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titleMoscow Kremlin
locationMoscow, Russia
infoThe list of Russia's Kremlins continues by the most famous of them: Moscow Kremlin. It's red walls and towers rise along the embankment of the Moscow River in the south and the Red Square in the east. Inside the walls you can see the Grand Kremlin Palace and Ivan the Great Bell Tower. The center of the Moscow Kremlin is occupied by the main and most ancient square of the city - Cathedral Square, which still retains its original form - a unique complex of masterpieces of medieval architecture. Very recommended visiting the Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site which incorporates the Armoury Chamber and the architectural ensemble of the Cathedral Square, consisting of the Assumption, Archangel's and Annunciation cathedrals, the Church of Laying Our Lady's Holy Robe, the Patriarch's Palace with the Twelve Apostles' Church and the Ivan the Great Bell-Tower complex, as well as the exhibition halls in the Assumption Belfry and in the One-Pillar Chamber of the Patriarch’s Palace.
sourceVladimir Solntsev
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 3.88, total votes: 852
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prahovaploiesti 5/5  
Skyline Art I should have said 5. Voted 4 the other day.  
Cadîr 5, from 1571 :)  
julioctz 5/5 from Bajio zone, Mexico  +1
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  +3
midrise Can't wait too see the Trump name on the new hotel being built.  +1
midrise It will l  
viníciusMS 5/5 from Brazil!  +4
cadre 5/5 from Seattle, also a former Soviet State!  +1
P_David 5 from Venezuela!  +2
ArchitectureSerbian 5/5 from Republic of Srpska  +2
Tiaren Am I imagining things or are there more banners from Russia than from any other country here on SSC? It's very apparent, because each time there is a Russia banner, there's trouble in the comments and that seems to be very often.  +3
tom_lodz I've been to 42 countries so far. And Iave never visited such an unfriendly (both for visitors and locals) place as Moscow. Unfortunately...  +3
deutscherI Putin's Reich. 1/5  +7
El Choko » english only, foreign comments and off topic issues (politics, currents events etc) will be deleted  +2
Italiano95 5/5 from SWEDEN  +3
mitri4 The worst wishes from Dnipro, Ukraine.  +6
gennaro_gattuso on fire it would get 5/5 from me  +1
bilik_lca 5/5 from Legnica (Маленькой Москвой), Poland  +5
@rtem 5 от запасной столицы главной!  +3
Mariscalito 5/5 from Paraguay  +6
Unregistered 1/5 from Bourgas, Bulgaria for the capital of the country who send us to the bottom of all the eu classations  +6
Kreys 5 from Engels  +3
Tol_Crimea_UA 1 from Crimea UA  +12
Yurka52rus wait what? Crimea UA? it looks like Kiev PL.  +1
yup 1/5 from Bourgas, Bulgaria for the capital of the country who send us to the bottom of all the eu classations  +3
playmannn No visible product of communism = 5 from Sofia, Bulgaria  +3
sdm1976 5 из Казани!  +3
Pedro Mendes I judged by aesthetics 5/5, from Brazil  +6
alex_lv 1 from Vladivostok, Japan!  +8
darkie_one you mean Haishenwai, China?  +4
orel2016 5/5 из города Орёл, Russia 5/5 from Orel, Russia  +3
ab_ltf fiver from monaco  +3
S.K.A.Y 5+/5+  +6
BlackHust 5/5. Waiting new episode of the serial named "Haters gonna hate" :)  +10
Lozover1 There are many tits in this bullshit.  
