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titleSão Paulo skyline
locationSao Paulo, Brazil
sourceAna Mello
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 4.16, total votes: 1062
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rodineisilveira I LOVE SÃO PAULO!  
Hunter36 nasty city of course 0/5 for this shit.  
treebeard3 Alguma coisa acontece no meu coração...  +1
Unregistered Awesome view!  
Auro_Garx Awesome view!  
mafes Beautiful  
William1605 Awesome!  
konde-kun Fabulous!  
Victorfreitas Beautiful  
GallagherSby Excellent view!!!  
MicBrazil not is Tiete river  
kokomo Is that the open sewer course of water known as Tiete by any chance?  +2
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
Julio Feper 5/5 Beautiful São Paulo  
Unregistered 5/5 Nice  
LRenato SAMPA 5/5  +1
MicBrazil Um dos melhores ângulos da cidade de São Paulo  
NW Mike Excellent banner Brazil,love it, from Seattle  +1
stewie1980 1/5  +2
skyduster Excellent image. Love you, Brazil  +3
Uli Hacky 5/5 desde Leòn  +1
Loro. Perhaps the most beautiful city in the world! This city is unique!  +2
alejoantonioo Beautiful banner, beautiful city, 5/5 from Santiago de Cali, Colombia.  +1
Joás Santos Coxinha's city is a city of power.  +15
NetSpider Hahaha  
Rumors 5/5 awesome.  
elbereth 5 from Irapuato, México  
bigtom future sci fi city, must see for me  +4
Thiago |Klock| what kind of sci fi? A poor one of course  +2
viníciusMS uowwwwwww  
ribery77 5 from Sarajevo  
Mariobeckman The most beautiful in the latin america  +2
Maxem 5/5 from Lomas de Zamora, Argentina.  +2
RobertoBancrofth 5/5 from Goiânia, Brazil  +1
Puddim 5/5 SP  
ariotz 5/5!#SPmyCountry  
crizmation 4/5 from Colombia  
Laranjeirense Destruidora mesmo  +3
Cratus Amazing. 5/5 from Recife. God Bless Brazil :D  
Squibb some comments say the city is gray... sure it is, but far less than a few years ago.  +11
Raffael Rocha SP  
PanKicu 5 from Szczecin Poland !!!  
Aujen Damn. This picture substantially increases the image i have of this city. 5 from Lyon  +5
Aritra Das 5/5 from India... and lots of love to Brazil...!!  +9
gyn-sp 5/5 São Paulo, metropolis that never stops.  
SOLOMON 1 3/4 Great view, but messy at street level.  +1
JOHANNES1983 5/5 From Colombia...  
ZekaPOA Amazing! From Porto Alegre  
Rich2018 Wow  
VG Very nice! 5/5 from the UK  
gergas08 Excellent banner!! Congratulations!  +1
eduardoazul Gigantic and beautiful Sampa !!!  
Halcon_del_sur 5/5 desde Seattle  
Augusto Leão 5/5 from Recife  
_No_Name_ +5/5  
uchoense São Paulo, capital city of my country, São Paulo!  
Raffael Rocha state, no?!  +5
PEiloveyou Amazing!!! From the U.S.  
Gardel 5/5 from Argentina  +7
Igor_sp Maravilhosa  
Cerrado 5/5  
WSousa 5/5 So Wonderful, I LOVE!  +1
Alexsal Looks beautiful. Watch out Rio! 5/5  
The Golden Boy Regards from Chile & Mexico!  +1
LeitoStafe 7/1 from Argentina  +7
Raffael Rocha bam dum tss...  
Thiago |Klock| 5 world cups, from brazil ;)  +2
proyopal01 5/5 I LOVE BRAZIL from Colombia :)  +1
AbelCba 5/5 from Córdoba, Argentina  +1
Raniere 5/5 Desde Caruaru, Pernambuco - Brasil  +1
mecanico242 5/5 from Mexico  +1
newyorkmarcos Great Sao Paulo! In every minute a bigger city!  
Daniel_Sousa 10/5 Minha querida cidade  
kc_3011 Wow! Amazing! 5 from Bulgaria  +2
Anticalaca That's an INCREDIBLE photo of an incredible city!!!! Look how many skyscrapers!!!! Sao Paulo is a country in a city: 25 million people  +5
Hunter36 all less than 100m  
Aerokicker NON DVCOR DVCO  +3
sao.spotting The photo is great, besides all the urban chaos of São Paulo.  
jsbscosta So nice!  
Step_50081 Very! Very very very cool! Amazing skyline, and really great composition of photo  +6
Manauaras São Paulo, our biggest metropolitan area! The city where all brazilians finding ourselves. Amazing city in the South America and also in the world. Stars: 5/5 sure!  +4
jesusddiaz 5/5 what a beautiful pic  
nikoooo Amazing. 5/5 from Buenos Aires  +1
CactusLord Pretty cool caralho 5/5 from Spain  
LCV 5/5 Amazing city.  
