.01, total votes: 865
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Chernomorets 1 from Odesa  
aan_mustafa 5/5 from an Indonesian :)  
nemo88 10/10  
Igor622015 The best city of Europe  
Unregistered 5/5 Beautiful. From Iran  +2
F_Yara Not the best pic of St Petersburg. Nice try. Get better next time. 2/5  +1
Tihi_RSK Beautiful Petersburg ! 5/5 From SERBIA.. Love to Russia!!!  +3
lodzer.m Nice! 5/5 from Łódź, Poland.  +3
viníciusMS Awesome! 5/5 from Brazil!  +3
leo931 I miss this city :D 5/5 from Rio de Janeiro  +3
galvis 5/5 long live to Russia!  +4
HansCity Awesome dude!  
ArchitectureSerbian 5/5 from Republic of Srpska  +6
Аполон 5/5 from Greece  +4
dudu707 very nice ...5/5 from Brasov, Romania  +4
Boriska 1 from Krasnodar, Ukraine  +1
Kiciket 1 from Lviv, Poland  +2
LanGeo eto hren', brothers. 3 from lviv  
eMKejx nice photo guys from east, 4/5  
SDriver 3/5 from Murmansk, Finland.  +2
Davidinho Are you sure? Not from Helsinki, Sweden, or Helsinki, Russian Empire?  +2
AlexDemens lol ukrainian loosers take revenge in internet :D pathetic in all sides of life  +13
SDriver I ain't ukrainian. Loosers on Earth are russian. Everyone hates them.  +1
Z- 5 for SPb from San Diego, CA  +4
Davidinho The number of comments says it all. A lot of fans and envious haters. I  +6 its Okay  
dydyusa Not that bad. 3/5 from Nice, Italy  +1 What humble words have been used in description: ''Breathtaking, Pitoresque, World-famous, All-time favorite tourist and pro-photography destination, splendid islands, spectacular architecture, ENORMOUS amount of stuning bridges... for all good reasons''. 1* for your narcissism. Ro-Dk  +7
AlexDemens you rating text or picture, bastard?  +7 I rate what i see beyond words and a poorly photoshopped picture of a kitsch city..  +2
AlexDemens you're blind idiotic ukrain shizo  +4
NewKIWI 5 from New Zealand.  +12
PresidentBjork Love the light.  +1
Ale1500 5/5 From Buenos Aires, Argentina.  +12
Pepe potamo Beautiful.  +2
Voorish-Gdansk Bit boring, but nice colours. 5/5 for this amazing city build on water.  +4
Westchester Sq Beautiful Leningrad!  +2
XXTREM75 I've been there twice, amazing city!! 5/5 from Spain  +13
Kozhedub 5 for the banner. Unfortunately, thousands of people died constructiong this city...  
IgoryokOmsk 5 fr Msk  
Substructure Nice buildings but no real skyline... 3/5 from Strasbourg, Germany  +2
bus driver not bad  
Kutsuit 5/5 from Kuwait. :-)  +11
loit2007 5/5 from Nizhnevartovsk, Russia  +6
Ksenofob It's not 'Venice of the North', but "Pjongjang of the West"...  +4
Дisiдent 5/5 from Yugoslavia :)  +9
MetaCRNL 5 from Southampton, England  +7
zata87 1 from Kharkiv, Ukraine  +2
Davidinho well, I must admit, Kharkiv is much more beautiful.... LOL  +1
ovnours Looks like each Russian banner is no more than yet another chance for us to find out in which country this or that town is located according to certain users' sick imagination or bad sense of humour. Although bad sense of humour might be misjudgement. It's getting kinda funny now...  +12
Avemano Beautiful Europe. 5 from France, USSR.  +10
VIRTES-DOC 5/5 from Ufa  +7
iceicebaby 5 from Chelyabinsk, Russia  +7
Johnny Flowers 5/5 from Spain. Slava Russia!  +18
invincibletiger 5/5 from India  +12
Krosh great city, great cityscape - 5/5 from Siberia  +3
Vojvoda Excellent - 5/5 from Sliven, Bulgaria  +5
Harry Mason 1 for Kruschevskistan (Russia)  +2
deeee 5 from India  +7
aenigma Very nice composition, 5/5 from Rome  +4
Vita_ 5 from Ekaterinburg  +4
novonew47 Elegant Beautiful Wonderful St Pertersburg  +2
john_1256 1 from Sevastopol, Ukraine  +7
beastie boy 5 from West Siberia  +8
IgorTCRS24 5 from Lviv, Poland  +26
Proterra That would be Lwów ;-)  
