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titleBrazilian forumers say hello!
infoBrazilian users from caricature by Eduardo Azul. Large version here!
sourceforum user Eduardo Azul
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 3.29, total votes: 861
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Oliver Echoberry 5/5 vey unique!  +2
Леонид hello!! from Honduras  +1
prahovaploiesti 5/5  +1
eduardoazul Thanks to Jan for the opportunity to show the human side of SSC being the theme once and that's good!  +22
Matt the Engineer Hi Brazil.  +7
nataliabe Hi neighbor!  
Jules92 Why is this a banner=?  +3
manuelmonge what i didnt like about this banner is... why brasilians have a banner and the rest of the forumers dont? brasilians forumers sometimes are very mean to mexicans for example...  +1
Brazilian001 Prepare a banner from your country, submit it and you will have it here ;)  +17
Vinicius Bartholdi Meu inglês é péssimo, então vai em português mesmo. Para os Skyscrapers brasileiros que achavam que o politicamente correto e a problematização estão fortes na imprensa e nas universidades brasileiras, aí aparecem os participantes do resto do mundo para nos mostrar que está tudo dominado. Como aqui não é Facebook e nem Twitter que dá pra tentar derrubar postagens com denúncias, eles apelam para a única "arma" que é dar poucas estrelas. Inacreditável o ponto que chegamos.  +12
A Chicagoan Hmm? Does this have anything to do with skyscrapers?  +2
Fab.cd_91 stupid banner  +2
Naipesky Yeah stupid tribute, cause SSC is made by/for robots right? Or animals? or maybe your wormmates...  +15
bossabreezes PQP, tanta gente CHATA por aqui!! Brasil é um país super misturado, multicultural, diverso. Tem de TUDO. Mas é típico, quando o assunto é Brasil, estrangeiros fazem festa.  +9
bossabreezes PQP, tanta gente CHATA por aqui!! Brasil é um país super misturado, multicultural, diverso. Tem de TUDO. Mas é típico, quando o assunto é Brasil, estrangeiros fazem festa.  
ticosk8 Where are the Oompa-Loompas in this banner? I can't see any one there, that's so racist!!!  +3
Bombexx Great people, great banner!!!  +12
sampamex Love paulistas, cariocas e mineiros!!!! eeeeeee belezaaaaa!!!  +9
Phcg It was a banner for fun, to change a little from the usual. But, unfortunately, went to the other side. Brazil, as much as they have their problems, there is their cheerful and fun face. And that was the proposal of the flag. Show a multicultural and happy nation. We know that Skyscraper is the focus here, but it does not cost anything to diversify. To amuse everyone.  +29
Olhaotrem I am in second line, 6th pitcure.  +5
World New 5/5! Very good.  +5
Julio_vr P-O-L-Ê-M-I-C-A ! =0  +3
Felipe M Eduardo Azul is an artist  +5
Daniel_Sousa 1 estrela bla bla bla, só tem homem bla bla bla Essas 3 mulheres já valem por mil, seus invejosos. Tudo fake  +10
Deadeye Reloaded 5/5!!! You have even some girls in your team! That's something most SSC forums can only dream about. ;)  +11
Lafaveiga_madrid dea, thilinda e dih musas do ssc-huehuebr  +15
Olhaotrem Five Stars! Good Job Eduardo Azul!  +4
Sparks Bogota hahaha hay muchos 1 y muchos 5, pero es un excelente trabajo, hola Brasil!!!! :D  +12
nataliabe Hola Bogota! Besos desde Brasil!  
siamu maharaj 1/5 for lack of diversity. It's all men, like we're back to 1830's.  +1
Sparks Bogota they are not really ALL men.....  +2
Naipesky I see what u did there [link]  +1
[email protected]_Cwb Great!  +3
Grg This is soooo cool.... a little weird, but cool  +4
Leongname 5 stars! my respect!  +7
Timoteo Samuel And, is not an city, but are the people behind it^^  +3
Timoteo Samuel It's because of the Carnaval? (It was a surprise even for me, who am Brazilian)  +2
G.A.B.R.I.E.L Congratulations, Blue! Bonde da Zona Norte causando polêmica no SSC!  +8
Filipebm Amazing  +5
eduardoazul This is a tribute to those who make SSCBR one of the largest and most active in the world, those who love love real buildings and skylines!  +31
danielf Why are there no negroes in this collage?  
danielf I'm not saying it is racist anyhow, just that is not an accurate depiction of Brazilian society, there are no blacks, no aboriginals and just one or two Asians.  
