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titleSingapore skyline
locationSingapore, Singapore
sourcechenisyuan at Wikipedia
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 4.19, total votes: 651
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Qweoiu 5/5 I love Singapore!  
Antje It looks like there's a ship perching on three towers to the left.  
Bikes That's the Marina Bay Sands on the left [link]  
ruifo 5/5 from Port-Au-Prince  
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
Ufimets 5 from Ufa, Russia  
cadre 5/5 from Seattle. I miss Singapore cooking !  
Demadestro+ 5  
antaramir 5  
partenos 5/5 from peru  
dydyusa 5/5 from France.  
Cerrado 5/5 from Salvador de Bahia  +1
ENJINEER Yes, this is an old picture. There is already a bridge there are new skyscrapers....  
ENJINEER 5/5 Saw this panorama of the hotel Swiss (*****) in 2009, when they built Bay Sands. Recently seen in this view from ground.  
Buffaboy 5/5 front Budfalo, for some odd reason I could guess the skyline from the image. Probably because I recognized the building on the left from a TV show.  
Buffaboy *Buffalo  
Geocarlos 5/5 From Panama  
sofarfromhere unbelievable  
ckbs 5/5 impressive! from Arima in Trinidad  
riveraconde Singapore has been always one of my favorites! Greetings from Mexico City!  
Dorado. 5/5 from Albania  
RalphGuy 5 from Birmingham, England.  
JOHANNES1983 Wow!  
35thVidal 5/5 from San Francisco  
simondk Cool!  
Ivan the Immigrant ....stonehenge on the left ;)  
ÇevRim_Dışı 5/5 from İzmir  +1
ÇevRim_Dışı beautiful  
SOLOMON 1 5/5  
RobertoBancrofth 5/5 from Goiânia, Brazil  
PanKicu 5 from Szczecin Poland !!!  
midrise Beautiful, exhilarating and exotic...5/5!!!  
krish12 5/5 from Kazan  
Koloman Just cool! 5/5 from Vienna, Austria.  
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  
weis23 5/5 from Malaysia!!  
Sparks Bogota give a five! :D  
minza_6124 5/5 Beautiful from Bangkok +10000  
ANDR3Y Amazing 5/5 from surabaya  +1
ti6o 5/5 from Bulgaria. Been there saw that butty.  
MaX0O 5/5 from SLOVAKIA!  
velbujd 5 from BG  +1
pilot_66 Singapore is always five, because it is Singapore  
Fabricio JF 5/5 Even if this shot isn't one of the best ones some icons ensure the odd quality of the cityscape. Great banner to put in a site like SSC!  
Askario Beautiful! 5/5 from Kazan  +1
Ysh Beautiful!  +1
madrasi7777 Amazing. Singapore never ceases to surprise me. 5/5 from Chennai India  
SpiderBHZ 2  
Intoxication Hasn't this same pic been posted before??  +1
Adpenturz I love Singapore. 5  
sezha 5 from Ekaterinburg  
Peregrin Tuk wow 5/5 from Chile  
Daniel_Sousa I'm a fan of Singapore. 5/5 for Brazil  
PerpetualBrum Up there with the very best. 5*  
carlos-PE awesome! 5/5 from brazil  
maghfir_jamal Love Singapore, Love ASEAN! 5/5 from Makassar, Indonesia  +1
LDLT veri gud  +1
Infesus [link]  +4
Infesus that banner was 3 years ago, in top100 banners #23  +11
Bikes Same banner, but now it has 0.22 more points. Interesting :)  
WingWing One of the best  
martin_marksman 5/5 from Ilesh, Bashkiria  +1
Silvist The best city of the world! 555555!!!!  +4