Lozover1 Ugly bullshit!!!! 1 for tne capital of crappyland.  +3
Urrrbanist 5 from zagreb  +8
Pacho_ Great Moscow 5/5 from Burgas, Bulgaria to our Russian Brothers !!!  +8
zZero Happy St Valetnine's Day! So much love here...  +4
agarziz 5/5 from algeria.  +5
danielf 5 from Medellín, Colombia. Пять из медельин в Колумбии!  +10
Utente davvero. 5/5  +3
Architecture lover It's funny how they still seem to be using the alphabet written by Saints Cyril and Methodius, even though they probably don't even know their real real ethnic roots and where the two of them were born at first. These barbarian fascist who worked in extincting that very same nation from the south of Europe that gave them their letter, I repeat again will pay the price for their awful crimes and genocides during the centuries. Pay the price, pay the price, pay the price. The universe itself will pay them for extincting and banishing the Macedonians. (the real Macedonians not the slavs who live in present day Macedonia).  
Ysh What did you smoke?  +17
Architecture lover @Ysh The answer is Ambrosia! So even though I'm being part of an ethnic minority in my land! (I repeat my land! the south of Europe was never slavic) I'm still sort of immortal, you see. Pay the price! Pay the price! Pay the price! Barbarian fascist whose only potential is bulling and getting obsess with homosexuals (in an awful way only suitable for a barbarian like you and the rest of you uneducated, immature creatures). Pay the price you fascist!  
Jussi Vatanen Definitly, you should see a doctor.  +1
Jussi Vatanen * Definitely, you're right  
Infesus lol, you 're so funny :)  +2
WasabiHoney It's a shame we can't give negative ratings to some of these comments.  
djoledjole 5 from Serbia  +6
nazant Moscua delenda est!  
deutscherI Leave the Ukraine!  +8
Anticalaca I'm surprised they still didn't demolished the building in the left. Moscow now is so prefectionist with the architecture, i mean all the brand new skyscrapers, the refit of the all ones... they even destroyed a building inside the Kremlin just because it didn't fit. And yet, there is that thing in the left of the banner.  +1
darkie_one probably it's because this building is a military compound  +1
son_of_the_sun This spot was the construction site during the time when this photo is taken. So that's the reason why the wall of the building is a scratched.  +1
Layne 1//5  +10
Vita_ 5 from Ekaterinburg, Russia  +7
Ufimets 1 from Ufa, Russia. All money go to Moscow. There is no money for other russian cities  +20
xvbvcv Same story in Poland, Warsaw drains all smaller cities around.  +8
bruno bucher 5/5 from Peru. Excellent image, nice view of the city.  +4
systema magicum Incredible banner from one of the most beautiful capitals in the world! 5 from Athens!!  +6
Jdolci Doesn't care about Politics here... I only judge the banner, the skyline.. And in this case is really a nice one! Different. 5 for sure.  +3
kidrobot 10/10, the only decent Ukraine capital  +4
Davidinho what is Ukraine?  +1
LMB Who let the Russkies in here?  
dtdiego this picture has a certain charm to it 5/5  +1
LanGeo 5+ from Lviv, brothers. Be one!  +4
Sunkid You are from Rostov, Russia. Don't be a fool!  +1
CactusLord Well im not a douchebag who votes based in political votes I'll give a 5/5 to mother russia Привет from Spain  +12
CactusLord political views*  
pberz Friends, here just nice towers on pic. Lets live in peace. Но вот москвичей почесноку надо отключать от голосования)  +1
Voorish-Gdansk Love the red brick 5/5  +5
CaIIIka Limpopo love Russia :3  +13
Xenoplas can't you just stop the political bullshit? we all know you don't like each other. the picture itself is great!  +6
ogonek Your hate is our pride. 5 лучшему городу земли.  +7
Leonidych Wanted to evaluate to -1, but I'm busy, make plans to seize the Baltic States  +2
mixxer 5 from Limpopo.  +5
tagirov_zakir 5 из Оренбурга!  +3
arhimed2050 3/5 for Kremlin, Moskow, Russia.  
Krajisnik 5/5 from Yugoslavia  +9
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  +5
Haveblue oh, and by the way it is 1/5 ... just for you Vladimir! :)  
Haveblue so I can see that trolls have reached our forum ... oh well  
Davidinho yeah, your brothers are IN DA HOUSE already!  +3
Bye bye world Beautiful, 5 from Brazil! I love Russia.  +8
Skur_S 5 from Barnaul  +2
Tom68relo 5/5 from Berlin  +8
Depeche 5 from Łódź, Poland, too.  +12
Davidinho It's been long since the last banner of the beautiful city of Lodz.  
