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titleRecife and Olinda
locationRecife, Brazil
infoThe image was taken from the picturesque historic downtown of Olinda, registering its traditional colonial buildings and churches. In contrast, Recife, the capital of the northeastern state of Pernambuco and the region's economic leading city, offers the look of its skyline and beaches during an early sunset. CenebratingOlinda - 482nd anniversary and Recife - 480th anniversary
sourceFabricio Macedo at Flickr
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 3.83, total votes: 396
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JOHANNES1983 5/5 from Cali  
prahovaploiesti 4/5  
PEiloveyou 100  
Aztecgoddess 5/5  
carlos lessa Bland photo, does not reflect in a history and greatness of the cities.  
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  +2
Hello_World This has been the most patheric brazilian banner participation I've ever seen here. I'm releived because I know that Recife is much bigger than all of this shit.  +1
Hello_World Pra você Santista........... (brinks :p)  
Sr.Smih 5/5 beautiful afrikan city  +3
pevigs LOL  
Joás Santos I love both citys. They are in my heart.  +2
Flacor Nice city! But it's sad to see some comments here. 4/5  +2
v_hugosilva Putz, quanto bairrismo  +2
Camilo_Costa 1/5  +2
canelaverde Preciso conhecer essa dupla!  +2
Tiozão Sucesso total! 313 votos até agora?Certamente foi um dos banners mais votados em toda a história do Skyscrapercity.Obrigados a todos que dspuseram um pouquinho do seu tempo para prestigiar essas duas belíssimas cidades.Brincadeira a parte, a gente só se preocupa com o que realmente importa...Um abraço forte a todos, direto de Recife e Olinda.Isso aqui é diversão!  +2
Tourniquet I understand your language limitation, but English here, please.  +8
Levita_ndo If you visit the archive (see link to the left), you will see that all the other banners in the page received more votes and higher grades (except for one). God, why do you guys lie this much??  +5
v_hugosilva Tá doido?? A maioria dos banners tiveram muito mais votos que esse.  +1
RobertoBancrofth Em toda a historia nao, va no top 100 olhei apenas as duas primeiras paginas, banner nao fguraria no top 50!  +2
Joao Pedro - Fortal kkkkkkkkkkk He is gotta be joking.  
Lino abraço ao Pernambuco! Muito forró!  +1
Cerrado compromises the image of Brazilian participants here in the SSC.  +2
Cerrado kkkkkkkkkkkkk  +2
Pernambucano Soul 5/5 Recife is the main and protagonist city pf Northeast, so then the Capital of Northeast of Brazil, even FIFA, International Federation of Football said that by World Cup 2014. Everybody admires and loves Recife. Accepting this is less pain in the butt. ;)  +4
Levita_ndo Must be the reason Recife was chosen as host city for the football matches of the Olympic Games. Oh, wait, it was Salvador.  
Pernambucano Soul Everybody loves Recife, this banner just proves what we already knew.  +3
Tiozão 5/5 Recife...Capital of Northeast, terror das Zinimigas e invejosas!  +3
pevigs Northeast is not a state. So it doesn't has capital. Come on, stop spreading lies.  +7
Pernambucano Soul FIFA , said that Recife is the capital of,Northeast Brazil.  +2
pevigs FIFA is wrong.  +6
Daniel_Sousa Hahaha e esse bairrismo aí hein Huezileiros?  +4
Daniel_Sousa 5/5 from São Paulo, Brasil (Brasil with "S" okay?)  +3
victora 1/5 for the misinformation!  +4
Lino The description mentions Pernambuco, so....  
