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titleDubai Marina
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates
sourceStefano at Flickr
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 4.03, total votes: 637
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Afro Circus africa  
takechi nice  
Thrawn 5/5  
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
doguorsi2 How many Syrian refugees are there in Dubai? Because we have about 3 million of Arabic refugees while the Gulf Arabs don't give a damn about their brothers.  +1
brayanb96 5/5 from Venezuela.  
towerpower123 this is a winner for the banners!!!  +1
rcandre81 Great shot, from Rio 2016  
gsz87 nice view,but peaple not nice...  
MENA55 It's a wealthy city = snobby people... But they're still 10x nicer than Londoners.  
xvbvcv 5 stars from Płock, Poland.  
desertpunk Best shot yet!  
design_man Looks silly and inappropriate  
Voorish-Gdansk I don't like Dubai at all, it's an overrated monstrosity. 1/5  +8
knives 5/5  
RandomDude01 Love Dubai. So futuristic.  
Xenoplas I don't like dubai very much but it's a fantastic picture!  
CurlzerUK 4/5 from London  
Anonymous-scraperfan gr8 banner m8 i r8 8/8  
siamu maharaj Greatest city on earth! 5/5  
andree19 5/5 from Honduras. Great city.  +1
RalphGuy 5/5 from Birmingham, England.  +1
ChapinUrbano 5/5 from La Antigua Guatemala. Great picture!  +1
lezgotolondon 1/5 from Doha  
iceicebaby 55 from Chelyabinsk, Russia  +1
ruifo 5/5 from New Mexico/USA  +1
Rumors 1  
blue zal itzz Amazingg Dubaiii................  +1
Axel76NG wow  +1
DubaiM 5/5 no doubt  +1
SpiderBHZ 1  +1
aaabbbccc I would give more than 5 stars if I could . Beautiful  +2
Muxa 6/5 ural_Russia  +1
Chinesekiwi Wonderful monument to human labour misery.  +7
CENTILION 5/5 from Russia  +1
DespoT.кr 5+, from Crimea, Ukraine.  +6
dilmohanklm 5/5 for my second mother land :)  +1
Fabricio JF Some of these unequaled skylines. Dubai without its megatall impresses in anyway.  
avto_trest 5/5 from Grozny, Chechenia  +2
Seoul_Korea 5/5 from Stockholm, SE  +1
Rasbeek 5/5 from Altai, Russia  +2
zahid111 5/5 from Baku, Azerbaijan!  +2
stwebm 3  
Minnesotan in Chile A beautiful, stunning picture of one of the world´s most exciting cities. 5/5 from Curicó, Chile.  +2
JogadorDeSimCity 5/5 from Brazil!  +3
LV-MDO 5/5 from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  +3
EMArg Sweet banner 5/5 :)  +1
MrAronymous Hate the city, love the picture.  
DUBAI10000 This is the second best skyline in the world.  
John Vadio What is the first?  
JmRijsel Many town are better. SF, NY, Singapore, HK...  +2
mglvsky looks like final scene of Matrix 5/5  +4
RegioManio Beautiful picture! 5/5  +1
Evrasia 99911 5/5  +3