banner of March 10, 2017

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titleSeattle future skyline
locationSeattle, United States
info14 of the skyscrapers currently under construction in Central Seattle
sourceforum user geoffloftus
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 2.32, total votes: 456
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prahovaploiesti 5/5  
Aztecgoddess 2/5  
Daortíz Seattle is way overated  
cadre 0/5 from Seattle. Sad.  
losangelino Seattle, you don't get points for what you "may" become, rather for what you ARE. 1/5  
sandiego wtf  
karkal I don't remenber seeing skyscrapers 15 yrs back. Seems to be lot of additions happening.  
farrar4 Seattle has such a wonderful skyline, this does not do it justice 1/5  
RULO_MX Awful banner!  +1
Pietrin Beautiful skyscrapers, gorgeous city, but this collage is extremely tacky. 2/5  
LCIII Seattle WAY too often.  +1
@[email protected] Seattle every week?  
Sr.Smih Nice painscraperline 1/5  
roadtomadrid Horrible. Penis fight?  +1
Maks33 Nice skyscrapers, but ugly collage. Only 1/5.  
geoffloftus For the 1% of you guys who like this banner, the original is here: [link]  +3
stesus85 Тематично!  
testdrive The irony of a place that is all about change but try a different type of banner 5/5  +2
ВОДА My place! 5 stars from Bulgaria!  +1
potiz81 Horrible.  
Thiago |Klock| nice banner, cant get why people hate different kind of banners... this one is just perfect to show us the future of the city!  +3
Gabotrilius What a horrible banner.  
Pedrozo  +3
LeitoStafe Beautiful buildings, awful banner. 1/5  +1
Muyangguniang terrible picture  
ericrocio Hala Seattle... 5/5. I love Starbucks coffee. 😁😁😁  +1
Geocarlos This is fictional.......1/5  +2
rpl 1/5 from Brasil. Seattle is great, why not using a real cityscape?  +2
viat 50 Shades of Gray, hehehehe  
okthen Actual reality please. Not CGI renders.  +3
Yukon_S 2/5, sorry  +1
SpiderBHZ The banner is horrid.  
velbujd 5 from BG  +1
Maucin 5 stars from Poznan, Poland  +2
Grvl terrible  
AbdurrehmanKhan 5/5  +1
BadgerCT You maka da collage, you getta da two!  
Ant131531 I'm just sick of the same cities time and time they're using building collages? There are so many cities out there.  +14
Ant131531 I'  
Intoxication Collages = 1/5!  +15
AbdurrehmanKhan really like the first one from the left  +1
towerpower123 Great collection of skyscraper projects, awful banner!  +3
asp373 Festival of columns. 1/5. Try to find some skyline next time.  +5
prageethSL 5/5  +1
martinalagui Flop 15.  +13
Joshua Dodd This is not a skyline. This is a town square. Stick to skylines.  +3
AC1 Not a proper skyline  +3
Bardia Saeedi Not a fan of these types of photos.  +9
RalphGuy 5 from Birmingham, England.  +3
erejnion yeah, don't do this. it's ugly.  +9
Skyscraper25Fan 5 from Kiev  +3
lordpine all very similar?  +2