mariano90_arg Excelente! 5/5 from Argentina!  +5
Augusto Leão 5/5 Cities from my hearth! Good banner!  +5
tonyssa 1/5 for the misinformation!  +5
Iturama 1/5 for the misinformation!  +8
MENA55 You're rating the banner, not the "info"  +3
Guga GM 5 from Serra-ES, Brasil!!  +4
Sir Costa 5/5 to our beloved twin cities! We respect the history and culture of Salvador, and the greatness of Fortaleza, but RECIFE is unique, one of the kind! Happy birthday to these wonderful cities!  +6
Levita_ndo If Recife is unique, then why are its citizens always trying to compare this city with others that clearly do not have any similarity with it?  +1
Igor Bitú It's interesting how some people like to create unnecessary crumbs. The attitude of some foristas, who are already well known by the sign, to try to demean a city, I do not know if by envy or by some psychological pathology, becomes childish. The description is very clear in referring to Pernambuco, "Recife, the capital of the northeastern state of Pernambuco" and then complements "and the region's economic leading city". The information is correct, Recife is the richest city of Pernambuco, nobody here referred to any city to the north or the south.  +7
MarioSky Exactly! Perfect!  +3
Joao Pedro - Fortal kkkkk nice try. Pernambuco is not a region, is a state. Then, info keeps wrong. But we all know what you really meant by "region"s economic leading city". No need for humbleness pretending  +7
Igor Bitú I do not need to pretend humility, after all, the envy of some speaks louder. As I said before, translating "Recife, the capital of the northeastern state of Pernambuco" we have "Recife, capital do estado nordestino de Pernambuco". I have nothing against Fortaleza or Salvador, but this whole crying is getting ugly. Send a photo to be a banner too. Not only from Salvador and Fortaleza, but I also hope to see photos of Natal, João Pessoa, Maceió, Aracaju, Terezina ...  +2
Tourniquet Hahahahaha you are hilarious  +3
Igor Bitú Hilarious is the attempt of some to demean a city. The cry is free...  +1
xrtn2 O pessoal trazendo bairrismo até pra cá , great picture  +5
Raffael Rocha Recife, is not capital of the northeast region, because only those who have capital is country / state. Recife is also not the largest city in northeastern Brazil, it is not the richest, nor its Metropolitan Region, the third largest city in the Northeast region, the third richest one behind Fortaleza and Salvador and home to the second richest Metroplitana Region in the Northeast, behind the Metropolitan Region of Salvador.  +10
Igor Bitú This is pathological, No one cares about Salvador or Fortaleza, send a banner instead of crying.  +2
Raffael Rocha Só no Brasil mesmo uma região ter capital, porque que eu saiba, somente países e estados possuem capital, agora região?! Passar falsas informações não é legal, principalmente quando afirma que esta é a cidade líder econômica do Nordeste, sendo que está atrás de Fortaleza, e em Região Metropolitana, atrás de Salvador. =)  +10
Igor Bitú Recife, capital of the northeastern state of Pernambuco. translation "Recife, capital do estado nordestino de Pernambuco.". This is pathological, No one cares about Salvador or Fortaleza, send a banner instead of crying.  +1
CEARENSE Blimey! I feel a deep shame for the misinformation from some ponce forum members. They asking for Taking the Piss hahahah  +5
Unregistered 5/5 for Recife and Olinda and all the culture and history of both, but the misinformation and the need of being in the top don't matter the lies you will be telling made me give 1/5. This is not a joke, it's a space for knowledge.  +2
andrelimacf 5/5 for Recife and Olinda and all the culture and history of both, but the misinformation and the need of being in the top don't matter the lies you will be telling made me give 1/5. This is not a joke, it's a space for knowledge.  +9
Joao Pedro - Fortal The most biggest richest tallest widest beautiest shinest city in the entire whole world and universe of recifers minds.  +2
Ap_Recife I'm so lucky! I live in Recife!  +2
Sandro_VDC Congratulations Recife for 480 years and Olinda for 482 years! Historic cities that are so important to the history of Brazil!  +3
Sandro_VDC Recife with Salvador and Fortaleza are the capitals of Northeast, not only one city. Recife and Olinda are beautiful cities, but the Northeast is not a country for to have a capital. Again, all the city of Recife is bealtiful and is so developed. The beaches are perfect for to take a walk in the late afternoon.  +3
pevigs 1/5 for the misinformation!  +8
viniciuspvh The Capital of brazilian northeast  +3
Pee Wee Morris Capital of Northeast  +3
Cerrado Passing false information does not count, it's not legal.  +8
Cerrado Recife, the capital of the state of Pernambuco, the third largest city in the Northeast region, the third richest one behind Fortaleza and Salvador and home to the second richest Metroplitana Region in the Northeast, behind the Metropolitan Region of Salvador.  +9
Eduardo Mesquita 4/5 for the picture. 0/5 for the misinformation.  +5
Levita_ndo Recife is not the region's economic leading city. hahahaha  +12
amfalex Nice picture. Congratulations, Recife and Olinda!  +1
Hello_World Congrats Recife, one of the most modern cities of Brasil.  +1
[email protected] 5/5 to the city, 1/5 for the misinformation  +4
itallo torres Recife ❤️ Olinda, a força dessas duas cidades são invejáveis.  +3
Pernambucano Soul Recife/Olinda, The Capital of Northeast of Brazil. The most dynamic and refined metropolitan city of Northeast/ Brazil. :)  +5
Tourniquet You know it is also no true. You don't need it guys. ;)  +12
Hello_World The recifers must be studied!!!  +5
Joao Pedro - Fortal Guys, you better stop. For your own good. It is getting pathetic.  +5
Ap_Recife 5/5. Impressive!!! Happy birthday to both beauties!!!!  +2
loit2007 5/5 from Russia  +3
SpiderBHZ Stunning Recife! 5  +3
St Marcus Recife again zzzzzZZZZZ  +8
Pernambucano Soul and over, over, over again! Treat yourself better, just saying!!!!!  