Pepe potamo Love it.  +3
SurowyOjciec 5 from Łódź, Poland.  +16
Sicmaggot 5 - Kirov  +4
oltemont 5 from Voronezh  +4
CENTILION 5/5 из Ставрополя!  +5
KAMITY37 5/5  +3
Urbarbore Very beautiful view  +1
vpip 1 from Königsberg, Deutschland  +13
Davidinho Don't you ever lie. You are from Odessa, 404  +18
BOSS 1  +9
Urban Legend 5/5 from Tel Aviv, Israel.  +14
Bez_imena 5/5 from Serbia  +16
Gian/UD ucrainians sucks, love Putin! :-D  +9
Gian/UD I Love Russia from Italy  +18
pokidyok not as bad as it could be, 4.  
MGnsk Good, 5 from Novosibirsk  +3
smihael 5/5 from sLOVEnia  +11
ivn98 1/5 from Bulgaria..  +9
Cristian G. 1* from Bucharest/Romania for the soviet socialist Moskva !!!  +12
smihael no political bullshit please  +13
velbujd 5 from BG  +10
D K 5/5 from Morocco  +5
Fio241 5/5 Beautifully!  +3
SpiderBHZ 5! First class city. Excellent banner.  +4
kowal1981 #ruSSia 0/5  +6
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 из Македонии / from Macedonia  +11
chevyvolt 1 from Bulgaria! We like russians, but not their government - Kremlin!  +3
smihael no political bullshit please ...  +6
Max Richter Pyatyorochka  +2
ALEXEJ abuga-gaga $/# from Lwov/Bandera  
oscillation 5/5  +1
avto_trest 5/5 from Grozny, Chechenia  +10
v-sun cy*a b***t 5/5  
Sorry for my English 5/5, very Beautiful, great picture! Прекрасная столица великой страны! А мнение свидомых nazi никому здесь не интересно)))  +8
AutoUnion 5/5 from European Union  +6
ВОДА 5 stars from Bulgaria!  +16
Mintt Very beautiful! From Legazpi, Philippines! :)  +10
Koloman Wonderful Moscow! 5/5 from Austria.  +20
skyduster great shot.  +2
vegorv хахлы уже не те,все унылее и унылее. нищета сказывается.  +12
Sorry for my English наоборот, чем нищее они становятся, тем больше выплескивают злобы на Россию.  +2
vegorv cool banner of Moscow. пятерочка от соседей.  +2
vegorv cool banner of Moscow. пятеро  
vegorv cool banner of Moscow.  
vegorv cool banner of Moscow.  
Noren_ 5/5 from Lviv, Poland  +32
gerwaz yo russian troll Lviv since uncel Stalin pact used to be ussr, now it's Ukraine. Stop writing a new history. 1/5  +10
Davidinho BREAKING NEWS: Russians have invaded the African Republic of Limpopo. The president of the country has applied for asylum in Ukraine. [link]  +14
pokidyok 2 prankers (respected by parussian govt.) + gharam phillips channel - what could be more credible :) Oh one thig is missing - Lie News logo  
Davidinho @pokidyok telephone conversation of presidents of Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan are indeed more credible.  +2
pokidyok @Davidinho - donno what you mean, those pranksters again? This only proves the source of disinformation. Who initiated the call?)  