wicca13 This is not a representation of Brazilian population, but from those who participate in the forum. BTW, aboriginal?  +22
Timoteo Samuel *indigenous*  
Lucas R who cares if its an accurate depitcion or not, they are just the users who got draw  +7
Dih.Ptga Beautiful job, Eduardo Azul. 5/5  +5
Mordaunt-S 5/5  +4
Fabricio JF Brazil doesn't have a single skyscraper to see. That's why they spend time doing things that have nothing to do with the site.  +3
Lukazz Vai se tratar. Bjs  +19
andrelimacf Amazing! SSC BR is a big family that i am proud to be part of it!  +3
iBACuJIb guess not serious forum anymore? 1/5  
Iburytheliving It's the best skyline. The best. It's yuge, gonna change bigly. Have you ever seen a better skyline? I haven't. The skyline would be even better if 3.5 million illegals hadn  
Iburytheliving 't voted illegally." Donald Trump.  +1
Neofita I didn't get the point. People of different ancestries have been portrayed on this banner: indigenous, afrodescendants... and of course our nikkei diva! :D Congrats to Eduardo and all these smiling people on the banner.  +11
Ant131531 Wheres  
Ant131531 EDIT: Sorry, accidently hit send before  
Ant131531 Wheres  
sofarfromhere bla, bla bla too much white, bla, bla bla less women... you better go find some productive occupation to do.  +16
Ant131531 Let's be honest though...we're not talking about a 90+% white European country...pretty ridiculous it's almost all white men.  +3
Neofita @Ant131531: take a look at ther larger version and/or the original post on SSC/BR  +1
nataliabe White men? Look closer  +1
nataliabe I'm sorry if you don't know what caboclo means.. caboclo is the color of Brazil, my friend..  
Mr_Valmir Great Job!  +4
Rago no woman! thasts descrimitation :D  +1
Luis_RiodeJaneiro A Masterpiece ! Our love for Skyscrapers cannot only be shown with Skyscrapers pics, but by showing ( once in a while) the people who loves skyscrapers, specially in this beautiful and funny work of Art !! 5 !!!  +9
noras Greetings from Poland  +9
Daniel_Sousa Azinimiga recalcada chamando a gente de racista... Vá caçar o que fazer!!!  +11
Xenoplas I'm not the biggest fan of the art style and it's clearly no city but it's not a bad idea. something else once in a while  +7
NaMosca At least 100 million Brazilians are white, why the surprise? :nuts:  +4
siamu maharaj Brazil so white!!!  
Ranko SuNS!! hello Brazil  +4
Harisson Souza Dane-se o recalque. Ficou show de bola! Parabéns!  +12
franch a quien le importa?  
Raffael Rocha inveja  
Thilindha O banner ficou show!!! Parabéns EduBlue.  +4
somrach1 irrelevant  +1
Infesus most idiotic banner ever  +5
Aerokicker Ai meu saco, até aqui essa choradeira de racismo para lá, racismo para cá? Se for para escrever algo assim nem escrevam, vão fazer algo de mais útil da vida, algo que lhes faça bem, algo tipo foder.  +17
cntower Hello Brazil.  +1
NEGRITO Ita funny how their ia not a single black Brazilians when they make up the majority of population!  +2
Baitalon Mixed people aren't black.  +2
nataliabe Black are the majority of population in Brazil? Oi? Voce e brasileiro, ou um gringo achando que entende de Brasil?  +3
leo!ssc Cara, 45 forummers do Brasil, que banner fodão!  +8
matheussinara Que é isso?  +2
SpiderBHZ No so tolerant as it was a few years ago, showing itsef as racist as any other country. If there is one thing Brazil has been revealing his truly soul in recent years, this country is Brazil  +1
eduardoazul Ksenofob - No African-Americans in Basilia? That's racist! >>>open your eyes  +3
TheIllinoisan That would be an African-Brazilian, buddy. African Americans live in the USA.  +3
Arthur Baz @TheIllinoisan we beg thine pardon. This whole time we thought that Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Perú, Chile, Uruguay, Panama, Cuba, Surinam, Guyana and many others were part of America! We really didn't know that the only country in that continent is USA, and therefore thou shalt forgive us for saying that those who are black and born in that countries are Afro-Americans...  