CleitonSPecial Olinda e Recife ❤ 5/5  +4
TheSkyscraperCitizen Recife flaunts a variety of well rated banners. This one will certainly keep the mark.  +3
Joshua Dodd Brazil has some of the best urban density.  +2
Tiozão Aszinimigas já chegaram?Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk...é muito amor no coração!  +2
Tourniquet And the childishness also. Remember, the comments have to be in English here. If you can't, use google translator and you will be a joke in the whole SSC like you and your friends are in the Brazilian forums. Hahaha cheers  +13
Pernambucano Soul Freud can explain!! I am really worry about them. The banner today is gorgeous!!! Recife being Recife, ops I forgot, Olinda too just Gorgeous!! ;)  +2
Tourniquet Man, I think you all need a busy sexual life. Hahahaha  +3
SkyJeff again?  +1
Igor Bitú 5/5 to these beautiful sister cities. Olinda, historical and beautiful, Recife, rich, imposing and cosmopolitan. In ancient times all roads led to Rome, today, thanks to our dear airport, all air routes take to Recife. Congratulations Recife, Congratulations Olinda.  +2
-VM Leaving the comments, What a sight!  +4
-VM Not that interesting or sincere, though. Much repetitive, just as the machine did.  
carlos-PE happy birthday my city !!  +3
Tourniquet 1/5 for the misinformation!  +6
Tourniquet Recife isn't the leading economic city. Even here "Recifers" keep lying. I would be ashamed if I was from Recife. Really guys, go treat yourselves.  +18
Joao Pedro - Fortal It's called wishfull thinking. Or maybe they think spreading a lie will make it true. Embarrassing.  +9
-VM tainly it was easier to point out someone else's...  
-VM tainly it was easier to point out someone else's...  
-VM God. PC insisted to remember another episode of this odyssey of yours...  
Tourniquet -VM, you have a beautiful and interesting city. Why the lies and misinformation? Is it for yourselves, for others or both?  +4
Tourniquet Beautiful view  
Timoteo Samuel Olinda, chosen by the Portugueses for being a coast with hills. Recife, chosen by the Dutchs because are islands and rivers. Today, just Brazilians sister cities :)  +8
Skyline Art 4.5/5  +1
Will_NE 5/5! Happy Birthday, Recife and Olinda!  +1
Alfredocgf Beautiful cities! 5/5 :)  +1
Tiozão 5/5 from recife...Happy Birthday Recife and Olinda!!!!!  +1
stelles Happy Birthday Recife and Olinda! 5/5 from Rio  +2
MarioSky 5/5 from Recife (Congratulations beloved Recife and Olinda !!)  +1
RecHub Cidades irmãs! Parabéns!  +3
uN90D1y 3/5  +3
EMArg 5/5  +2
Cratus My beloved city.  +2
Verso Another beautiful banner from Brazil!  +3
Sechou impressive  +2
Naipesky 5 from UTC+14, UserCP_land  +2
Cratus WOW  +2
Leonidych 5/5 from Ufa, Russia  +3
Rauch M. 5/5  +2
Leonidych 3/5 froooooooooooom  +3