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locationNew York City, United States
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 4.17, total votes: 887
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Oles 5/5 from Ukraine  
Unregistered 5  
cadre Bonus points for the growing skyline of Brooklyn and Jersey City!  
AleksIII 10/5 to the capital of the world  
CI3r1cK capital of the world 5/5  +1
Bazsi91 I love this city! The big apple! :) 5/5  
Rojsman 0/5 from serbia to american fascist  +1
AYaks Said crazy serb in the Internet, invented by american nazis. lol  +5
lovacki21 5 from Subotica, Srbija!!!  
zaphod Great pic that shows how huge NYC really is  
mauzer1 5/5 from Israel  
GOL2007 5/5. it's New York!  
DeNi$ 5 from Moscow  
kc_3011 Well done!  
Zichau NYC just rocks..! 5/5 from CPH Denmark  
shiz00 5 from Russia)  
Donniel Galdino 5/5 from Santos, Brasil  +1
k% THE greatest city in the world!  
ancov Awesome! 5/5 from Moscow, Russia  
dj4life A great aerial pciture. Yes!  
Fabricio JF 5/5 Fantastic visual line Brooklyn-Lower Manhattan-Jersey City  +1
GatsbyGatz NYC just blows my mind.  +1
oho Wow, just Wow!  +1
armael 5/5, this is by far one the most spectacular skyline photos That I can recall.  
ACOSLBROD hallo from Croatia!!!!!5  
Jdolci New York is THE city  +1
Ufimets 5 from Ufa, Russia  
Raschet 5, Russia  
Der Kaiser Planet Earth's best, 5 from Colombia.  
Mauro Martins Love this city ...  
Niek99 Please keep this foto!!  
Cerrado 5/5 from Salvador de Bahia!  +1
George BIZ The Best their is!! Skyscraper City indeed!! 5/5 from Constanta, Romania  +1
R!ck New York, New York...  
Step_50081 BEST  
Vi_ My best skyline !  
VladP 5 from Kiev! Very amazing!  
TVogue Concrete jungle where dreams are made of there's nothing you can't do now you're in New Yoooooooork  +1
diddyD Amazing 5/5  
Mr.Falcon If I can make it there I'll make it anywhere... New York, New York  
elab 5/5 with Love!!  
falp6 Lower Manhattan, Midtown, Brooklyn, Jersey City... 5/5 from Cali, Colombia.  
Jaguar 5/5 I was there last year!!!  
Grg Again?  
Le Clerk Awesomeness!  
Urban Legend 5/5 from Tel Aviv, Israel.  
Voorish-Gdansk 5/5 for best banner of 2017  
Dr.Clang NYC is NYC, 5 from Russia.  
chrissus83 Unreal! 5/5  
Geocarlos Always The Best! 5/5  
leo!ssc Very very very good!!!!! Brasília (Brasil)  
SebaFun The best city in the world forever and ever!  
WasabiHoney How come all the Londonmaniac retards out there haven't declared war on you yet? :)  
SebaFun 5  
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
joanagsantos very good  
Kumanovari 5/5 from Albania!  
Koloman Concrete jungle where dreams are made of! 5/5 - what else?  
SLASH_2 5/5 from Khabarovsk!!! Privet from Russia!!!  +1
erbse It's great for the classical skyscrapers. Many of the more recent ones since the 1950s are rather exchangeable international style.  +2
[email protected] 5/5 Very good)  
Federation2014 5/5! Awesome!  
Gee Ens The epitome of all skyscrapers. The Skyscraper of all Skyscrapers!  +1
midrise very original I must say  
Buffaboy If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Can't find it in NYC? Can't find it anywhere.  
Westchester Sq BMW bridges  
sezha excellent! 5/5 from Ekaterinburg City  
dolinalima 5/5. Looks great, but I would never live there. Toooo big  
rizwan3 New York Concrete jungle where dreams are made of!  
arhimed2050 Great New York City! With love fom Kazakhstan!  
midrise The epitome of skylines/cities world over...In the Empire state of NY...So nice they named it twice NEW YORK NEW YORK!!!  
Exethalion I can't wait for a future New York where midtown meets downtown  
THT-United The flagship city skyline of the world! 5/5  +1
ivn98 5 from Bulgaria  +2
E.Abramovich ta ta tararara ta ta tararara  +3
John20 Amo esa ciudad. Ojalá un día pueda ir a conocerla. Haber si alguien invita lol  
Gmaz Kurac je to prema Njujorku Balkana.  +1
superfan 5  
ericrocio If you can make it there,you'll make it anywhere... Its up to you NY, NY. 5/5. of course  
MarcelloNYC My hometown! Downtown Brooklyn at the bottom and Jersey City across the river - Perfect!  
Guga GM 5/5 from Brasil  
kamranyeezy 5 from Azerbaijan !  +2
ElCrioyo my city!!!!!  
tech_1 4/5 for the windy city  
Waffles That's Chicago.  +3
blantyre bazaar GREATEST CITY ON EARTH!  +3
Luca9A8M Wonderful pic, 5/5 from Italy  
redcode 5/5  
jffaraco 5/5 to NYC!  +1
Diggerdog Wowser. That is one massive apple :)  
nthbeach It's New York, 5/5  
EMArg Great shot. 5/5  
SpiderBHZ New York?... Ah..always deserves 5.  +6
GallagherSby The Big Apple, Love it. From Indonesia  
DiscoSteve the city that never sleeps!  
RalphGuy 5/5 from Birmingham, England.  
Architecture lover Only five for beautiful New York. From architecture lover.  
CactusLord My fave city in the world 5/5 from Spain  +1
xvbvcv 5 stars from Płock, Poland  +1
V.BOBR 5 from Ukraine  +3
ovnours 5  
martin_marksman 5/5 from Ilesh, Bashkiria  +2
Leonidych 5 for NYC from Ufa, Russia  +6