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titleSalford townscape
locationSalford, United Kingdom
infoThe image shows Salford as seen from Cornbrook metrolink station. You get a few of the old skyscrapers of Salford's Pendleton district in the background surrounded by trees as a romantic look at the urban planners of the 1960's dreams to create a modern neighbourhood. Ultimately this failed and Salford became a very deprived region of the UK. The foreground shows this with the low-rise cheap industrial buildings and the scrapyard. However, the foreground also shows some hope to the evolving nature of the Greater Manchester region with new property developments rising as regeneration begins to penetrate deprived urban districts such as Ordsall in Salford.
sourceforum user Stopfordian Dreamer
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 1.57, total votes: 645
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James2014 Manchester in all its glory.  +2
prahovaploiesti 1/5  
Unregistered First time I give a vote undr 3/5  
prahovaploiesti under  
Maks33 Unfortunately, only 2/5 for scrap.  
jar_007 so bad....  
JotaPe What?  +1
viníciusMS 1/5 This is one of SkyscraperCity's most depressing banners ever. (2)  +3
Ricardo31330 mmm mala fotografia  +1
losangelino Rusted out warehouse included. This must be a joke.  
darkie_one it would be better with cows!  
Sorvete na Testa 1/5 This is one of SkyscraperCity's most depressing banners ever.  +3
Sparks Bogota Que pena y todo pero 2 estrellas u.u-  
chibetogdl it seems like some city from southeastern asia, if some one tellme that is some where in thailnad i would believe it xd  
ric4397 It does say manchester on it. Plus the orange white building styling is very british  
ric4397 I thought people were saying to use this as banner as a joke. You can't be serious...Manchester does not look like it has "evolved" very far in this  +1
[email protected] Govnishe adskoe :lol:  +2
Mesopotamico ._.  +2
Deadeye Reloaded 5/5 Let's vote it to the top10 and make the UK great again!  +7
kokomo Is this the UK or some Brazilian favela?  +2
Mariobeckman 1/5  
stewie1980 Lets vote this shit to the flop 15 #1  +2
lezgotolondon wtf is this shit  
fruit&nut A pimple on the UK's backside. Dreadful.  +1
Taurasi Usranian city?  +3
Sunkid Srussian city.  
Davidinho You can find such places almost everywhere. I have already written and am going to repeat myself the banner is extremely interesting. It is ugly, however it complies with some kind of weird aesthetics and that makes the banner unique.  +3
heatonparkincakes Tremendous. Shame it wasn't drizzling with the Police helicopter above.  +1
NOMAD€ looks like Rozzangeles  
LeitoStafe Welcome UK to the Flop 15!!  +3
diddyD I know Salford quite well and it is a big place - I think this has put here as a joke.  
diddyD Excuse my bad use of English - has been put here.  
scowy It is a bit boring, but as a local it sums up Salford quite well. Industry, high-rise flats and new developments in 1 pic. 2/5  
vaduc Oh lord, what is this?! This is the ugliest banner I've ever seen! 1 star from Sofia, Bulgaria!  
talya BREXIT  +10
venia 5/5, for being brave. That's what true cities look like, not only the shiny touristic city centre.  +5
Caiman Amazing. I love Salford, wonderful to see if featured on SSC.  +1
Aririto Ew. 1/5  +1
Jonesy55 Awful. 1/5  +1
Kampflamm Marone...  
smihael most definitely not a nice banner, but the explanation is good  +3
Xenoplas exactly  
TheChosefOne CESM  +1
viniciuspvh creepy  
soluço depressive unfortunatelly  
Occit Oh...I thoung favelas were only in my continent, but I guess in Europe have favelas too. 1star from Venezuela ;)  +1
Xenoplas those are not favelas  
ikeamen ESC-2017 stage?  
journeyperson Embarrassing... 1/5  +4
Dober_86 Is it some morbid joke? 1 out of 5 of course.  +2
ixs WTF  
afterlife Looks like delhi suburbs)))  +2
mixxer 5/5, excellent! But Ust-Katav was better!  
MarkO Shame about this as there are some stunning buildings in Salford. Odd choice.  +2
meteoforumitalia worst banner ever O.O  +7
Amen magnificent  
Uomo Senza Nome this must be a wind-up. That is one weird picture of Salford, missing everything and adding nothing. SSC shame on you for not vetting the picture! Weird.  +2
BadgerCT Pity 5  
[email protected]_Cwb WTF? 0/5  +3
ericrocio Go Man City....  
Xenoplas the info is a nice read though  
ken2000ac NORTHERN POWERHOUSE... erm....  
half_empty worst picture of Salford - my home - ever.  +2
Arnorian Masochist much?  +1
NetSpider I liked the historical information about the place. 3/5 from Brasil  
Davidinho At least the banner is interesting. 2/5  +1
Iluminat I'm sure you could make a better photo of this area even if it have a bad reputation  +1
keycap Grunge ambience  +2
prisma 1/5 from the UK  +1
THIOLI 1/5 'cause I can not give 0/5  +5
wander-udi 0 0 0 0 0  
nachop666 Es una broma?  +5
Brookleen I would like to give it 5 stars but there are no cows or trams. Only 4/5.  +13
MelcToxic god i have to see this the whole day  +2
MelcToxic flop15 hall of fame  +2
Hello_World coragem...  +2
AUTOTHRILL this is some ugly shit.  +1
Aujen People who gave it more than 2/5 should go and see a psychanalist. Anyway they should be banned.  +1
Saltkin 1/5 wtf looks like a russian city  +22
James2014 Hideous.  +1
mekon This is horrible. Why would anyone even post this?And how did it come to be selected?  +6
loysG depressing , murky and to think one of greatest UK football is here...amazing  
CI3r1cK looks like some city in sub saharan africa  +3
bertyboy Once gentrification has taken hold, maybe. Not yet, though.  
mekon It really doesn't - only northern European cities look this bleak. Update your ignorant world view please.  +1
Skychaser 2005 great image of Salford...not! How about Media City/Quays. They show what Salford is aspiring to  +4
Leonidych 2/5 from Russia, Ufa. WTF???  +4