Shard-on 1/5.  +1
Equario 1 from Kyiv, Ukraine  +32
username unnecessary Great picture! 5*!  +2
NewKIWI 5 from New Zealand!  +6
NickNN My favorite Mordor. 5/5  +6
mixxer Эх, красота-то какая! Лепота!  +6
Khavrolev Hail to the capital of Motherland  +1
alley cat Красив Боровицкий холм,и град златоглавый на нем.  +4
Harry Mason The source of all evil in Europe for centuries. Russia, prison of nations, someone once said.  +20
Davidinho the source of all evil in Europe. yeah. Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Hitler - all of them were trying to liberate Europe from that source of evil. Now Poroshenko is defending Europe, no pasaran!  +31
Sorry for my English Harry Mason, nobody cares about your opinion, patheric russophobe.  +2
Sorry for my English pathetic*  +2
Mr.Cage Make mordor burn again. 1/5, govno.  +15
Papont Visa free regime is on November 24, LOL  +23
Davidinho спасибо что подписался в конце. приятно познакомиться.  +18
Sorry for my English mr Cage, ot govna slyshim)  +1
Mr.Cage У русни бомбануло, нормуль  +2
JuanRuano 5/5 from buenos aires  +5
Evgeni60rus Слышу треск укропских пуканов) 5/5 сталице!  +16
Sorry for my English почему стАлице? сам случаем не укроп?)  
Sorry for my English да ладно, шучу) а треск укропских пердаков уже не тот, сдулись что-то свидомые, неужто начали понимать что всем на похрен на их выкрутасы?)  +1
Sorry for my English и да, 5 нашей прекрасной столице!  
keycap Таки по комментам, я смотрю, трещат роспердаки в основном ;D  +1
alexandr-M 5 from Ekaterinburg  +6
Alexandro13 J'adore Moscou 5 pour la France  +7
Boris_54 5. i wanna see those peerducks redhot  +1
LordMayhem 1/5 Australia hasn't forgotten MH17  +28
Infesus happy to shot down you, haters  +2
Davidinho Yes Ukrainians should pay for that, as soon as the US releases the satellite images that they do possess, yet don't want to declassify. And we will never forget the history of slavery in Australia and aboriginals killed by British settlers. 1/5 to any Australian banner, because WE REMEMBER.  +5
Davidinho "The banner is bad, because we have not forgotten MH17" People of Nauru have not forgotten what you have done to their island. That's why Sydney's Opera is ugly!!!1  +4
pokidyok Hey dude, what about that russian satellite image of jet firing the missile? Isn't that enough for whole world to become on the "side of truth"(russia)?  +1
Davidinho pokidyok, have never heard of it. SOURCE?!  
LordMayhem 1. Australia never had slavery  
LordMayhem 2. 20 thousand Aborigines were killed and 2500 British killed over a 130 year period which equates to less than 100 people a year.  
LordMayhem 3. People of Nauru should be grateful for the monetary assistance our government provides them, Australia basically sustains the Naruaun economy.  +1
LordMayhem 4. Don't pretend to give a damn about the Aboriginals, that's just a cheap card to weasal your way out of Russia's murder of MH17.  +2
LordMayhem 5. Russia is now America's Biatch  
Davidinho @LordMayhem trying to demonstrate cynicism beyond bounds? like the investigators of the MH17 tragedy that know for sure that Ukraine is the part to be blamed but postpone conclusions every year? Australia never had slavery? [link] then what do you call slavery? Less than 100 people a year? Any human life is priceless. Not only the lives of the people on board the plane, but also the ones of aboriginals. People of Nauru should be grateful to Australians for living on an island with Lunar landscape? or for having 7% of the revenues from phosphate-digging? I don't give a damn to Aboriginals tbh, and even if there is something that Australia can be criticized for, I will never criticize Australians for their past or their government or some of their representatives? Know why? Because I am not hypnotized by mass media. Good luck.  +2
pokidyok @Davidinho - [link][link]  
pokidyok @Davidinho - disregard the previous one. Search "SU-25, MH17 and the Problems with Keeping a Story Straight" from BellingCat. Don't know how to make nice links.  
