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titleBalneario Camboriu skyline
locationBalneario de Camboriu, Brazil
infoin memory of Balneario Camboriu's forum member Thina
sourceforum user jhef123
average vote
 4.19, total votes: 714
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danielvalverde 5/5 de Salvador :)  
ruifo 5/5 from Port-Au-Prince  
Hunter36 wow seems eduardoazul and his clones are doing a great job!  
Hunter36 what is this garbage? -2/5  
MicBrazil RIP Thina  
Fortal1 5/5 from Fortaleza  +2
prahovaploiesti 5/5  +1
RobertoBancrofth 5/5 from Goiânia, Brazil  +1
ArtZ One of the best in Latin America. 5/5 from Poland.  +2
Heilig valeu Thina!  
provinciano 5/5 rip thina  
Aztecgoddess 5/5  
Mesopotamico :(  +2
[email protected] 5/5 for the city and Thina!  +2
Sniper 5/5. RIP, Thina!  
sharles38 RIP, Thina! We'll never forget you.  +1
itabirinha-MG RIP Thina!!!  +1
Jules92 Cool! 5/5 from Guatemala!  +1
gabriel campos RIP Queenthina :(  
Rekarte Rest In Peace Thina, we will always remember you!  
Aerokicker RIP Thina. For the entire SSC-BR community, and now all the SSC world, you'll be unforgivable. We all will miss you.  +3
Aerokicker Thina - In memorian: [link]  
Olhaotrem RIP Thina!  
Leedsrule How is this the best picture there has been? 1*  +1
Raffael Rocha Rip Thina.  
jakobnguyen For a moment I thought it was Benidorm.  +2
Felipe_MS RIP Thina :(  +1
fewg RIP Thina Forever!  +2
JOHANNES1983 5/5 from Colombia!  +1
Julio Rocha RIP Thina.  +1
whistler85 RIP Thina!  +1
cadre Exceptional Tribute to Thina.  +2
EZE RIP Thina :(  +1
tiagonunes Nice pic! RIP dear Thina! #SomosTodosThina #WeAreAllThina  +2
Beto-ura The most beautiful skyline in Brazil! RIP Thina!  +4
Ufimets I didnt know Thina, but I want to cry when hear such sad news :(  +6
Bruto Rip Thina! :(  +1
gugadg RIP Thina. A beautiful homage to a loved one.  +1
O Natalense RIP Thina...  +1
ticosk8 RIP Thina. One of the most iconic members of SSC-Br. Our forum is not gonna be the same without you :(  +12
carl_Alm RIP Thina. :(  +1
Pak_Forever Rest In Peace Thina.  +1
dberg242 RIP Thina  +1
Joao Pedro - Fortal RIP Thina!  +1
-VM Great skyline, not the best moment :( RIP Thina  +2
Sandro Bernardo RIP Thina :(  +2
Thiago |Klock| BC is very interesting! And my apologies for Thina...  +2
BrunoFoca Rest in peace. My great friend.  +8
THIOLI Rest in peace Thina  +1
eduardoazul It really hurts to lose someone we like. She will miss it, much lacking in SSCBR. Rest in peace Thina !! This banner is the great homage to our great girl!  +5
leo!ssc RIP Thina!  +1
rcpierozan Best city from Brazil! 5/5  +3
CleitonSPecial Rest in peace, Thina! :(  +2
Phcg RIP Thina 5/5. We'll never forget you.  +2
BrunoB. Rest in peace Thina  +1
Joas Rest in pace Thina 5/5  +1
WasabiHoney What happened to Thina? Was she ill?  
Kelsen Yes, she was struggling since childhood, and died very young.  +3
Lr2304 Rest in peace Thina.  +1
jouses love my city.  
jouses love my city.  +2
v_hugosilva One of the most beautiful cities in Brazil! RIP Thina.  +2
Mike.Fell 5/5 Um dos banners mais lindos que já vi em minha vida!!!  +3
jffaraco RIP Thina! 5/5  +4
JogadorDeSimCity 5/5 Thina  +3
MMichaelN Thina, we'll miss you.  +3
CampoGrandense Thina, we'll miss you. :(  +3
FloripaNation RIP Thina!!!!  +4
Iturama RIP Thina!  +4
Alfredocgf Rest in peace Thina! :(  +4
Daniel_Sousa R.I.P Thina, ilustra moradora de Balneario  +4
Vini2 R.I.P Thina :( Such a beautful tribute for our loved girl.  +7
EMArg 5/5  +2
Tiozão 5/5 Eternamente Thininha, esse anjo sempre vai estar entre nós!  +7
Hello_World Rest in peace darling :(  +4
Déa_ 5/5 and R.I.P Thina!  +5
Andrezito Bela homenagem à Thina. Rest in peace.  +7
mrcff Rest in Peace Thina !  +5
Lukazz rest in peace  +5
samba_man Rest in Peace Thina ! We all love you for our entire lives.  +18
INFLAMES 5/5 from Stavropol  +3
Verso I love it! 10* from Slovenia!  +5
Sechou Nice. 5/5 from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.  +5
Evgeni60rus О, мой любимый! 5/5 на этот раз правильное название  +3
Leonidych 5/5 from Ufa, Russia  +5