Stiggy Пять! :)  +5
Štětín I don´t like Russian politics at the moment, but I love Russian people! 5 from Szczecin, Poland  +16
Davidinho And we love you :)  +1
VG 5 from London  +10
venia EXCELLENT photo! 5/5 from Buenos Aires  +8
Svetlix 5 from Pleven, Bulgaria :)  +11
A.s.78rus 5 from Kyiv, Russia  +19
Davidinho the first capital of Russia :) now occupied by nazis.  +1
bets 5  +4
Alibiyes 5 из Алма-Аты, красивейшему городу СССР!  +9
DanielFA Красивый город! 5/5 from Argentina :)  +7
slupski no sky tower -1  +2
alley cat 5 от Среднего Урала  +2
wojtor 3/5 for russian town built on finnish land  
Frane_Merikan 10 for Sankt Peterburg, 4 for the banner. Привет из Хорватии!  +4
EAUSERB 5 из Сербии. :)  +15
keymil Some day I will visit this beautiful city! 5/5 from Poland :)  +17
el nino Me too! Greetings from B-52!  +1
Max Richter 5 from Sevastopol  +15
kuznetskiy oh god. how gorgeous  
geda 5 from St-Petersburg  +2
kevloral Disgusting country. Disgusting city.  +1
NOMAD€ 3  +1
SpiderBHZ 5. This city deserves 50000!! Splendid from any angle.  +9
Beomnaegol 5 from Vladivostok, Russian Far East, to the real capital of our Russia  +5
SurowyOjciec 4 from Łódź, Poland. Nice.  +1
Radiokott 5 from New York, Bashkiria  +5
farrar4 5/5 from Bulgaria. The most beautiful city in the world!  +11
Davidinho it is  
Supercell 4 for Sydney, British province  +1
zcsx 5  +4
VACHO Marvelous! 5/5 from Varna, Bulgaria!  +6
leblanca This may be the best banner I've seen on SSC so far.  +1
Proterra Pietari would be even prettier if it wasn't run by the Russians... 3/5 from Królewiec, PL  +1
czarny 2/5 from Lublin/PL  
Davidinho 2/5 To SPb... than what can actually Lublin get?  
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 из Македонии / from Macedonia  +8
Turgeman Aaaah, another of our beautiful Iranian cities! Since Putin sold Russia to the ayatollahs, that is.  +1
corvus_edin 5 - been there ;)  +1
аndrіykо 1 from Crimea, Ukraine  +15
Ross1967 5 from Kiev,NewGabon  +29
lastsamurai 1 from Italy  +1
Silent soul 5 from Kirov! SPB is so lovely city!  
oltemont 5 from Voronezh  
Christopher_Robin 5 from Southern Capital of Russia  +1
kowal1981 1/5 from St. Petersburg, Russia  +1
S.K.A.Y 5 из Луганска  +21
Ysh Рад видеть тебя, что-то ты давно с форума попал  +2
Ysh *пропал  
S.K.A.Y я постоянно с форуммом  
velbujd 5 from BG  +9
dust_bro 5 from Ufa!  +7
slothman64 Only beautiful city in Russia  
Piotr-Stettin 5/5 :)  +5
Dukljanka Really beautful. 5/5 from Montenegro.  +7
JOHANNES1983 5/5 from Cali,Co  +6
gentem 5 from India  +8
Ermir Too much water so 1.  
iBACuJIb 1  +3
nachop666 Petrogrado/Leningrado/San Petersburgo. Espectacular! 5 desde Argentina.  +22
reapers 5 from Tyumen!  +13
zahid111 5 from Baku, Azerbaijan!  +17
Adrimer 5 from Argentina, wonderful!!  +17
EagleX 5 from Subotica, Serbia!  +24
kichen awesome 5+  +13
Mesopotamico 5/5 from Argentina!! Fantastic!  +22
Dimas89 5 from Vladivostok!  +14
Soliter 5 from Belgrade, Serbia!  +20
WrathChild 5/5 from Argentina, I wanna go back!  +15
delija90 5 из Србије  +21
Raj20 ▶▶▶ [link] ◀◀◀  +13
BiH-x 5 from Bosnia  +24
Grejv 5 from Serbia for our brothers  +42
botinko Thank you brother. Срби и руси браћа заувек!  +19
ti6o 5 from Varna BG  +14
7rani 5 From St. Petersburg, Ukraine.  +12
karhu.spb Loooool  
prahovaploiesti 4/5  +1
prahovaploiesti for the photo, 5/5 for city  +1
ovnours 5 to Boloto city from mighty Moscow.  +12
megajack St. Petersburg, stay strong! Петербуржцы, мы все рыдаем вместе с вами. RIP 9268  +33
croomm 5 stars to my home place.  +2
Dober_86 5 from Vladivostok. Northern capital of Russia is awesome.  +11
JaydenM 5/5 - R.I.P to Russians of Flight 9268, from Australia  +93
Z- my hat is off to you  +1