Davidinho @pokidyok It reads: "...satellite map imagery of Buk missile launchers in Ukrainian territory"... where's jet firing the missile? Another disinformation, I see.  
pokidyok @Davidinho - disinformation? Well you wanted the source - here is one of them. Wanted the image - the image is there as well. What russians said it was buk from ukrainian territory? Well they say many contradictory things:  +1
pokidyok 1) Lie News: Rebelians shot down ukrainian transport. Hooray another victory. This article is now deleted. Why?((  
pokidyok 2) Almost instantly and "blindly" it was ukrainian Su-25 and that image.  
pokidyok 3) It was ukrainans firing the Buk not russian no-no, not russian. Ok, why so many different contradictory versions? If you are so much smarter than everyone else why can't you just say one truth? Truth is only one, right?  
LordMayhem The closest Australia came to actual slavery was the convicts forced here in chains based on very petty crimes (stealing a loaf of bread), then made to work in slave like conditions until they dropped dead (1500 convicts died within the first 15 years in the Sydney Colony). And if they tried to escape they were whipped and tortured. So yes Australia did have slavery, we had white slavery.  +1
essuera 5  +1
SHERIDAN.m 5  +2
Leonidych 5 from Ufa  +4
Drenicaku As am here to vote for the banner, 5/5 from the Republic of Kosovo!  +3
Ksenofob The ugly banner of the montstrous town, where vodka is cheaper than beer  +5
gwrdn 1/5 from Donetsk, Ukraine.  +21
ValterPravnik 5/5 from Kiev, Russia  +5
Dimas89 5 from Vladivostok!  +3
CRoNyX Нужно больше хoхлов с пылающими пердаками и единицами в голосовании!  +43
kynn может им всё таки надоело))  
Papont Да не, вон выползло несколько страдальцев  +3
Sorry for my English Неужели хлопци зрозумили, шо их придурошное поведение смешит весь цивилизованный мир)))  +1
Sunkid Неужели русские еще не поняли, что их придурошное поведение с лайканием панорамы каждой российской деревни с коровами смешит весь мир? Не говоря уже о сказках, которые они называют новостями? И страшилках о "злобном русофобском НАТО"? ))  +3
kynn куда нам до европейской стройки с 1993 в столице )) скорою юбилей)  
DrunknRussianBear Lol i guessed right, legions of political trolls arrive into comments  +4
андрій1988 1/5 will be rigthly for it  +13
pattern153 0/0 mafia and dictatorship  +15
Architecture lover Cheap. Tacky. Oligarchical. Miserable. Barbarian. Built from creatures that didn't had a letter 900 years after Jesus, however they were patiently waiting for one south European nation to write them once, so that later they could awfully extinct/banish that very same south European nation. These barbarians will pay that very same price, sooner or later. 1 from Architecture lover.  +23
Alexandro13 fils de pute  +6
Davidinho Architecture lover, How's the weather on Alpha Centauri B? My dream is to visit your planet soon.  +3
Davidinho BTW you are very civilized calling a nation creatures. Well some Nazis were as civilized as you.  +8
Sorry for my English Architecture lover, Goebbels loves you! fils de pute!  +1
pokidyok all those commenters can see - is a nazism. The whole life if a search for nazism. Did you guys try to search your pants?  
Davidinho pokidyok, calling a whole nation "creatures" is pure Nazism by itself. There's no need to set fire buildings where there are people to be referred as Nazi.  
Unregistered @Davidinho another manipulation to pick on every single word of someone of different opinion. Formally speaking we are all creatures, aren't we?  
Davidinho Unregistered, you are welcome to not pick on every single word of my different opinion  
PolarNordrus 5 stars from Murmansk. it's so beautiful city and i'm love Moscow.  +7
_No_Name_ 5 stars from Poland  +8
Brookleen 1 from Mukhosransk, Russia to ugly capital that sucks all money from the country  +33
igor 5  +4
darkie_one take a look on that ugliness on the left, top 3 stories are former "kommunalka" build atop of historical building and should be demolished  +1
DrunknRussianBear Looks like battle of trolls and common users will begin soon  +8
croomm Yes, only 5 stars from Bangkok  +15
Igor622015 5 from Novosibirsk, Russia  +15