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titleMuseu do Amanhã / Museum of Tomorrow
locationRio de Janeiro, Brazil
sourcePablo Barros at Flickr
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 4.00, total votes: 588
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[email protected] 5/5 From Bahia!  +1
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
Edil Arda 5 From Kadıköy, Türkiye ;)  +1
Skyline Art 5. Background skyline with the mountains, palm trees and a tower with the crane on top. :) Nice big building infront. 5/5  +1
Gratteciel 5/5 From Mexico City  +1
carl_Alm 5/5 From Bahia.  +1
Skyman Nice view, love it. 5/5 from Los Angeles.  
RecHub 5/5 from Recife  
towerpower123 I love that this shows the skyline all around the Calatrava masterpiece!  
rcandre81 5/5 de Río de Janeiro, Brasil  +1
falp6 Nice building and lovely city. 5 From Colombia.  
Squibb lucky that its not an aerial, daylight picture.  
AlexVerd4o 5/5 from Palmas (TO)  
Guga GM 5/5 from Brasil  
CATULUS que belleza!!  
Phcg 5/5 fom São Gonçalo! Wonderful!  
Tiozão 5/5 Recife...  +1
Cerrado 5/5 from Salvador de Bahia  +1
JoaoMab perfeito!!  
Pedro Antunes Rio, lindo e maravilhoso!  +1
Gabriel Amorim Lindo o/  
Pietrin Now that's a great banner from Brazil. 5/5  +2
Gardel 5/5 de Argentina. Excelente!  +3
Vaklston Uma imagem ótima de uma cidade ótima. Rio é maravilhosa mesmo.  
Osmar Carioca Great!!!!!!!!!! 5/5  
Mr.Falcon 5 stars!  +1
ruifo 5/5 from Mexico City  
CoDen 5 stars to Rio from Lyon !  +2
Soteropolis1 Absolutely amazing buildind, the Tomorrow Museum, and city. 5 to Calatrava, 5 to Rio.  
Amen great banner 5 from PL  
prisma 5/5 from the UK  +1
ckbs 5/5 just beautiful, from Trinidad  
Mr. Burns Awaiting the butthurts come here and say "Rio, againn"  +3
eduardoazul Bela foto, linda cidade!!  
octa22 5/5 for Rio. 1/5 for Calatrava. Terrifying building.  
CENTILION 5/5 from Stavropol, Russia!  +3
sezha 5 from Ekaterinburg!  +2
mixxer 5 from Russia!  +2
skyduster beautiful shot. Love you Rio and Brazil! 5/5 Rio e Calatrava! Rio e Calatrava!  
ancov Very bad.  +1
Pedro Mendes Why?  
Timoteo Samuel and to the sunset  +1
Timoteo Samuel 5 to Rio  +1
Timoteo Samuel 5 to Calatrava  +1
Leonidych 5 from Ufa, Russia  +3
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  
EsCaNdIo 5 from Buenos Aires  +1
flavioralencar Awesome city!!  +1
amemGabriel 5 Stars from Belo Horizonte  
Ciampino Amazing! 5/5 from Brazil.  
Daniel_Sousa 5 Stars, forever. Perfect!!!  
Adriel Ambrózio 5 from Rio!  
CAPMAT 5 stars to legendary metropolis.  +5
ovnours facny!  +2