Luiz Vilela I just can´t live without it, but the river is not as nice as it looks  
Heilig I love to swim in the clear blue waters of Tietê river... Soo nice :)  
Gutovsky That's the Pinheiros. It's MUCH MUCH worse! Heh  
Fayeddd Damn! looks like a future city in a movie!  +1
midrise Megalicious.....5  +1
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  +3
rodrigosg 5/5 from SP, such a enchanting city.  +1
Yousaf1995 5/5 From Pakistan  +1
AlexVerd4o 5/5 from Palmas  +1
[email protected]_Cwb 5/5 for the south american powerhouse.  +3
Bez_imena 5/5 from Serbia  +2
TVogue Just amazing *_* 5/5 from Algeria  +3
Alfredocgf Wow! Amazong! Wonderful! Very nice! 5/5  +1
CleitonSPecial 5/5 wow!  +1
SpiderBHZ 4  +1
meninodevenus 5/5 Finally a nice shot from Sao paulo.  +5
raffasoares 5/5 from Rio!  +1
evandro_rapid Wow!  +1
Amen fantastic  +1
Lukazz 5/5 from Rio  +1
Time Lord 5/5 from Turkey  +1
vitacit i had a girlfriend from itaim paulista))) 5/5 from slovakia  +2
ruifo 5/5 from Mexico City  +2
IgoryokOmsk 5 from Moscow  +4
riveraconde Wonderful pic!! 5/5 Greetings from Mexico City.  +4
pokidyok 5 with no doubt - worthy banner  +2
maximN1 Not rendering?) 5⭐️  +1
Fabricio JF Used lots of photoshop in this image. It's no use hiding the greyness (sky, buildings, concrete...). Anyone who gets there will notice.  +6
feelthegroove. Vai procurar o que fazer, Fabricio.  +21
falbuq Hater detected, problably from Rio  +2
Julio_vr A prova de que o pior do Brasil é o brasileiro!  +1
uchoense not at all...we are indeed a grey city, but we do have many nice shots.  +2
sofarfromhere Mimimi  
akaFTS If blue sky is only achieved by Photoshop then someone clearly photoshopped my window right now  
Fabricio JF The polluted, grey and great city of Latin America.  +3
Sr.Smih Still 5/5  +1
Askario 5/5 from Kazan)  +1
archifect 4/5 after seeing the original picture..  +4
SurowyOjciec 5 from Poland  +1
Phcg 5/5 from São Gonçalo. Shocking Banner!  +1
gratteciel 5 Amazing!  +2
gratteciel 5 Amazing!  +2
xvbvcv 5 from Poland.  +2
keliautigera stunning  +2
Vladivostokchanin SIM-City?  +7
port harcourt city fabulous  +3
prisma 5/5 from the UK  +3
Abzal 5 from Kazakhstan  +1
flavioralencar Awesome!  +2
NaMosca Uau!  +2
soncen 5/5 from sLOVEnia  +6
Sr.Smih 5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5!  +2
roydex 5 from Philippines  +2
NandoRoo Lacrou!  +1
Izumy 5/5 from Salvador, Brasil. Impressive.  +1
THIOLI 5/5 from Foz do Iguaçu, capital of tourism!!  +2
Aririto 5/5 to the capital of the southern hemisphere  +7
rbma 5/5 from Foz do Iguaçu  +2
Claudio Henrique 5/5 from Brasil. Love SP. The most underrated metropolis in the world.  +3
Hps95 São Paulo powerful  +1
Arthur Baz 5000 from Belo Horizonte, Brasil.  +1
Marreco São Paulo arrasando! 5/5  +1
Guga GM São Paulo sua Linda!! 5/5 from Brasil  +2
Chaos7 I love so much Brazil and Sao Paulo! I send you love from Nis, Serbia! :)  +27
uchoense thanks, for you too in Serbia!  +1
Hello_World Non dvcor dvco!  +4
Pedro Mendes MDS 5/5  +2
UnitedX Beautiful ᨁᨁᨊ ᨞ ᨁᨆᨌ !  +1
Ibroe2k11 nice  +1
xanterra 5/5 from Cologne, Germany  +7
Urban Legend 5/5 from Israel!  +7
dust_bro 5/5 from UFA!  +4
theftp Is it a real photo?  +4
wander-udi [link]  +3
Valente MG No, it is São Paulo from the Parallel Dimension, the Upside Down!  +11
Claudio Henrique It kind of looks like CGI, but it is a real picture.  +1
uchoense Of course. Check Marginal Pinheiros on google street view.  
Federation2014 5/5 from Russia!  +19
carzzz12 5 star from India  +8