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titleMilan skyline
locationMilan, Italy
infoPanorama of Milan's growing skyline as seen from Bergamo`s upper town (historic center).
sourceMario Rota
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 3.81, total votes: 383
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Llanowar disgusting  
alarhu Does Milan have such a polluted air?  
Skyline Art 4, photograph could have been clearer.  
prahovaploiesti 4/5  
Union Man I like Milan's skyline, but I don't like the picture. Not good quality 4/5.  +1
naruciakk Skyline's impressive, but the photograph is shitty. :/  +2
City17 Awesome, but it needs a lot of work in order to compete with other major european cities...but if Saint Catella wills it, we're heading to the right way  
IThomas Pray for Catella! Porta Nuova's saint patron. the saint patron of Porta Nuova!  +1
Darth Lagan What a me**a!  
Italiano95 5/5 from SWEDEN  
THT-United Emerging contender to London, La Defense Paris, Frankfurt, and Warsaw!  
vittorio tauber BTW the picture sucks. Too hazy and blurred. Pic 3/5. Milano itself 6/5  
squadra volante Milano sale. 5/5  
vittorio tauber e non fa male / tunz tunz  
IThomas Sale? Oh, that's a good news because I need a new shirt... and I don't want to spend 100 euro!  
Urban Legend 4/5 from TLV  
SpiderBHZ 3 from Brasília  
Ondro I am sure that there is also Peter, John, Josh and Marek, not only Milan on this photo :P  
Axelferis 4/5 from france  
WasabiHoney "Panorama of Milan's growing skyline as seen from Bergamo`s upper town": how is that possible? Bergamo is 45km away.  
Xenophon Padania 1st in World for panorama, you can see the Dritt.  +1
WasabiHoney And what the hell is the Dritt?  
Xenophon The Dritt is a Stort with more curriculum  +1
vittorio tauber Everything is possible in Milan 1s tin Italy  
vittorio tauber @WH: The dritt is a perculative symbol, just think about a Sarchiapon visible from anywhere  
meteoforumitalia why shouldn't be possible? if you go there, you can clearly have that view  
Xenophon the view on the Dritt  
pinomaiuli always 5 for Milan!  +1
Niemand didn't know Milan has so many highrise already! For European criteria very good :)  
midrise The beauty of this city is reaching new heights.....5/5.  
ENJINEER 5 of corse from Saint-Petersburg :)  +2
giusva62 Up & Up  
MaX0O 5 from Slovakia  
bicoccagio 5/5 ! always better!  
Xenophon I can see the Dritt! Too bad for the Stort, looks a bit tozz : need 20 more meters for real 1stness.  +4
vittorio tauber But the Curv and its bananed look is going to give the threesome a spicy lur  
IThomas I'm sure we'll organize so beautiful gay prides under the Curv  
BarMNE 5 from Montenegro.  
Leonidych 5/5 from Ufa, Russia  
Fake Render Beautiful 5/5 for Milano, 3/5 for the lackluster picture.  
vinceItaly The last tower on the right is not elegant!  +1
Ferryman Not too shabby ;) 4/5  
Brenno79 5/5  
vittorio tauber Milano best city in Italy. I'm sure because of the Celtic heritage. Obelix agrees.  +1
Georicky Every year, it becomes better and better. W Milano! The Best towers in my opinioni are: Pelli, Storto, Palazzo Lombardia, and Pirelli of corse. I'm waiting for Unipol Tower for 2018/2019.  +4
vittorio tauber Unfortunately the maleficent rule of 60° allows no supertall. It's a scandal in Milan 1st !!  +1
IThomas dear vittorio, you are right. we want rule of 90° (or doggy style).  
landrea My city deserves 5/5!!!  
renshapratama 6/5 from Juventus fan in Jakarta-Indonesia, one of best skyline in Europe!  +3
vittorio tauber Juve pwns Inernazionale FC on a weekly basis.  
vittorio tauber Juventus pwns Internazionale FC 'the Sore Loser' on a weekly basis.  
IThomas Yeah, Juventus! Famous for being the third Milanese team: it is based in east Milan! lol  +3
Xenophon THIEVES  
renshapratama Haters gonna hate, we're on the top! OOT  +1
renshapratama @Xenophon who?  +1
ILTarantino 5*. Go Internazionale FC !  +1
Xenophon On top of stamink. THIEVES  
vittorio tauber ONE THOUSAND MILLION  
isoA4 WOW!!!!  +1
VladP 5 from Kiev, Ukraine.  +6