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titleLa Défense at night
locationParis, France
sourcethomas brenac at Flickr
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 4.15, total votes: 659
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MassinissaMTL 5/5 from Canada  
Oles 5/5 from Ukraine  
MassinissaMTL nice  
muckie Rio loves Paris 5  +2
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
ericrocio I love paris... i love the esplanade de la Defense. 5/5.  
Phcg 5/5 fom São Gonçalo! Wonderful!  
MrPwnage Interesting view, because most of times we only see the same place of Paris.  
Pablo323 Absolument merveilleuse! Coup de coeur pour cette ville!  
El_Fer 5/5 San Luis, Argentina  
Hafnia Cinq Grande de la Copenhaque  
Katunar Paris sous une autre facette 5/5  
jml13 Even in Marseille, we recognise that La Défense is the best cluster in Europe  +2
YorkTown 5 !  
Demos-cratos 5/5 From Nice (South of France) best skyline in Europe :)  
GrAlt Gotham? :) *****  
tititlse 5/5 pour la skyline européenne la plus fournie!  +2
PanKicu 5 from Szczecin Poland !!!  
Axelferis 5/5 From France of course  
Avemano Again ??  +2
marcogiso 1 from ROME  +1
Axelferis because of non roma2024? oh dear...  +2
renshapratama 25/5  
LaPaz Urbanismo Ma chère deuxième ville..! 5 bien sûr..!  
SOLOMON 1 ...Just 5 stars.  
apollojoe That's Paris???....5/5!!!  +1
prisma 5* from the UK  +2
Scott16475 5/5  
franch oh là là  
bojo6666 5/5 from Sofia, Bulgaria. Paris - best city in the Galaxy!  +6
willman87 IMO also, the best skyline in Europe. Doesn´t need any super talls. Paris je t'adore - 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  +5
helloween 1 The best skyline in Europe, 5 from Albania  +1
dydyusa The French economic engine at its best ! 5/5  +1
Maucin Looks a little spooky and gothamy ;) 5/5  +3
Maucin Cheers from Poznan, Poland.  +1
CactusLord Amazing Paris 5/5 Cheers from Spain  +1
Ysh Looks great. 5 from Russia.  +3
Grg We had Paris already this week, either you guys are too creative with UFOs and cartoons, or too classic by placing the same cities over and over again  
Luiz Vilela may be not representative, but still beautiful 5/5  +1
Parisian75 héhé, "not representative" for what u get in mind, but very Paris to me... Differences btw "postcard" and reality. Here is the reality of Paris.  +5
sandoz25 awesome 5/5  +1
Stazhar 5/5 from Belarus  +2
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  +2
arhimed2050 5 from Astana Crystal City  +1
Pulse I wanna be part of it... Paris, Paris. ;) 5/5 From Poznan, PL.  +1
Infesus 5 from St.-Petersburg  +1
SpiderBHZ Cinq!  
chevyvolt 5 from Sofia!  +1
Parisian75 5/5 - The Paris I like, the most unknown one. Old vs New !  +2
ckbs 5/5 just beautiful, from Trinidad  +1
Ekumenopolis One of the best shots on La Defenes i've ever seen. Huge!  +2
Ekumenopolis Defense*  
wuane Best in Europe. Greetings from Slovakia . 5*  +2
Step_50081 new age... 5/5  
PunnaWich Messi  
loit2007 5/5 from Russia  
the ro0ok 5 stars from Qatar !!! I love Paris  +1
Demadestro+ 0/5 j'ai pensé que c'était Hong Kong  +1
Parisian75 ... et donc? Cela sous entend de mettre un 0?  +13
Demos-cratos tu connais si mal ton pays ?  
essuera 5  +1
Spurdo beautiful!  
RalphGuy 5 from Birmingham, England.  +1
AkarrSarren 5/5 from Marseille  
roydex a skyline that didn't need to be long just to be beautiful, 5 from PH  +1
lezgotolondon 1/5 from Rome  +3
Parisian75 from a city with no skyline lol  +17
lezgotolondon and without no-go zones  
Parisian75 Ever been to Paris apart of through fox news? Think a little before posting moron  +2
#obert Ma belle Paris  
Faress 5 from algeria to la defense  
Blingchampion Paris... what a city!  
V.BOBR Beautiful! 5 from Ukraine  +1
Ufimets unusual Paris, 5 from Ufa, Russia  
RedCoppa 5 from Ufa!  +1
askar9992 5/5 from Kazakhstan!