William1605 A senhora é destruidora mesmo, viu?  +6
Luiz Henrick Edu Blue is a genius 5  +8
Hello_World I'm feeling fabulous 💁🏻  +11
Ksenofob No African-Americans in Basilia? That's racist!  +1
Get High I count at least 5 blacks mate.  +6
Arthur Baz Could you please tell me where hells is Basilia? I've never heard of it before. Is that a city? A country? A parallel universe?  +3
kikoeduardo Show de bola!  +5
disposal Original idea! :)  +7
mariolopes123456 Nota 5!!  +6
disposal 5 stars for Brazilian users! You are all so pretty! :) Embrace you all :)  +11
GUAROQUEÑO 5/5 muy original, excelente...!!  +9
WalterDy Congratulations Eduardoazul, very cool.  +6
Isco92D está vacilón hehe! hola from Costa Rica  +3
keycap GTA Vice City  +8
LeitoStafe 7/1 ... I mean... 5/5  +6
renshapratama lol  
Cratus O nosso Banner hehehe Hello World :D  +9
kokomo What is this pathetic joke?????? -500  +5
Emanuel Paiva Awesome! Grade 5!  +4
falp6 Hi Brazilian forumers! 5 from Colombia.  +12
loit2007 5!5 from Russia  +8
regualberto Nice!  +4
DUBAI10000 Its a skyscraper forum, lets keep the banner related.  +13
midrise Without the people there would be no skyscrapers or any urban issues or cities.  +3
JogadorDeSimCity 5/5  +5
eduardoazul 5/5 ....and the Brazilian day is born! :)  +15
Kadıkoylu I wanna marry the girl on the top row.  +9
Daniel_Sousa 5/5. SSC Brazil - The best!!!  +7
WUNDER-BAUM Hello Brazil from Poland 5/5  +15
Phcg Loved it! 5/5 for creativity and originality  +9
RodrigoVix Alôooo Brasil! ;)  +8
MetroSilesia Ailton ooh, Ailton ooh ooh. Welcome, but why there are only 3 women? Is it a gay community?  +8
Andrezito 5/5 so original.  +7
carl_Alm Hello, Brazil!! hahaha  +8
Joas Wonderful! 5/5  +8
Kozhedub hello  +6
vegorv only 1  +1
Beto-ura The work is good, but I do not like it on the banner. 1/5 of Brazil  +2
edumelo Great work  +7
del Marques Very, very beautiful.  +7
FredPerry no skyscrapers 1/5  +6
Azuro Looking great! Sending love from Bulgaria!  +14
malv0 i like the girl in the top row  +5
Bachy Soletanche :wave:  +4
Miracatiba Very cool  +5
naruciakk xD  +4
NickNN Cool! 5/5. Hello from Russia  +7
b0097 Beautiful skyscrapers!  +3
kapturek hello  +5
midrise I see myself in one of them....or better yet YOU.....Hello brothers/sisters I send you LOVE/PEACE and a GOOD LIFE!!!  +11
BlazD 5/5, Hello Brazil from Warsaw, Poland!  +10
hnrt lol funny 5/5  +7
Suseł xD  +5
Quintana So much white. Wow!  +5
Sparks Bogota mayoría parda!  +2
CaIIIka nice skyline  +5
[email protected] funny)) 5/5 from Kazan, Russia  +7
Rodrigo Guidotti Wonderful! 5/5  +6
ericrocio its that Maradona in one of the pictures??? lol.5/5  +5
BARLACH Great work Eduardo Azul !  +7
3tmk great idea, great art!  +9 Carnaval 5/5 :D  +9
Lafaveiga_madrid awesome! 5/5  +9
Lr2304 Very Cool!!! 5/5  +8
Lukazz 5/5  +6
Heilig huehue rsrs  +8
jinka sreekanth Hi,from India  +7
alexandr-M 5 from Ekaterinburg, Russia  +9
NaMosca Brasil inovando. Parabéns!  +9
ricfelix 5/5  +8
Max in the city 5 from Siberia :)  +9
SavianoMarcio Parabéns Eduardo!  +7
EMArg Greetings for our brothers on the north. The best energy for Brazil in order to get out of the current crisis and start a new era ;)  +15
xrtn2 Congratulations Eduardo!  +6
dr.ozzy Brazilian Banner Day by Edward Blue!  +12
Julio Rocha Eduardo Azul rocks! 5/5  +6
Lovecraft wtf  +4
camc1804 So it's a 1 or 5 vote. Such a polarizing banner  +4
fewg Cadê eu? Esqueci, não sou pop hahahaha  +7
Supaplex HI from Serbia  +6
CleitonSPecial 5/5 English only :(  +5
RalphGuy Hello Brazil from Birmingham, England.  +14
evandro_rapid Eu estou ali hahaha. Banner excelente!!!  +6
Alfredocgf Very nice! 5/5  +7
Déa_ 5/5 Proud to be there!  +9
Arthur Baz Amazing! GO SSCBR, congrats, Eduardoazul!  +7
CleitonSPecial Beijos, Déa!  +2
embassyofaudrey Ecellente 5/5  +10
Chaos7 Why hate for this baner? And that low vote? Hi Brazilians from Nis Serbia, keep rockin' ;)  +15
SEAfan Nice to meet you, Brazilian Forumers! :)  +14
Gee Ens Hello from Davao - Phillipines  +6
Skur_S 5 from Barnaul  +8
madsidsav 3 females, 42 males.  +5
Naipesky That's only a sample. The real ratio is a lot more disbalanced than this. But the same happens everywhere in SSC.  +5
Ekb_Morlaix 5 females. Two females have short hair.  +2
Xenoplas which one is the fith one I can only find one short haired girl (I'm really sorry missus)  
Dardania HELO FROM. KOSOVA  +11
Chaos7 *Serbia  +9
Intoxication Nice!! 5/5!!  +7
vittorio tauber Possibly the funniest banner ever. 5/5  +9
Vadon 5/5 Hello from Kyiv:)  +11
blantyre bazaar Wtf Is this?  +12
qwerfdsa very positive banner, 5  +10
ancov 5/5 from Moskvabad!  +8
tabeb noor Hello from pakistan  +6
Evgeni60rus Че за хачики на банере?  +3
Volpacchiotto bivshie tvoei zheny  +5
qwerfdsa russian - it is diagnosed  +6
Sorry for my English скинхед?  +1
Evgeni60rus Пошли проч укропы!  
qwerfdsa прочь*  
Leonidych No? 2  +1
Akabane lol Ola :)  +5