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titleConcepción skyline at nightfall
locationConcepcion, Chile
infoPano of the Biobío's north shore at nightfall. Down the center is the Chacabuco bridge, one of the three viaducts that go across the Biobío river. At the middle of the banner is located Concepción, the second largest city in Chile, founded in 1550 by the spaniard conqueror Pedro de Valdivia. It has a warm-summer mediterranean climate (Csb), with a dry summer nadir in February. Well-known as 'The cradle of the Chilean rock', Concepción is considered as a services-oriented, cultural & university city. It has three major inter-city bus terminals, an airport (Carriel Sur Airport, CCP) and an at-grade urban commuter rail system.
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prahovaploiesti 4/5  
JotaPe Tarde pero seguro, felicitaciones penquistas por el banner y por su hermosa ciudad.  
Marioguti The largest city in Chile after Santiago, a big city, hit by incredible earthquakes and raised again A pride for Chile  +3
Mesopotamico 5/5 from Argentina.  +1
dannykessenny 5 from Barcelona :)  +2
Enhander Concepcion stands proud before a long list of devastating earthquakes. Wonderful city  +2
Enhander Concepcion stands proud before  
Marsupilami ...before what! por la cresta!!!  +1
Miguel S 5/5 from Santiago, it's nice to see a good pic of another of our cities for once.  +1
Ricardo31330 5/5  +1
DanielFA 5/5 from Buenos Aires  +1
Moonview90 My beautiful city, like a phoenix that rise from the ashes, this city has get thru several big earthquakes and it keeps going on and growing, despite the difficult conditions. It has a beautiful environment and a chill vibe, as the university city that it is. I'll invite you all, to know more about Concepción, the phoenix of Chile.  +6
|WTKI| Perhaps they can visit the SSC thread about Concepción! :P  
Arthur Baz 5 from Belo Horizonte, Brasil.  +1
soncen 5/5 from sLOVEnia  +1
Adpenturz 5  +1
Marsupilami I lived there 10 years ago, and the change is dramatic! Beautiful city, beautiful scenery and beautiful people.  +1
Minnesotan in Chile Concepción is not the second largest city in Chile. It is part of one of the biggest metro areas in the country, along with Valparaíso and Santiago. But Concepción by itself is smaller than many cities such as Antofagasta, Temuco, etc. In fact, the "Concepción" airport is in Talcahuano.  +1
Moonview90 So? what's your point? When people talks about cities in Chile and probably all over the world, they talk about metro areas. Do you divide Temuco, Santiago, etc in "communes" when you talk about them? What's your point, sunshine?  +2
|WTKI| When you talk e.g. about the capital of Chile Santiago, you're not refering to the 'precinct of Santiago' which would be Santiago Centro, but the Greater Santiago. So, what's the matter?  
Enhander I quote both of you above (or below, dunno where it's going to appear). We talk about the Greater Concepcion.  +1
John Vadio I believe Minnesotan is correct. If the guy is writing about metro areas he should be wrote that Concepcion is the second largest metro area in Chile. By the way 5/5 from Sao Paulo/Brazil  
Penquista2012 Gran Concepcion It is the second city of Chile with 1 million inhabitants after Santiago, but you know better informate, the Chilean cities are divided into communes like Santiago de Chile. Great Valparaiso is the third city of Chile.  
Minnesotan in Chile Moonview, no, when people in Chile talk about cities in Chile they don't refer to the metro outside of our capital, Santiago. In fact, people from Talcahuano don't say they are from Concepción anymore than people fro Viña say they are from Valparaíso. Do you understand now??  
|WTKI| Still can't get the point. Do you think people from La Florida say they come from Santiago? I don't think so. I believe that foreigners can't get the 'comuna' concept, so if they assume that cities are equivalent to metro areas it will be correct anyway, at least in the case of Concepción and Santiago, respectively.  
|WTKI| *say they come from La Florida?  
Moonview90 Minnesotan, whatever you say, boo boo. :tere:  
ruifo 5/5 from Mexico City  +1
Gabotrilius best city in Chile  +2
Minnesotan in Chile better than Viña? Not quite!  
|WTKI| I agree, mate!  
felipea3 5!  +2
geoffloftus Has risen beautifully from two powerful earthquakes since 1960!  +1
renshapratama Wow Chile not just Santiago, 5/5 from Jakarta-Indonesia!  +3
SpiderBHZ 5.  +1
Amen Looks like Las Vegas. 5  +3
madrasi7777 Lovely cities out there in South America. Let more come  +1
Marabunta 5  +1
Marabunta Habia visto el punto en el mapa pero no me inmaginaba que fuera tan grande ni la 2nda ciudad de Chile. Impresionanante.  +3
nostalgy 5 ))  +1
novascorpius Linda Concepción, saludos desde Perú... 5/5  +5
Peregrin Tuk 5!  +1
mauricio_t86 Hermosa Conce! 5/5 from Argentina.  +2
Innocent Exile Estoica y bella , simplemente Concepción.  +2
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  +6
Penquista2012 Concepción the last metropolis in the south of world.  +3
|WTKI| 'The cradle of the Chilean rock' rocks!  +3
Leonidych 5/5 from Ufa, Russia. wbr!  +7